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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (POSSIBLE MAJOR SPOILAGE!)

Somebody claiming to have seen a screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Thanksgiving day put up a number of spoilers about the film at Pastebin.

It ended up on Reddit where many feel it is fake. But I'm going to put it up anyway.

I always like t come back to these types of reports after a film comes out to see if they ended up being truth or lies.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (POSSIBLE MAJOR SPOILAGE!)

01. There is no opening crawl.
02. Jedha is not blown up completely. It is merely destroyed to the point where nothing can live there, but the planet still stands.
03. The battles in order are Jedha, Eadu, then Scarif.
04. Galen Erso attempts to kill Krennic on Eadu by setting off an explosive, but the plan fails.
05. The rebels arrive as this happen, and the battle begins.
06. Jyn watches as Krennic beats her father before having death troopers take him onto Krennic's shuttle.
07. Saw Gerrera has 9 minutes of screen time before being killed on Jedha.
08. Darth Vader has a total of 6 minutes of screen time.
09. Darth Vader has two scenes, which is talking with Krennic about Jedha, and the very last scene of the film.
10. Darth Vader does not use his lightsaber, and does not slaughter any rebels.
11. Bodhi Rook dies on Scarif, in an attempt to delay the transportation of kyber crystals, Bodhi boards a cargo shuttle with explosives and sets them off with him in it, which destroys the kyber crystals as well as kills himself.
12. It is revealed that Baze Malbus secretly works for the Empire during a climactic point in the Scarif battle.
13. Chirrut dies on Scarif after Baze's secret is revealed, and he is shot down by shoretroopers and stormtroopers.
14. Baze dies on Scarif, as well. He realizes his mistake, and sacrifices his life by using detonators to blow up the Imperial base on Scarif, and it kills him as well. His final line is "Forgive me my friend" and then kaboom, he's dead.
15. Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and K2SO meet their demise in space, after transmitting the plans to Tantive IV. Jyn and Cassian holding hands, as seen in the TV spot, is their final sign before their transport is blown up by the Empire.
16. Krennic meets his demise at the hands of Darth Vader. Krennic approaches Vader just as Vader begins to depart to infiltrate the Tantive IV (as seen in A New Hope), and Krennic basically bitches about the Rebels escaping with the plans and makes it sound like it is Vader's fault, to which Vader simply breathes normally and listens, then raises his hand and chokes Krennic to death.
17. The scene where a cloaked figure "kneels" before a "bacta tank" is actually rigged just for the trailers. The actual scene is Galen cloaked after coming back from Eadu, and deathtroopers behind him. They take him to the power core where the power from his creation is being stored. Galen drops to his knees and shakes his head, as he realizes his research is being used for something terrible.
18. Jyn is reunited with Galen on Scarif, before Krennic makes his way through the water to them. Galen tells Jyn to go, and the Rogue One squad escapes. Krennic walks fast towards Galen and shoots him down.
19. Bistan (the space monkey) meets his demise when his U-Wing crashes on Scarif.
20. Pao (the first Drabata) meets his demise very quickly. He's just shot down by a deathtrooper, and he makes a weird noise when he gets shot. He's presumed dead after that.
21. The final scene is the first scene of A New Hope redone. Rebels are lined up in front of the door and it begins to shake. A rebel leader shouts "Here they come!" and the camera pans out to space. There's some narration from Jyn, but it's very brief and is basically saying that everything is worth fighting for.
22. Lyra Erso plays no "significant" role in the film. She attempts to kill Krennic in the opening scene, and she is shot down and killed.
23. Bail Organa is only present for one scene, which is a meeting on Yavin IV.He barely has any lines, but he is there.
24. The battle on Eadu is comparable to World War II.
25. The battle on Scarif is comparable to the Vietnam War.
26. Warwick Davis's character is briefly seen a few times on Scarif. Not sure if he died or not.
27. Vader does not meet Jyn, Cassian, K2SO, Bodhi, Baze or Chirrut.
28. Grand Moff Tarkin used Director Krennic as someone to take the job as overseeing the completion of the Death Star, but so it'd be Krennic's fault if he failed again.
29. The space fight with TIE Fighters and X-Wings seems like something out of Battlefield 1. It's hectic.
30. Jyn and Cassian share the same relationship as Rey and Finn. They are not sexually attracted to each other.
31. Jyn is not Rey's mother.

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There's a rumor that more spoilers will be released tomorrow.

Could be bullshit, but I'll keep an eye out.

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