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Post Posted: December 3rd 2016 9:30 am
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End Credits Leak confirms Leia, Tarkin and Dodonna!

Leia and Tarkin are definitely in the movie. Tarkin was a no doubter, but Leia has now been confirmed.

The actor playing Tarkin is Guy Henry.

The actress playing Leia is Ingvild Deila.

It looks like both the actors are basically stand-ins overlayed with CGI to look like Cushing and Fisher.

Also, they got an actor to play General Dodonna.

No R2-D2 listed in credits, but that could be because of Kenny Baker's death and/or there no longer being a little person inside.

It's either that or R2-D2 makes no appearance.

Somebody put it upon Reddit. Here is what he said.

Because of my line of work, the end credits for Rogue One came across my desk the other day. While I couldn't take a picture of the screen (phone not allowed, and I like my job), I was able to scribble enough notes that offer some information about who is (and is not) in the film. When I got home, I snooped around online, and some of this isn't listed anywhere. Wanted to offer to share this with the good people of reddit... but I understand that I don't have verifiable proof (until the release date) that this is the real deal, and I didn't want to post this on /r/StarWars and get downvoted into oblivion. Fortunately, their mods suggested I post here. Anyway... here's my best recreation of the end credit...

Here is the list:

JYN ERSO -- Felicity Jones
YOUNG JYN -- Beau Gadson
YOUNGER JYN -- Dolly Gadson
GALEN ERSO -- Mads Mikkelsen
LYRA ERSO -- Valene Kane
CASSIAN -- Diego Luna
K-2SO -- Alan Tudyk
CHIRRUT -- Donnie Yen
BAZE -- Jiang Wen
SAW -- Forest Whitaker
MON MOTHMA -- Genevieve O'Reilly
BAIL ORGANA -- Jimmy Smits
PRICESS LEIA -- Ingvild Deila... with Special Thanks to Carrie Fisher
DARTH VADER (VOICE) -- James Earl Jones
DARTH VADER -- Spencer Wilding & Daniel Naprous
KRENNIC -- Ben Mendelsohn
GOVERNOR TARKIN -- Guy Henry...with Special Thanks to Peter Cushing
GENERAL DODONNA -- Ian McElhinney (Ser Barristan!)
C3PO -- Anthony Daniels
2TUBES -- Aidan Cook
There were several more generals and senators listed, but no actors of note.

MUSIC BY -- Michael Giacchino

The list is very interesting concerning the Sith Lord.

Notice there are two actors there. Is the second name Vader's stunt guy?

Remember Bob Anderson? He did all the duel stuff with Guinness and Hamill while Prowse did the rest.

Why have a second actor playing Vader if it isn't a stunt guy? And why hire a stunt guy if there is no action scene requiring one?

Is the Vader lightsaber rampage scene true? :monocle:

Post Posted: December 5th 2016 6:45 am
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Very cool. So the use of Cushing's face via CGI or whatever is true too. I'm very interested in seeing that.
Of course he and Leia could be in the background for all of 2 seconds for all we know.

Why is Ser Barristan's name followed by a "!" ? Just because he's in Game of Thrones?

Post Posted: December 6th 2016 7:06 pm
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Or, she's framed in a obscure manner during the final scene.

He kids, it's the Ghost!



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Yeah, that's awesome. Maybe we get a glimpse of Hera?

Post Posted: December 7th 2016 9:24 pm
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Bandersnatch wrote:
Why is Ser Barristan's name followed by a "!" ? Just because he's in Game of Thrones?

Not sure.

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