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Post Posted: November 1st 2018 8:58 am
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OK. So, Kylo stops a lazer bolt.
Um. What else is new force-wise in TFA?
In TLJ we have "forcetime" chats and spacial projection, and I guess plain old Flying Through Airless Space. And did anyone notice how Luke catches himself with the force when Rey knocks him down? He floats just above the surface, then gently lowers his tired old bones to the ground. So very cool!
What other force abilities have been introduced in the sequels so far?

Post Posted: April 10th 2019 8:47 pm
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All the stupid new Force powers are a big part of the reason why Episode VII and Episode VIII suck.

Post Posted: April 11th 2019 6:21 am
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To be fair, I remember thinking the ability to throw shit around with your mind in ESB was kind of hokey at first in 1980. We hadn't seen that before, and it appeared to be something they pulled out of their collective ass at the time. Then, of course, I got the fuck over myself and loved it.

Post Posted: April 11th 2019 2:37 pm
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First time I saw TFA I thought Kylo freezing the laser bolt was pretty badass. I guess if you wanted to split hairs Vader technically did it first in Empire even though I still don't know if he was using the Force to stop Han's blasts or was it his hand deflecting them because his hand was mechanical?

I liked the Luke "air brake" bit in TLJ too.

Post Posted: April 11th 2019 3:32 pm
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Well, I remember when I first saw the lightsabre wiggle in ESB, I was 11 year old witch but I remember seeing it wiggle and thinking ... well OF COURSE we do things like that. Telekinesis or whatever. I remember thinking we witches, I mean people, can do it. Not Jedi, but anyone!

Sadly, many incantations and acid trips later, I have yet to levitate much more than eyebrows.

Vader did it first, with a force-choke, right? The first use of the force? Then he used it to pull Han's ... oh wait. That was ESB. And ESB hinted at ForceTime, with the Luke/Lei link. And really, aren't fore ghosts and Luke's astral projection kinda sorta almost the same thing?

Oh, and isn't it a good think Vader couldn't rifle through Leai's mind? Was that his lack of special skills, why would he need them?, or her innate force "innocence"? barf.

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