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OCTOBER 18 2019

• Rey kills Kylo Ren.

• Rey and Kylo have a final confrontation during which Ben Solo turns back to the light.
• Rey does not believe in Ben Solo's turn so she kills Kylo Ren.

• Luke in the flesh.
• Chewbacca death.

• The last shot is at the Lars homestead with a Binary Sunset or Binary Sunrise reflecting the film's title "Rise of Skywalker"

AUGUST 31 2019

• The heroes in the film are on a quest to find an ancient Sith Dagger, which is actually The Dagger of Mortis. What it is called this in the film is unknown. The Dagger is the key to freeing an ancient evil and has an inscription that pre-dates any language known in the Galaxy. This evil is The Son, played by Matt Smith. It is unknown whether Smith is called The Son. This was Lucas’ original plan in his treatment for the Sequel Trilogy with direct references to The Clone Wars. It will be made accessible to the general audience.

• A major aspect of the early part of the film is attempting to decipher the text. C-3P0 attempts to read an inscription on the Dagger yet cannot read it due to his programming. 3P0’s eyes turn red and it takes them to the Second Death Star on Endor and a device of the Emperor’s. This device - with the dagger as its key, opens a portal to what is The World Between Worlds from Star Wars Rebels, where The Son is trapped, waiting to be released. The World Between Worlds will be made accessible to the general audience and maybe called something else.

• The Son is freed with the Dagger of Mortis, the one thing that can destroy him.
• The Son's been pulling all the strings and everything has led to this moment. The First Order, Snoke, Ben’s fall, Luke’s exile - everything.

• The Son takes on the form of Palpatine and Rey, among others.
• Rey’s vision of her Sith self was in fact a vision of The Son in the future taking on her form.

• The Jedi Texts are what directed Rey to the ancient evil: The Son.
• The Jedi had vague records on Mortis and The Father, The Son and The Daughter in the Jedi Temple independent of the first Jedi Texts from Ahch-To.

• Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter and Kylo Ren’s sister.
• Rey is given Han Solo’s audio diary.
• Harrison Ford recorded dialogue.

• Kylo and Rey independently find their way to the Death Star.
• Kylo shows Rey his vision of her parents.
• The true twist though is that her “parents” aren’t truly Rey's parents.
• Rey was given away in order to protect her since the adoptive parents were murdered by the Dagger.

• During their “Force Bond” - Rey has a vision of herself as a Sith.
• Rey and Kylo fight on the ruins of the Death Star.
• This could be where the Forceback Fight begins - the twist being Rey and Kylo are actually traveling through both space and time.
• Nothing is changed - Rey & Kylo do not interact with past events however events from the Prequels and the Original Trilogy are seen in the background.

• Rey, Kylo and even the Force Ghosts join to defeat The Son.
• The final shot of the film - The Skywalker Saga - is of the Binary Suns of Tatooine.

AUGUST 25 2019

• Lucas did not write the script by any means yet had a significant role in molding the scenario for key sequences in the film.
• Re-created Alec Guinness maybe used like Tarkin in Rogue One.
• Hayden has filmed scenes.

• The Son is the villain.
• Matt Smith plays The Son.

• The Son can take the form of anyone and is the ultimate tempter. This is key.
• This will be explained by way of the ancient texts. They’re essentially being used as a narrative and plot device.

• Two children - boy and girl - same age, were cast.
• Presumably this is from a forceback of Ben Solo and Rey as children.
• This doesn’t necessarily fit the canon, however JJ Abrams and the Story Group do not care for one another and he ignores them, so it maybe a retcon.

• Rey and Ben Solo are siblings
• Kira - a name from Lucas’ drafts for the Sequel Trilogy of Luke’s Apprentice, is Rey’s birth name.

• The last shot of the film is Rey on Tatooine at the Lar’s Homestead, reflecting on her journey with a Binary Sunrise mirroring Revenge Of The Sith, hence “Rise” of Skywalker.
• The intent was the Saga ends where it began.

AUGUST 24 2019

• The World Between Worlds and The Whills.

• Contractually Disney cannot touch the first six films; they can make us view the old films in a different way though.
• The alleged "Forceback Fights" are not what you think they are or as they have been described.

• Matt Smith's role is significant yet still not listed. Identity is top secret.
• There's a reason why Hayden Christensen has been at the last two Celebrations.
• Alec Guiness.

• Snoke does have a true identity yet no one has guessed it.
• Kylo Ren is not the villain of the story.

• The main villain is connected to the Star Wars lore. (hint: They are beyond Sith and Jedi.)
• The villain has a very specific vendetta against the Skywalker lineage.

• Rey's parentage is central to the story.
• Rey's biological age is not her true age. Her real name is not Rey.
• Rey's "fall" is somewhat of a misnomer.

• Luke has a fight scene - in the flesh - which is a scrapped concept from Return Of The Jedi with Ben Kenobi.
• Chewbacca death.

• The longest Star Wars film.

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