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Post Posted: June 13th 2006 9:53 pm
does anyone have the text version of the Legacy of the Force Betrayl book? I am asking cause this is the only fresh topic in teh forums with sw content.

greenWookiee posted the following before...

greenWookiee wrote:
Fact is they took someone else's copyrighted material without consent. So essentailly it was stolen property. They aided in the distribution of stolen property, therefore you can argue that they stole property belonging to Lucas Arts. So most likely they'll most likely be charged a huge ridiculous fine and possible jail time.

greenWookiee wrote:
fact remains is they had stolen merchendise. Reguardless whether they made no profit, they stole from lucas. The DA and LucasArts are gonna gangbang those individuals to show as an example to "media pirates"

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Post Posted: June 13th 2006 11:03 pm
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The above was posted in the now invisible Books forum, in CloneCommander's kickass AudioNovel thread no less. There was no "thank you" but this "where da filez" comment.

greenWookiee here had only had 13 posts. In fact, 11 of those posts by greenWookiee were gimme da filez. The exception were the two posts above.

My favorite part is this "I am asking cause this is the only fresh topic in teh forums with sw content":

This fagola musta missed the half dozen Star Wars "fresh topic" comic threads including the newly released Star Wars Legacy and KOTOR #05. In addition to the dozen or so Star Wars soundtracks in MP3s. Not to mention the 100+ HD screencaps in the Episode III forum.

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Post Posted: June 13th 2006 11:12 pm
Fat Bastard

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What a fucking dork bag. Nice job on getting rid of him. No doubt he'll go back to the board he originally came from and complain about being banned from here. :what:

Post Posted: June 14th 2006 8:32 pm
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:vfuckoff: Good fuckin' riddence I say.

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