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Obi-Wan spinoff in the works • Hollywood Reporter • 8/17/17


Stephen Daldry (The Hours) is attached to direct.
No script.
No Ewan yet.

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Disney had better #BringBackEwanMcGregor as Obi-Wan or we riot against them for their alleged anti-Prequel Trilogy/anti-George Lucas bias.

Post Posted: August 17th 2017 7:58 pm
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This sounds legit. But, it isn't official until it shows-up on the OS.

Understandably, everyone is assuming that the will feature an adult Obi-wan. But, it could easily be a Yoda and teenage Obi-wan team-up film.

If I was helming this project it would center around Kenobi, Tarkin, and the ghost of Count Dooku. All three leads would be played by CG approximations of Alec Guinness, Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee of course. :fap:

Star Wars-wise, what's next for Disney after this one? Episode X?

Post Posted: August 20th 2017 11:06 pm
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I get the impression LFL will hold off after Ep9. I think the stand alone films will continue in place of the saga films each year. I've convinced myself the next announcement will be a Boba Fett/Bounty Hunter movie. I really dislike the speculated idea of a Yoda movie.

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