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Post Posted: September 5th 2017 8:57 pm
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Some of you may recall that for several weeks, Mark Hamill rather frequently expressed his disappointment with the script he was handed for Ep. VIII.

I am SO very grateful that Hamill's vision of what he wanted for Luke has gone public as of today, because it's so bad, it gives me tangible hope for the new film.

He was actually approached by Lucasfilm in regards to what he would've liked to have seen become of Luke, and his answer was appallingly terrible. He wanted an evil twin Luke.

It's hard to imagine a more cliche' plot twist than that.

More here:

Recently, I've made it no secret that my assessment of the design work in these two films is pretty low. That, combined with Hamill's early public statements, has had me sweating buckets over the quality of the script.

Now, there's no question for myself that Rian Johnson has no business being around professional concept artists. He's very good at getting the worst work possible out of them. But the word of mouth regarding Ep. VIII's storyline is that it is very strong. If Lucasfilm's denial of Hamill's "evil Luke" plot is what turned him sour to Ep. VIII's actual script, then anything other than that has to be superior.

My hope in the plot line has been restored. Thank you Mark! :bouncin:

Post Posted: September 6th 2017 5:57 am
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I'm touching myself right now.

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