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Post Posted: June 8th 2018 1:47 am
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Transformers has always been very dear to my heart but I've made no bones my distaste for the Bay films over the years. I legitimately dug the first one, the rest of them not so much. I still have not seen Last Knight and only recently viewed Age of Extinction because it's been on cable recently. So here we are with the first TF film to not be helmed by Michael Bay. Obviously it's still set in the same Bay-verse or at least seems to be and there still appears to be some lingering Bay aesthetics in the designs but I'm mildly interested in seeing how this pans out.

I definitely appreciate that the robot design appears to be moving away from Bay’s influence and incorporating some more traditional Transformer design aspects. BB's bot mode appears to be more filled out with visible car bits and less like the shredded, twisted mess of metal that were Bay's trademark. Starscream’s head, face and coloring for example very much resemble his original toy & cartoon look and styling. While this definitely won’t have any bearing on the film’s overall potential quality or lack there of, it’s a positive in my book. We'll see.

Post Posted: June 8th 2018 9:09 pm
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This trailer shows more storytelling promise than anything seen in the last 4 movies. The classic G1 design and transformation for Starscream got me giddy. I'm intrigued. If only a more capable filmmaker got to this franchise earlier.

Post Posted: June 26th 2018 7:29 am
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I love it when someone from animation comes to live-action town. They bring a wealth of experience in exactitude. That's why the beats seem so tight. No room for fat in animation.

That's not to say a loosey-goosey approach doesn't have its own particular appeal (*cough* Bayhem *cough*).

Either way, I'm game for this. Plus, the lead actress is easy on the eyes.

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