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Why pansexuality will be Insurmountable…

I'm starting this thread to address those Star Wars fans who don't have a proper understanding of why it is for many former-lifelong-Star Wars fans like myself, the revelation of Lando's pansexuality is so decrepit a character "development," that we're now forever done with supporting anything Star Wars related. There are many Star Wars forums out there where this latest deliberate mangling of the Star Wars franchise is summarily dismissed as being "no big deal."

Pansexuality, or omnisexuality, is the sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.


That text from Wikipedia is NOT the full meaning of "pansexuality."
Not even close.

This is a perfect example of what is found on other forums, where pansexuality is glossed over, summarized as though it is perfectly natural, and is thus condonable, when it ABSOLUTELY is not.
And if there is anything left in our crumbling society that can be deemed to be "Good" or "Evil" anymore, then there is NO debate on this.

Words have meaning.
And most words go back a VERY long time in history.
One needs to trace back the etymology, its history, to get at the FULL meaning.

Anyone who is serious about writing, and has studied it, is DEEPLY steeped in etymology due to how context rich it is in powerful psychological and cultural symbolism. Authors' entire careers rest on a very thorough knowledge of it. You can bet every penny you have that the Kasdans knew exactly what they meant when they oh so proudly blasted their trumpets nice and loud proclaiming Lando's pansexuality.

Before I go further on the meaning of pansexuality, let's look at the usage of a different word for a character who is, apparently, wholly innocent.

Do you think that George Lucas assigned Luke's name to him because it merely sounded good?
Let's do a little bit of research, and see what we can derive from it...

First, the name "Luke" is derived from LUCIFER. See here and here.
Now, before anyone goes all ballistic on me for equating Luke with Satan, one better heed the wise words of Yoda, slow down one's panicked thinking, take a deep breath, and then study a LOT of history, mythology, and culture.

Lucifer, the fallen angel, has a robust history.
There was a solid reason why he was outright worshiped by many world religions (today he is frequently worshiped in secrecy), and it's due to Lucifer's astrotheological function across the ancient world.

The planet Venus was also identified as Lucifer, and it was the rising of the planet BEFORE the sunrise that led to the meaning of Lucifer's name, "The Morning Star" and/or "light bearer." The ancients believed that Lucifer was MORE IMPORTANT than the sun, because he rose FIRST, as if he was pulling the sun behind him into the heavens.

Of course, thanks to scientific advancement, we know far better now, that the reality is that the sun is its own body, and that it clearly rules the solar system without any help needed from Lucifer/Venus, that said mistaken "star" merely reflects the light, and that the sun is the ultimate Life Giving source of it.

Knowing the above, it then becomes crystal clear that it is NO accident that George assigns the name of "Luke" to the main hero, the one who brandishes the magical GLOWING sword, and who's last name is "Skywalker."

There are so many examples of this in Star Wars it gets almost ridiculous in quantity.

So, in comes the Kasdan clan.
Tooting their shiny golden horns over and over and OVER again about our once-dear Lando as being a pansexual (the sentient/intelligent robot-sex-mate he owns is also a pansexual).

Let's now take "pansexual" to its roots...

Pan is the god of wanton drunkenness, getting high, doing every drug there is, eating all of the food that one can eat, to vomit it up and start allover again. Is this a good role model for anyone? This kind of behavior RUINS the individuals who engage in such abusive behaviors, and let's dearly hope that said individual does NOT have a family, as it is sure to ruin their lives as well with all of the trauma that the supremely selfish and narcissistic addict brings home with him (or her).

And as hard as it may be to imagine, Pan does even worse than what's listed above.
FAR worse.

Pan is also the god of "love" and "romance." So sweet, isn't it, that title, "God of Love... Romance." Let's take just TWO brain cells and think about that lofty title and compare it to what we know about him as an insatiable glutton and drug abuser willing to wreak anyone around him. Does that "lofty" title make sense?

Not at all.

The emphasis on "love" and "romance" is all wrong.
Distorted to its opposite extreme, its reality.

Pan is also the god of absolutely insatiable LUST.
The lust of EVERYTHING.

Not just the lust for wine, music, drugs, and food, but also sex, whether it was WANTED by the other partner or NOT. Pan is the god of RAPE of any gender or of any THING. And in the ancient world, rape was no big deal. So commonplace, that it was PRESCRIBED BY DOCTORS to their depressed patients to make them feel better.

Don't believe me?

Then look up the decades' worth of hard research of Lloyd DeMause, a leading academic on the field of Psychohistory. He is an expert on the historical evolution of families, the bedrock of EVERY culture on the planet. If you're brave enough to read this massively important work, have a puke bucket next to you when you do, because if you're even a mildly decent human being, you're going to feel physically nauseous upon reflecting on its copious contents of absolute depravity.

