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Post Posted: June 13th 2013 11:04 pm
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"Star Wars Land" is apparently becoming a reality in Hollywood Studios park in Disney World.

Post Posted: January 7th 2014 11:02 pm
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Newest Park Rumors.... ... pisode-vii

Post Posted: January 8th 2014 12:56 pm

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Cryostar wrote:

Yikes. This has been a rumor since day one (and before) about more Star Wars and Marvel in Disneyland and the park has been incorporating more of their brands into the rides and merchandise over the past 20 years. I heard the old PeopleMover track would be transformed into some kind of speeder ride but this... I'm not alone in the growing minority of some kind of preservation of the original intent of the park, but attendance isn't exactly dropping amidst the incorporated brands in the parks. If they're concerned about Harry Potter moving to LA they can always open a third park in Anaheim for the Marvel and Star Wars movies. Tomorrowland was about the future and the value of science, not Buzz Lightyear and Star Wars and Iron Man. Sure, Walt pimped the corporations to sponsor his attractions, but they were original ideas inspired by 20th century innovations.

Anyway, I obviously love Star Wars and love Disneyland dearly, and feel that Star Tours (and Temple of the Forbidden Eye) is a successful blend of the brands, but I can't endorse an overhaul to one of the original lands. Disneyland deserves the respect of Walt's legacy, especially considering Disney is very open to several parks in one "resort" complex.

Post Posted: January 17th 2014 2:16 am
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Yeah, retheming Tomorrowland to fit current trends is a bullshit move imo as well. I would be psyched if they wanted to transform a huge area of Disney's Hollywood Studios in FL into Star Wars Land, or for that matter just redo all of Animal Kingdom and put those animals back where they wish they were. But Tomorrowland was supposed to be about OUR tomorrow, not someone elses fictional past. And while that fictional past is inspiring, it's usage in this way (and all of EPCOT's mindrape since 97') has exploited these properties beyond the bounds one would see in an experiment based upon genuine admiration. It's an unabashed money grab, and the merchandise isn't really that great either.

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