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Post Posted: February 24th 2014 10:40 pm
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This one really hit home for me.

After Star Wars, the movie that I obsessed over as a child the most was Ghostbusters. I watched it every single day. To this day I can literally sit and recite the entire movie without getting a single word wrong.

The reality is that our childhood heroes are now around the age where they're going to start passing. I hope and pray that we can hold onto guys like John Williams as long as we can so they can share their gifts with the world until they have nothing left to give.

Here's thanking Harold Ramis for a hell of a run. RIP Egon.

Post Posted: February 24th 2014 11:49 pm
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Yeah, I was taken aback by this one. Very sad. Ghostbusters is one of the crown jewels of 80's memories. Along with his other great contributions to movie comedies. He'll definitely be missed.

And you make a very disheartening point, CoGro about our favorite creators. I hate to think about it but it's true.

RIP Harold.

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