DeMause lists in great detail, quoting one ancient source after another, from around the globe, just how inhumane and brutal the ancient world was. There is no human culture that is free of these massively pervasive and tremendous crimes. For eons, women were considered to be absolute garbage and were frequently beaten, even while fully pregnant.

Far more cultures than Sparta's were widely homosexual in practice (and the Spartan society was a profoundly evil one, subjecting boys to torture every single day, raping them, abusing them, starving them, forcing them to fulfill their initiation into warrior-adulthood by murdering a completely innocent civilian, and much more), as every culture (NO exceptions!) disregarded and hated women so much, it was exceedingly rare for the husband to share a home with the family he created.

All around the world, men lived with OTHER MEN in lodges. Marriage was ESSENTIALLY for the acquirement and maintenance of property, power and wealth, and reproduction was merely the glue to seal the deal. Children of both sexes were routinely raped by EVERYONE. Women were routinely raped by EVERYONE. BABIES were routinely raped (physical proof abounds: no hymens found in corpses/mummies).

Unwanted children were routinely murdered, dropped into the outhouse, sacrificed to a deity (frequently buried under important structures such as walls), or simply tossed out into the trash. Open air markets routinely displayed for sale children who were deemed to be completely irrelevant, and were casually traded among rugs, pottery, fruits and breads.

Children and females were so worthless, that it was common to "gift" them for the night to pleasure visitors. Women were so reviled, that enormous disparities between the births of males and females are recorded, some as high as 400 males to just 1 female! Such disparities are not due to some magical disease outbreak that only targeted those with the XX chromosome pairing; they are only due to the FREQUENT MASS MURDERING of female babies.

This is not the behavior of a culture that values women!

The ancients wrote extensively about the abomination of falling in love and being romantic with a mere piece of trash woman. A typical chapter in DeMause's work has 300 annotations(!), and frequently magnitudes more. Doctoral dissertations need far fewer than that, but DeMause is absolutely desperate to get us to realize where we came from, and what we're truly capable of returning to. He wants us to be aware of the tortuously slow and VAST length of time it took for the best of humanity to cease these monstrous and abominable practices.

Tragically, there are still large populations of the planet that engage in these sick and twisted behaviors, so if one is naive enough to believe that "all cultures are equal" then I strongly advise such fools to take a flight to one of these countries and completely embed themselves into it so that they can experience firsthand the terrible evil that they CASUALLY unleash upon one another on an hourly basis.

So, Pan was a VERY POPULAR god. And his popularity only makes sense when we get the TRUE SCALE of just how insane and decrepit the ancient world was towards the treatment of others (a picture only made accurate due to the hard labor of Psychohistorians). Knowing Pan's FULL nature, there is a very good reason why he was the universal foundational model for Satan and demons.

Pan is the god of SEDUCTION, RAPE and GLUTTONY and every RUINOUS vice there is. He is the DESTROYER of families. He is the OPPOSITE of romantic love. He is humanity at its VERY WORST.

If you ever watch videos on sites like, and see posts where men are caught raping parked automobiles, THAT is a pansexual. If you see posts where women are raping trees, parking meters, and the like, THAT too is pansexuality. If you read of cases of men who rape children, and animals, and are so severely psychologically damaged to want to rape the elderly, to rape the dead (ala Jimmy Savile, a GOOD FRIEND to the royals and leading establishment elites!) and are just absolutely insatiable, THAT is pansexuality.

To pretend that it is merely another term for the technical and thus "innocent" nomenclature of "omnisexuality" is beyond naive. It is DELIBERATELY MISLEADING, and the scale of the damage that is done by pansexuals is ALWAYS CRIMINAL (even the jargon "pedophile" is grotesquely misleading, as it literally means "LOVE of children," when they are instead, being RAPED by DECEPTION).

Well, at least to a DECENT human being, pansexualality SHOULD be evil to the darkest degree.

Do millionaire professional scriptwriters such as the Kasdans KNOW what that term ACTUALLY means?

In my opinion, ANYONE who promotes such severely twisted, SOUL DESTROYING behavior is AS BAD, if NOT WORSE THAN those who actually carry out such monstrous behaviors.
It is as unforgivable as those PREDATORS who seek out children to confound and pervert their innocence: pederasts and child molesters.

With Disney's blessings, the Kasdans did this to what was once a FAMILY franchise.

What they are PROMOTING in a FAMILY FRANCHISE is unforgivable.
They went to ENORMOUS LENGTHS to pervert nearly the entire franchise with their demented filth:

Putting the mind of a droid (who sought out and had ACTUAL SEX with "her" owner) into the Millennial Falcon.
Every single scene from the original trilogy has our heroes literally sitting in the uterus of a demented pansexual robotic being.

