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One of the issues with TLJ I never see discussed is the lack of any off-screen time to develop characters. TROS will finally give us that, but another thing that advances off-screen is the movement of the pieces - the growth of Anakin and the clone army from 1-2, the clone wars of 2-3, the large gap and takeover of the empire from 3-4, etc.

TLJ taking place right after TFA pretty much just resulted in one large film. This is supposed to be a trilogy, instead it feels like parts 2 and 3 are getting crammed into one movie.

And reading the plot for TROS, regardless of their legitimacy, I can't see how this film can get the job done properly. Even if it's decent, I feel like it will be held back by not being split in two. Especially considering I'm sadly getting some Harry Potter 8 vibes.

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Oh come on kids. Are you really going to fall for the LAST ONE EVER bs? Lucas said that after VI "I'm done! That's it!" But a few years later he announced the prequels. Then he said the same thing after III "No more. It is complete!" And then the sequels.

You see. Saying THIS IS THE LAST ONE EVER is a selling ploy. Yeah yeah, other movies, other trilogies, whatever, but THE LAST SKYWALKER SAGA!! OMG!

But really, what is keeping them from making this a cliffhanger? Now wouldn't THAT be a surprise! Rey goes dark, Kylo swears to save her. I dunno. I just know they would be idiots to put a fork in this 50 year saga. Why end it? Just cuz Lucas said there were only 9? He also said there were 12. And 3. And 6.

So ... I for one do not expect this to really be the end of Lucasfilm saying it is the end! Episode X The Search for Kira, anyone?

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Anyone believing this is the final film with these characters is delusional.

May be a few years until the next episode perhaps 10 years but Ep X-XII will happen

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I disagree.

These characters are done. The Skywalker family story is done.

Anything in the future will be something different. The only big thing remaining will be Jedi.

And like I said from day one...

Johnson will never get his Trilogy.


He's done. :ass2mouth:

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Yeah, this is the end of the "Skywalker Saga," and probably the end of the "Star Wars - Episode # - Subitile - Opening Scroll" opening format. But I wouldn't be surprised if Han, Luke, Leia, Vader, etc. show up in some other form (animation, etc) in a future project.

There's a lot of space to cover between films, and Disney/LF is not going to ignore that.

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