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Post Posted: June 10th 2011 3:53 pm
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the movie was good but I wouldn't go so far as to say it was the best comic book adaption ever. Prof X and Magneto were both compelling and so was Shaw and perhaps Mistique. The others, not so much. Beast looked idiotic. It was like they got the makeup from the Cat and the Hat and painted it blue. It could hardly speak in that mess, let alone look cool!

The plot was hurried through, too many characters they had to introduce with hardly a back story. And don't get me started on the White Queen. Although a smoking hot piece of ass she seemed like she was reading the script in her hands as she stood on her mark. Cold as ice? How bout bland as rice cakes! Though I did like the part where she had the Russian general on the bed having sex with a halucination!

the movie was clever in parts, dramatic in much of the scenes, but not quite perfect to be labeled the best ever. Probably equal to X2. And yes, the "go fuck yourselves" should have been left out. COMPLETELY inappropriate for the material. PERIOD. It gets a B from the BEAR

Post Posted: June 12th 2011 1:52 pm
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You brought some top tier entertainment to what was previously a pretty mediocre to crappy weekend. After the last couple of X-Men sequels coupled with Wolverine origins I was spent on the franchise and not even gonna bother with this one. But fueled by some of the positive feedback here decided to give it a shot. Damn glad I did.

My fave part was probably the production design overall, they really managed to capture the 60's era well. And getting to stare at Rose Bryne (aka Dorme) for two hours wasn't all that bad either. Wow, she really held together the past decade hasn't she.

Beast looked kinda' weak, but being as how the central conflict related to his character was just being content with his looks and coming to terms with his exterior, despite any of "our" (read: mainstream culture's) ideas of what is considered acceptable or cool, it kind of makes sense that we the audience are asked to look past the goofy make-up and still cheer the character on for his actions and inherent abilities on screen.

[align=left]Wolverine's cameo was spot on perfect, I don't know quite what all the PG-ers (aka "Will someone think about the children!"-ers) are up in arms about. It was awesome. The timing, the inflection, and most of all the "fuck". If he had said "go screw yourselves" I would have been like 'what a weak ass line, come on, Wolverine, you're better than that'.

A great two hours spent.

Post Posted: June 15th 2011 10:40 am

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Great movie. I still prefer X2 but this movie is definitely just behind that one.

The use of the word 'fuck' one time in a PG-13 movie is not that big a deal. I would be shocked if there is one kid in this country who hasn't heard the word at least once by the age of thirteen. Seriously, I would think it would be much more traumatic to see, oh I don't know, a coin being shoved through a persons head and then falling to the floor, brain matter and all.

Post Posted: July 12th 2011 12:23 pm
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