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Obviously sad news. Felt this was worth posting though. Curious to know what the speculation is for her character. If Leia was going to be killed off in Episode VIII, then does it look bad on Disney even though that was the original plan? Obviously recasting just won't happen. For the sake of story telling, I morbidly hope the latter, but in any case, this is a monumentally sad day for us all.

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First off - tremendously sad news. She meant a lot to a lot of people, especially people who struggle with mental health. She'll be missed.

In terms of the logistics of Episode 8 - they might have filmed all of her scenes, but they are now stuck with her on-set dialogue, since she won't be alive to record ADR. If her scenes are like they are in Episode 7, that might not be a huge issue (no action scenes, pretty much just two people talking inside a studio set), but keep in mind a lot of the dialogue in these films is ADR.

In terms of what they do in Episode 9 - I have no idea. They are left with either letting real-life affect their outcome and/or picking from some distasteful choices. It might be some combo approach. Re-edit her Ep 8 role to be smaller, write in some explanation for her absence, save some of her Ep 8 footage for Ep 9 and hope you can make it fit, get a voice actor to dub her lines, use a CG Leia for some shots (didn't Fast and Furious do this with Paul Walker?), etc., etc. It's going to be a nightmare no matter what they choose, to be honest. No one is going to feel good about it.

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They should just recast Daphne Zuniga as the Princess. That way everyone will just be confused. 

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What makes you so sure she didn't record her ADR yet? It's been 6 months or so since the end of filming.

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What makes you so sure she didn't record her ADR yet? It's been 6 months or so since the end of filming.

I had not realized its been so long - it's possible, but with the film a year away, its also certainly possible it has not been recorded. I've checked and there has been no word one way or the other about whether she performed ADR or not.

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I just wonder how they are going to kill off the Leia character now. :ohno:

The simple route of just having her personal starship blow up at some point in the final reel?

If the plan was to kill Luke in Episode IX, I wonder if the death of Fisher, and thus Leia, has changed any long term thinking about Luke's fate.

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The way Disney reacted and my own speculation I think Leia dies at the end of TLJ and her death will not even need to be dealt with going forward. It's sad..

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Carrie's brother had said that Carrie would be in Episode 9, and they would use footage already shot for Episode 8.

Not true. According to Kennedy, Carrie will not be appearing in 9. ... 62/video/1


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So the take from that is Leia dies in TLJ. I wonder if Carrie's untimely death has had any part in how they decided to treat Luke's arc? I.e. would they kill off both Luke and Leia in the ST?

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