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• The Sad Saga of the Star Wars TV Show No One’s Ever Seen

• The show was such a big deal for Lucasfilm that it was the subject of two different panels at Celebration VI, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Saturday’s panel even had an additional surprise: George Lucas showed up to help promote the series.

• By the time of their first public preview, they had 26 finished episodes, with another 13 episodes in production. All they needed was a network willing to broadcast them. They never got one.

• With no new Star Wars movies on the horizon, Lucas began quietly developing what he first referred to as “Star Wars: Squishies,” named after the old “squash and stretch” principle of animation. Looking for collaborators, he turned to Senreich and Green, whose Robot Chicken routinely featured Star Wars sketches.

• The initial concept was basically “Seinfeld in space,” observing the boring lives of ordinary people living on the periphery of the Star Wars universe, with Dex’s Diner from Attack of the Clones serving as the galaxy’s version of Monk’s Cafe.

• The half of every day George Lucas wasn’t in the Detours writers’ room he spent in meeting with various licensers, toy makers, and corporate executives. And, though few people outside the company realized it at the time, he was also finalizing his plans to sell Lucasfilm to Disney. The $4 billion deal was announced on October 30, 2012, barely two months after the announcement of Star Wars: Detours at Celebration VI.

I thought this was an interesting article, if only for the insight to GL's idea process.

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To be honest, I'm pretty glad Detours never really saw the light of day. There wasn't anything in the preview clips that really justified its existence to me, just a bunch of mediocre gags wrapped up in the guise of "See, it's funny because it's Star Wars." It just seemed so odd to have an officially-licensed property whose very purpose was to deconstruct the franchise and its characters.

Between Detours, the missteps of the prequels, the Clone Wars movie and wanting to call Starkiller "Darth Icky" in The Force Unleashed, I just don't understand the segment of the fandom that doesn't want anything to do with Star Wars anymore now that George isn't involved.

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doafhat wrote:
I just don't understand the segment of the fandom that doesn't want anything to do with Star Wars anymore now that George isn't involved.

There are people who are fine with a cheap copy of A New Hope with a few touches of The Empire Strikes Back purely made to pander the (vocal) audience as the next chapter of the saga, I don't understand those either. I'd take any alleged "missteps" of the prequels, or a comedy series that is not part of the main story, over that waste of a movie any day.

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