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Post Posted: February 4th 2011 11:44 am
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Not sure if a thread already exists on the Wolverine sequel directed by Darren Aronofsky but I wanted to post this recent pic of Jackman since he looks like he's in Wolverine mode.



Post Posted: February 10th 2011 12:48 am
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Omg Wolverine is stealing somebodys kid, look out! Sorry. It's been a long day year.

I'm among the few that didn't hate the first one. Some of the effects were a joke though. And I see why people hated it. I enjoyed just enough of it to be entertained, and Jackman's Wolverine is becoming more 'accurate'. Except for they keep turning him into Mr. Fucking McFeelings, which honestly they need to give a rest. That happens every so often in comics. Not every story has him turning into an ad for a mens support group. He generally just goes around poking holes in shit and being brooding and old and stuff. They need to portray a Wolverine that you would be glad to have on your side during a Zombie invasion.

Frankly, I would ditch Jackman's Wolverine during such circumstances because the man isn't reliably in control of his emotions. When he goes berserk, I don't really buy it, because he looks like he has to cry and poop during most of the films anyways and him snapping isn't very dramatic. No matter how hard he flexes.

I did read somewheres a while back they were going to be setting the new one in Japan, maybe a pre-quel or something. I don't recall exactly. If so, I guess were in for "Oh no, dead Japanese girlfriend!" and crying with sub-titles. I hope not. Unless they can work "The Hand" into it, and have him graphically butchering throngs of Ninjas. But from what I remember of that story, there wasn't throngs of Ninjas. I should do my research before I post.

Post Posted: February 11th 2011 2:58 pm

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The version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine that came out a month before the release with no special effects was much better. And when I say much better I mean better to laugh at.

Post Posted: April 11th 2011 12:36 pm
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Just updating that Darren Aronofsky is no longer attached to this film. Deadline has reported that the success of Black Swan and the Japanese Apocalypse 2011 are the major reasons for the departure.


Frank Miller's Wolverine 1982.cbz

Above is the 1982 mini-series of which the next installment is based. The books have been combined into one file. (Rename to .zip to access the .jpgs.)

Post Posted: April 12th 2011 3:30 am

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Aronofsky said he was leaving because he wants to spend time with his family, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

There's no reason to see or make this movie without someone like Aronofsky

Post Posted: July 28th 2013 12:15 am
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So, this movie thread should be retitled "Wolverine: 2012, but more like 2013 and its not like it was delayed because they were making it better"

What a waste of my only Saturday off until October. Well, except for the two I get when I go on vacation in 44 days. But it isn't like I'm going to the movies when I go on vacation. I digress.

Thought it was less eye-roll inducing, and more visually polished than the first Wolverine movie. Some really solid acting throughout, yet I almost felt bad for the supporting cast that they hadn't been cast in a better movie. This was just, I dunno' how else to describe it except to say that it was boring.

And oh my fucking god fucking who cares about Jean Fucking Grey already. Ditch that redundant element of the film-character, please, it's distractingly irrelevant. Crying Wolverine almost happens again in this one, and it's close enough to get me annoyed. The actress who plays Jean, no offense to her or her parents, but she is distractingly unattractive as well. She just looks creepy. I wouldn't be crying about her being gone, I'd be crying that I had to sit through the first three 'X' movies to understand why I'm giving a shit about her in this one. That aspect of this film, her inclusion in an illusory sense, was a mistake.

It had some decent action sequences, and other than the above-mentioned moments, Jackman's portrayal is growing on me. I would probably buy the dvd of this someday. But only after it's been out long enough to drop below $20.

I give it 1 and 1/2 'snikt's. I felt like I should have gone to see Pacific Rim.

Post Posted: July 30th 2013 9:11 pm
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Totally disagree, Troy.

I just got back from seeing it and I was very impressed.

The X-men franchise has had its highs (First Class, X2) and it's lows (Wolverine Origins, Last Stand) and this film is up there with the good ones. It's definitely a high-point for the character and Jackman's most complete performance as Logan. It doesn't feel like a typical superhero romp - it's more like solid B-movie film noir with popular and established comic book characters. I loved the independence of "The Wolverine." It's as if the filmmakers and Jackson were liberated from the metal (adamantium) cables tying Logan to the plight of mutant-kind. This story is about a lost soul - a true Ronin - trying to find something worth living for.

Quick hitters:

- I thought Jean's role was perfect. I was actually surprised how much Famke Janssen was in this movie.
- Wolverine is a fucking bad ass all over this movie. Taking his healing power away was a great cinematic device to raise the stakes, make the audience identify with Logan and ground the film.
- There's a bit of CG but most of this movie is good-old fashioned stunt work. What a concept. The action scenes were varied and engaging. The bullet train sequence was especially clever and the sword play was top notch.

The only real issue is that the final act isn't as tight as the first two. The plot becomes kind of convoluted and the character motivations aren't convincingly played out - heroes become villains, then quickly heroes again; villains' roles aren't really specified and really the climax becomes a typical summer blockbuster where we get an overpowered villain that Logan must prevail against.

