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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Character Posters (Hi-res)

What is with all the red? :what:







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I believe that the red-white theme is to play off of the planet that has a white surface but kicks up a tremendous amount of red dust when vehicles race across of it.

I've read somewhere that most of our heroes are going to end up reuniting there near the end of the film.

Considering that we've now seen footage of Rey next to Finn on this planet, I tend to believe the rumor on this.

I don't know how I feel about it being featured SO strongly as a design aesthetic for posters. It's extremely different from any other SW promotional we've seen before. It's almost like looking at the kind of graphics that were generated for Spaghetti Western films.

They look great in and of themselves.

Thank you for the images, by the way.

Post Posted: July 16th 2017 7:33 pm
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The work of Mark Rothko, as abstract as it is, is a stated influence on the visual design of Star Wars.


Even before I was aware of this, I always thought each major section of a Star Wars film had its own unique and highly identifiable color signature.

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Rothko did some interesting work. MAMMOTH in scale. I saw a few pieces in person when I was in Chicago - pretty overwhelming.

The extreme "opposite" of Rothko's work are the gigantic portraits painted by Chuck Close. Saw one of his hyper-realistic portraits in Chicago as well. When the pores on a person's face are painted as large as a plum, one feels like a mere bug on a windshield. My knees instantly buckled when I came to realize its presence (it was hung high on the gallery's wall).

Yes, Star Wars does have lengthy scenes dominated with a particular hue. Very effective, especially in The Empire Strikes Back.

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