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Post Posted: March 19th 2009 8:08 pm

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Benovite wrote:
Yeah maybe Tim Burton would have added more "whimsey" or something to it. Just seems like everything was there except one thing. Unfortunately I don't know what that one thing is because I feel like I have to read the graphic novel to find out. Maybe it's the ending.

I finally talked with my girl about Watchmen over dinner yesterday and she said she hated it, worst movie, etc. Although she added that she did like The Comedian, after which I quickly added, 'but you left to get snacks during the two main parts in which The Comedian was in!'. And she was like oh shit. And then I was like, 'so what did you think of the opening titles?'. She said she liked them. Then I was like and then she was like and then I was like 'thats why I didn't want to talk about Watchmen[so we wouldn't argue]'. I also told her how I felt about her talking and mocking the movie throughout- something she's never done before especially in a movie theater.

Anyway, Hokusai thanks for clarifying the Nite Owl costme question for me. You're right, I was too distracted to pay attention to the movie at that point.

no prob...

about the violence- I am not a horror/slasher/gore movie fan at all, and the cleaver scene was a bit much especially when the book version is better... but the arm slice scene was better than the book I think... it added a sense of craziness and urgency. The book just has the fat dude leaning against the cell with his neck cut.?

Post Posted: March 26th 2009 8:35 am
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Since Snyder bastardized the graphic novel, I've got a few ideas for a sequel:

The year is 1987.

1) Dr. Manhattan has changed from blue to red from living on Mars.

2) Silk Spectre and Nite Owl II are married and have kids. There's a scene with the kids watching superhero cartoons and such, wanting to be them, not knowing their parents were who they were.

3) Dr. Manhattan brings Comedian back to life. Comedian arises as a sort of zombie terminator/mutilated thing with his trademark 'stache and cigar intact. He puts his smiley button back on.

4) The fat New Frontiersman staff guy reads Rorshach's journal but doesn't make it public. He almost goes insane with the knowledge of exactly what happened in 1985. One day he snaps and goes to Veidt to blackmail him so as to not reveal the truth about what really happened in exchange for billions of dollars. Veidt makes a move to kill fatboy- but fatboy came armed. He shoots Veidt, injuring him. Veidt promises to give fatboy billions and also tries to summon Dr. Manhattan back to earth.

5) Manhattan returns to earth. He first visits Laurie, Dan and their kids. The kids can't help but to tell their school mates that Manhattan is back. Laurie and Dan's house is beseiged by the government and reporters. Amidst all the chaos, Manhattan comes onto the scene at the house with the Comedian. Everyone is shocked and frightened. They try to attack both of them, Comedian is about to fry everyone, Manhattan holds him back and creates a protective bubble.

6) The Comedian and Fatboy meet and Comedian kills Fatboy. Veidt is thankful, but Zombie Comedian turns and points flamesthrower at Veidt and burns him as Manhattan looks on.

Post Posted: April 3rd 2009 7:46 pm
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Watchmen Director's Cut DVD coming in July so says Zack Snyder:

“We’re super proud of the movie, the director’s cut is coming soon. So in July you’ll get to see more Watchmen. If you didn’t have enough in two hours and forty minutes you’ll have three hours and ten minutes, and I think there is three hours and thirty minutes coming so they’ll be a lot more Watchmen to come, regardless of how people feel about it.”

Post Posted: April 4th 2009 7:53 am

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Did you see JEH is playing freddy in the new nightmare movie??

He made this movie for me... I was not a fan before, but I am now.

Post Posted: April 6th 2009 9:56 pm
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This guy apparently didn't like it.

A man shot himself to death in a Eugene movie theater just after midnight Monday morning. Police say about 10 patrons were in an auditorium at Regal Cinemas watching the movie “Watchmen.”

Post Posted: April 6th 2009 11:09 pm
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Thank God i didn't have a gun at hand when i watched the Wolverine Workprint

Post Posted: October 19th 2010 1:28 pm
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Sorry for the little dig:

CoGro wrote:
I consider myself to be pretty well versed in comic lore and I had no memory of ever hearing about the Watchmen until I saw the trailer before The Dark Knight.

Those two statements make no sense. Watchmen is considered the King of comics. ;)

Post Posted: November 7th 2010 7:38 pm
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Since this thread is up here, just thought I would mention that after waiting for the multiple versions of this sucker to slowly be released, I finally gave in and picked up the Ultimate Director's cut of the film. Inclusion of the Black Freighter bits are jarring as hell, but I did pick up on a noteworthy lack of Dr Manhattan penis in this cut, which I found to be a welcome change. Yeah, apparently most of his shots are above the waist or have been cut a few seconds short to spare us.

One thing that really disappointed were the special features. Under the Hood was not especially great, and the majority of the other stuff was mostly just telling us how big an impact the novel had. And then just the net available making of short vids. So the supplemental material is pretty weak. Anything that calls itself "Ultimate" should have a LOTR Special Extended Edition level of material, and this came up way short.

Post Posted: November 14th 2010 5:51 am
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The worst is that there was no PAL DVD of the Director's Cut. A shame.

Post Posted: November 14th 2010 10:07 pm
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CoGro wrote:
I consider myself to be pretty well versed in comic lore and I had no memory of ever hearing about the Watchmen until I saw the trailer before The Dark Knight.

Alexrd wrote:
Sorry for the little dig: Those two statements make no sense. Watchmen is considered the King of comics. ;)

The zombie-like twitching of this seemingly dead thread piqued my interest. And I gotta' tell you, as a comics fan from way back Pre-watchmen, I understood what Watchmen was, so I was not as oblivious to it as Mr Gro, whom you have chosen to "dig" at, apparently was.

However, after flipping through it as a kid and realizing the art kind of "sucked", I never picked it up again. Too long too, for what it was. The artistic style didn't lend to me being interested long enough to sit through it all. The Dark Knight graphic novel, however, was dope as all getout around the same time. In a contest to be "King of comics", for that era of releases or any non-chronilogical comparrison/battle, old man Bruce Wayne stomps the Watchmens heads into a collective and brutal post appocalyptic mud puddle. Ronald Reagan, half naked Amazon Nazi breasts, and Iron-Bat Vs. Blue guy and something that looks like my eight year old cousin colored the newspaper comic strip in and pasted it together. No contest really.

So the idea that some folks hadn't heard about it doesn't surprise me much :?

Myself, as a kid I wanted the five minutes I spent flipping through it back, out of principal. The cover logo was so cool. And the inside such shit. Even the story, it's kind of "not so groundbreaking" to me, then and now. I had hoped the film would be a better fit for me to try and squeeze some enjoyment out of this property after all these years. Y'know what? Nope. Still shit. Really pretty, fantastically shot, somewhat visually interesting pile of wtf in my mind. Sorry.

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