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Post Posted: November 3rd 2016 8:39 pm
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New trailer. Sadly, I don't get a good vibe from it.

Post Posted: November 4th 2016 5:33 am
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This looks terrible. Except for the teets and ass, of course... :funkywhatevaho:

Post Posted: November 5th 2016 12:01 am
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Wake me up when DC reboots.

Post Posted: May 31st 2017 3:48 pm
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All the reviews have been glowing and it's now certified fresh on RT. I had an opportunity to see this yesterday but couldn't make it because of work. I'm not a huge DC guy but I did like what I saw in the trailers so I am kinda looking forward to seeing it.

(Edit 6/2): Just got back from it. It was good not great. I definitely don't think it was as great as the reviews have proclaimed, most of which were over the top hyperbolic in their praise. It's certainly the DCEU's best movie for sure but of course that wasn't a very high bar to clear.

Gal Gadot as WW.
World War I setting.
Fights/battles between WW and the German army.
Fight choreography overall, I liked how hard hitting it felt.
Film had some genuine heart/soul which the other DCEU films completely lacked.

Sluggish pacing at times especially in the first hour.
Overuse of slo-mo.
The villains, particularly the big bad.
The final battle.
David Thewlis as
I don't think he had the presence or intimidation factor for that character and he was one reason I didn't like the final battle.

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