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Post Posted: May 14th 2015 11:39 pm
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Too fucking insane to be ignored in a forum like this.

For you practical-over-CG nuts, this is your sweet, sweet nectar. Drink heartily!

For fans of post-apocalyptic sci-fi, it's as cool and inventive as Star Wars!

For action film fans, it's a cinematic erection lasting 2 hours! And no need to call your doctor!

For Mad Max fans, the fire of the series is back and better than ever!

For anyone else, trust the sheer movie madness that's been wrangled out in the desert for our starving reptilian brains!

Post Posted: May 16th 2015 12:00 pm
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I endorse this message.

it was metric fucktons of awesome and epic rolled into a 2 hour package.

Post Posted: May 17th 2015 10:58 pm
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Just got back from it and it is up there with some of the best action movies I've ever seen.

Brilliantly staged sequences and incredible stunt work. Well-paced and never boring.

There's not much else to say: go see it if you haven't.

Post Posted: May 22nd 2015 3:34 pm
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It's as fine a modern action film that you can find and I really look forward to seeing it again. I can't wait to see what they do next in the series.

One of the best aspects of the film is the restraint, which probably sounds insane for a movie with a big post-apocalyptic car chase with massive explosions as its centerpiece, including an albino Darth Vader and a guy strapped to a wall of speakers playing a flame-throwing electric guitar nonstop. But what I mean is Fury Road never beats you over the head with needless exposition or lengthy dialog scenes that would grind everything to a halt. What you need to know about the characters you get from seeing how they behave and interact with each other. What you need to know about the setting and premise can be inferred from the characters' appearance and actions.

It's why I laugh at any claim of Fury Road not doing enough to explain everything to them... some audiences have gotten so used to being spoonfed everything in movies made in the last decade that they can't process something that actually uses subtext anymore.

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