And then there's the mid-credits sequence. In my opinion, it's one of the better teasers of any Marvel movie if not the best.

[spoil] Two years later, Logan is at an airport about to go through customs. An advertisement for Trask Industries is playing on TV. Logan approaches the metal detector but asks for a body search instead. At that moment we see coins start to shake and metal go haywire. Logan freezes and turns around to face Ian McKellen's Magneto. Magneto warns Logan that mutant-kind is facing a grave threat but Logan asks why he should trust him...and then all of the people in the airport freeze. Magneto says that he shouldn't take his word it. Charles wheels in. Logan asks how he's still alive and Charles replies "I told you Logan, you aren't the only one with gifts." BLACK.[/spoil]

...and I had a huge fucking grin on my face. I can't wait until next summer. I have all the confidence in the world that DOFP is going to be awesome.

Saw it with a friend of mine who has been obsessed with X-men and Wolverine his entire life. This movie was his favourite of all of the X-men films. If you're a fan of X-men you should like this movie.

Post Posted: July 31st 2013 12:54 am
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All right, I'm sold - I'm definitely checking this movie out... when it's on iTunes (which will probably be in like two weeks given turn around times nowadays).

Post Posted: August 1st 2013 12:23 am
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I can understand where you're coming from CoGro, as far as it being a real stand-alone Wolverine story and not your typical superhero romp. Sure. And in that regard I enjoyed it as well.

But I don't think it is even in the same league as First Class, hell none of the other X-movies are. And the things which most bothered me about the first three popped up again in this one. Namely the Jean-part. And the tears. The emotional backdrop of his 'nightmare' requires me to understand and acknowledge their 'relationship' in the first three X installments. And frankly I don't want to. I want to pretend they never happened, and if this film would have let me do that it would have jumped dramatically higher in my personal satisfaction scale. And what's more, there is so much material involving his character, even just in this film let alone all of Marvel comics, that I don't see why it's even necessary here. Their relationship, to me, was never such a character defining element to Wolverine. At least not as vital as this series of films suggests.

Not to get too sidetracked, but maybe just to explain myself a bit; did you read House of M a few years back? At one point, Wolverine wakes up on a hellicarier with full memory of the life he has lived up until that point. He also is fully aware, unlike all of the other heroes on Earth, that the world has been suddenly and drastically altered. He basically ends up swan diving off the flying deck into the city below. Bad, ass. Captain America did almost the same balls out move at the opening seconds of Civil War a few years later.

The point that sticks out to me is that I could see Marvel Studios/Disney's Chris Evans/Captain America doing just that someday. I don't see Jackman's Wolverine ever having that kind of balls.

He'd be too busy sobbing about some eerily plain Dutch girl that he cinematically shared about 20 mostly rapey looking minutes with. As someone who could talk the habit off a nun, I noticed very little actual 'romance' between the two. I never bought it, and his over emotional reaction to her and her death seemed so out of character to me, then and now, that it takes me right out of the movies whenever it comes up. Hell, his reaction to the 'death' of the hot teacher gal in Origins was 100% more believable and sensible to that story than anything involving the cinematic Jean up until this point. For my money at least, that's just how I see it.

The whole bone-claws thing is a little, I dunno', stupid and unnecessary in my mind as well. They just look less interesting. I wouldn't want those, I'd rather have sharp metal ones. I'd rather have them in movies I'm watching too.

I skipped out on the credits. I went with a bunch of non-geeks who were bugging me and I didn't want to wait for it. But I kind of wish I did having read about it here. From the info I've seen, DoFP looks and sounds quite interesting thus far and I'm getting kind of geeked about it myself.

Post Posted: August 1st 2013 8:50 am
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I partially agree with you about the Jean stuff. Did I ever buy that there was a serious love triangle going on in the first 3 movies? No, I didn't. Do I think they've tried to stretch the effect Jean Grey had on Logan. Yes, they have.

That said, there needs to be some emotional weight to Logan's struggle with immortality. Since none of the audience is immortal and can't practically relate to what it must be like to live in three different centuries, we needed a plot device that would push Logan to the edge.

I don't think the effect Jean has on Logan betrays the Wolverine character to the degree say Rachel Dawes' death did on Bruce Wayne in TDKR. Logan was emotional about Jean, yes, but responded with rage instead of tears in this movie. I found the character's emotional complexity to be one of the film's strong suits.

I agree that First Class is the better film (I actually think it's one of the better comic book films, period), but I would rank The Wolverine just below X2 (and maybe even on par in some areas) but easily above the rest.

X3 was a sharknado that literally destroyed the X-men movie universe and it's going to take a few films (First Class and Wolverine) to rebuild the franchise and set the continuity right. I really liked Wolverine as a standalone, but I also viewed it as a transition film to get the "modern" X-men timeline back on track.

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