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Post Posted: September 2nd 2019 7:55 am
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My Snoke theory sucks?

Two things. In TFA Leia says “Snoke did this. [S]he turned our son to the dark side.”
“She” ...? I thought maybe Carrie’s dentures were slipping in the loop studios and listened over and over. Interestingly Leia is not facing the camera when she says it so I cannot see her lips. I brushed it off until I looked up boudoir - as in “I can get you into Snoke’s boudoir” and discovered that word means a woman’s room.
So we have two characters that seem to imply Snoke is a lady. IF ... just assume it ..if this is so, who could SHE be?
Amidala? Of course not. Assaj? Closer...
Are there any women with a bone to pick with the Skywalkers?
There was that twilek that Anakin snubbed at the Outlander Club.
I got it! Snoke is Katie Lucas!!

Post Posted: September 3rd 2019 5:47 am
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What she actually says is, "It wash Shnoke. He turned our shon to the dark shide.”

Post Posted: September 3rd 2019 8:27 am
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Right? Was she recovering from some of that electro-shock therapy that day? I figured it was a dentures thing, or deliberate obfuscation. I suppose the more pedestrian explanation should do, but after Kool Adee Moonshine said Snoke's identity was still important and remained un-guessed .... well, I just thought maybe ...
I still think Snoke is the Inquisitor from Rebels that said "there are worse things than dying" before making his hair all Holdo purple ... oh wait. Before plunging to his supposed death.
Or what about that little mangled brat that Jar Jar adopted in Aftermath. My Snoke theories ALL suck! lol

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