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Not too spoilery but beware... ... m=referral

Gathered from the article's crop of tweeted reactions, the general consensus appears to be somewhere between good and great if not flat-out great to some! Ehrennreich a particular standout among quite a few of the tweets, which should come as a relief to many.

:jammin: :chewbacca:

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Positive: ... 53154?s=21 ... 20096?s=21 ... 41985?s=21 ... 19909?s=21 ... 83329?s=21 ... 71584?s=21 ... 50626?s=21 ... 05728?s=21 ... 12133?s=21 ... 78144?s=21 ... 53154?s=21 ... 15456?s=21 ... 43200?s=21 ... 83072?s=21 ... 31937?s=21 ... 23718?s=21 ... 94752?s=21 ... 63172?s=21 ... 88480?s=21 ... 55201?s=21 ... 87425?s=21 ... 19267?s=21 ... 46690?s=21 ... 74560?s=21 ... 29186?s=21 ... 67233?s=21 (A reaction from a fan who’s not a critic) ... 15914?s=21 ... 43424?s=21 ... 24384?s=21 ... 40480?s=21 ... gr%5Etweet ... 11456?s=20 ... 8195270657 ... 29186?s=20 ... 0535061505 ... 18785?s=21 ... 2245658625 ... 86246?s=21 ... 35105?s=21 ... 84896?s=21 ... 77122?s=21 ... 08768?s=21 ... 69665?s=21 ... 52576?s=21 ... 86176?s=21 ... 01888?s=21 ... 34016?s=21

Mixed-to-positive reaction: ... 91745?s=21

Only negative reaction of Solo that I’ve seen so far: ... 18209?s=21

Overall, people really think the film is a lot of fun and good and that while Donald Glover steals the show as Lando, Alden Ehrenreich will prove the haters wrong and impress them as young Han Solo. Also, Lando’s droid, Thandie Newton’s character and Chewbacca are standouts in the movie, too. Looks like Disney’s got another winner on their hands at the box office and with people of all ages around the world.

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Reviews are up at Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCrtic.

Sounds okay so far. In general, it doesn't seem that the early-ish critical screening is providing any positive momentum. At least, it's not for me.

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Most of the reviews I’ve seen seem to think it’s ok/better than it should have been. But given the general positive critical feedback to TLJ, I now take such things with a hunch pinch of salt.

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I saw this yesterday at a European press screening.

The marketing has completely undersold this film. It's a blast from start to finish.

Ron Howard has done a remarkable job given the circumstances. The action set-pieces and inventive and thrilling. The supporting cast are great. And Alden Ehrenreich nails Han. Which is key.

He is never doing a Ford impersonation but instead just inhabits the character and makes it his own. I never felt for one moment that I was not watching HAN SOLO. And Chewbacca is amazing in this. This is the Chewie I have always wanted to see on screen. In his arm-pulling prime.

I wasn't optimistic going in and had zero expectations but it genuinely surpassed them all. And I'm more surprised than anyone.

Is it perfect? No.

Sigh, Emilia Clarke, I'm sorry to say, isn't great. And there are some clunky moments in the first act. Plus the very end feels a tad rushed and unsatisfying. But they leave it totally open-ended for more adventures and I'd be more than happy to follow these guys on them.

It's a heap of FUN. And it's a perfect palate cleanser for anyone who found Rogue One a soulless slog (like me).

I'm looking forward to seeing this with a paying audience.

In fact, I'm even considering bringing my four year old son to this as his first big screen Star Wars experience (he has seen all the movies bar ROTS)

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Good to hear. Now I am finally looking forward to this.

And of course amongst all the good reviews, there has to be one proclaiming it to be the worst film evah! :lol: ... -ever.html

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Bandersnatch wrote:
Good to hear. Now I am finally looking forward to this.

And of course amongst all the good reviews, there has to be one proclaiming it to be the worst film evah! :lol: ... -ever.html

Also you should check out the comments where the trolls are congratulate themselves on knowing how bad everything since 1983 is.

Damn our fandom is so f*cked up. I honestly wouldnt be suprised if they turned down the franchise after Ep IX because of the trolling and hating in social media.

Nobody there would say these words they write there to KK if it was face to face. They would cheer at Celebration to her and the actors and bash them in the internet as faceless trolls...ridiculus.

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