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Not long after The Last Jedi came out, I took on in a major way The Problem With Force Ghosts, especially after Johnson's/Kennedy's/Abrams'/Hidalgo's vomit-chunks had landed allover the topic.

Running with it, and going places that sucker punches Johnson's little Johnson like the Vienna sausage that it is, is the great (and MYSTERIOUS!) doomcock!

He does a superb job of laying out how Yoda's Force-lightening of the first Jedi temple blows asunder all things "Star Wars."

Please note the following before watching doomcock's video...

...he IS aware that Rey smuggled out the Jedi texts (he's discussed this in earlier videos in the past) - he's discussing it from LUKE'S perspective AT THE TIME that Yoda destroys the temple and presumably the texts...
...a couple of weeks ago, a source informed doomcock that there were up to SIX POSSIBLE ENDINGS for The Rise of Skywalker; that Abrams, not knowing what to do to SAVE Star Wars, shot additional scenes that could majorly alter the storyline in the Editing Room...
...doomcock thus makes references to other leaks as he is convinced that most of the leaks WERE FILMED, so he makes judgements on these possible outcomes as well...

The MAIN POINT? Even if one doesn't like what doomcock has to say about these other possible storylines, his in-canon-logic about all of the ramifications of Force Ghosts after Johnson was done with having Yoda do what Yoda does is SPOT ON, and once again lays bare what a wreck and a ruin The Last Jedi is. Yoda's "little trick" of destroying the temple with a little wiggle of his finger has GIGANTIC consequences that destroys the internal logic of the Star Wars universe.

Now, TREMBLE IN FEAR OF THE MIGHTY DOOMCOCK! May the day soon arrive that his vast secret army of gigantic robots lays waste to the wasteland known as woke Hollywood! :funkyshaman:

And read the COMMENTS there as well. Some are just as devastating as doomcock's in-universe-reasoning.

Here's one of my favorite comments:
This is hilarious. I wrote about this when the movie released and no one talked about it. It’s a bigger lore and world building breaker then the holdo maneuver. It now means their is literally no stakes at all for any Jedi. In fact jedi should commit suicide to get stronger. It’s so stupid on so many levels. God this is a horrible movie


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But it's Yoda :)

& for all we know, he's had to save his mojo up for 30 years to land that flame strike, & could well be backed up by who knows what Whill of the Force for a one-shot light show, burning off remnant Jedi essence in that old shrine.

~it's magic~

Unlike the Holdo Manuever, which was just common starship tech ruining everything doing a thing it presumably could have done anytime.

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