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Post Posted: October 1st 2016 5:40 am
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Just saw it, it's online already

Maybe one, if not the best episode of the series, at least among the regular 20 minutes episodes, just incredibly executed.

And that ending, haha... go check it on streaming (waiting for a proper 1080p to appear for dl)

Post Posted: October 2nd 2016 3:26 am
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The Ending was...I can't wait for the conclusion of this! I really really wanna see this! Damn...

Great episode. I love the Bendu, I love how Ezra is tempted and how Kanan becomes more and more of a true powerful Jedi. Great Stuff this show!

Post Posted: October 2nd 2016 8:27 am
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This was a solid episode. But, I enjoyed the prior episode more for whatever reason. The series is "bridging" the PT and OT in a very natural manner.

What's teased at the end seems a little predictable for me. Hopefully, there are a few more twists before we see the animated adaption of "Old Wounds."

Based on the episode's Rebels Recon, it doesn't seem that Maul wants simple revenge. Filoni mentions Maul being denied death. Therefore, it seems Maul is on a suicidal quest to destroy the Jedi and Sith who have crossed him.

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