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Post Posted: December 18th 2016 9:17 am
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He's Here for Us
A Long Ride Ahead
Wobani Imperial Labor Camp
Jedha Arrival
Hearts of Kyber
Jedha City Ambush
Today of All Days
An Imperial Test of Power
Approach to Eadu
No Trust Among Rebels
Jyn's Path Is Clear
Confrontation On Eadu
Rebellions Are Built On Hope
Rogue One- Part 1

Rogue One- Part 3
Cargo Shuttle SW-0608
Good Luck Little Sister
Are We Blind?
Scrambling The Rebel Fleet- Part 1
AT-ACT Assault- Part 1

AT-ACT Assault - Part 3
Project Stardust
Entering the Imperial Archives
Get That Beach Under Control
The Master Switch
We Have To Press The Attack
Your Father Would Be Proud
Rogue One End Credits

There has been a "For your Consideration" Release with extra content:
Is anyone able to download the tracks? I can't

Post Posted: December 19th 2016 1:32 am
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I downloaded the FYC mp3 files from here. ... ion_score/

Post Posted: December 19th 2016 4:26 pm
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Red-Eye Knight wrote:
I downloaded the FYC mp3 files from here. ... ion_score/

Awesome! :chewbacca:

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