That they chose to do it to Star Wars makes perfect sense.
It is, without doubt, The Widest Net Possible for indoctrinating and entrapping young minds to accept the blackest of evil behavior.

The Kasdans, no doubt, made Jimmy Savile gleefully happy.
A role model for Lando, I'm sure.

Time is short, so I'm supplying links to professional experts detailing the scale and depths of the enormous harm being championed by Disney.
Further summative comments of mine follow this section...

Lloyd DeMause's magnum opus, "The Origins of War in Child Abuse," totally free here:
Get the audio reading of it, totally free here:
Here's an in depth and thoughtful interview with Lloyd DeMause by Stefan Molyneux:

Read up on the pansexual buddy of the British royals and elites from all around the world,
Jimmy Savile here:

And this kind of behavior is pervasive among the powerful rulers of today (as it was in ancient times):

Hollywood is RIFE with this kind of psychopathic exploitation and has a hard time of permanently firing these convicted sickos:

This interview with Stefan Molyneux of the scale and nature of the heinous perverts that bring in Hollywood's big dollars is a must watch,
as is the documentary that delves deeply into it:

The scale of all of this truly vile behavior goes all of the way to The Top in America:

In light of all of the above, to be able to look at what Disney did through Lucasfilm via Kennedy/Abrams/Hidalgo/Johnson/the Kasdans/etc., and to pretend that it can be simply dismissed... It's not fathomable when one considers how completely hideous the actual agenda is.

Star Wars is DEAD.
May its corpse forever stay putrid, and may its rot spread to bring Disney down with the blight it carefully nurtured and engineered.

It is absolutely not worth saving anymore.
Pansexuality is an irredeemable trait of heinous mega-psychopaths, and as such, is completely unforgivable.

I'm so sorry George.
They took your precious baby, and deliberately stuffed it with malignant reprobation.

We now live in a world where the once heinous, the once monstrously unthinkable, is now openly defended, trumpeted and applauded by the truly Perverted Thought Police that's busily censoring/de-listing/digitally de-person-izing those it deems to be "fascist" and "deplorable" for opposing obviously criminal consciousness such as these.

This world's well on the way to The Abyss.

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Well, the fact that this is not mentioned in the films and I didn't have any idea about his alleged "pansexuality" until I read it here, means that it doesn't mean jack shit to me. So why even bother thinking about it? It changes nothing in the way I see the character on film.

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Scary stuff written here. Very scary. Its no wonder the fandom it at its brink of destroying itself when people write such a BS at a SW Fanforum without getting called out...

I grow more and more embarrased of this fanbase every day.

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The_Somnambulist wrote:

Iam Sorry?

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Lando's sexuality is fine.

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For those of you who live (impossibly) under a rock, and seemingly,
somehow have "no clue" as to Disney's MASSIVE media blitz to promote pro-RAPE-everything psychopathic behaviors,
there's this for you:

This divide that Disney created is beyond repair. They've guaranteed, forever, the loss of easily billions of dollars in free profits.

Every day, the line keeps getting clearer and brighter between those of us who know that Lucas would NEVER have promoted pansexuality (the RAPING of anything and everything) in any of his films,
and those that embrace the deliberate evisceration of the franchise to promote causes such as...

...make all male characters super dumb...
...women are always better and more powerful, and WITHOUT any training whatsoever (Luke was NEVER needed)...
...take one of the most iconic spaceships ever, and make it a pansexual entity...
...and on and on...

That any of this has to be explained in detail - yeah, the damage is permanent.
It is outright disgusting that there are those who would actively defend an agenda as grotesque as the above.


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Nah man! Disgusting and insulting to the fandom are posts like yours. I feel ashamed breaving the same forum air as you, honestly.

I cant even tell if you are serious try to troll us. But judged by the effort you put into your first post here Iam guessing you're serious about that. Scary...

But you know what is the cool thing: SW is dead for you so leave it behind. And please spare us your disgusting posts.

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The_Somnambulist wrote:

KyleKartanMG wrote:
Iam Sorry?

Directed at the other Kyle and his laughably unwieldy post.

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Kyle wrote:
Disney's MASSIVE media blitz to promote pro-RAPE-everything psychopathic behaviors

Oh boy. Could you please, please, please seek urgent psychiatric help somewhere else?
We're discussing movies here, not conspiracy theories.

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Kyle wrote:
somehow have "no clue"



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Just for the sake of clarity, the prefix 'pan' in pan-sexuality is Greek and means "all". Nothing more, nothing less.

Same as Pan America Airways, it means collectively all - as in 'all the Americas'.

And for the record, I am a psychologist and I am well aware of the potential psychological harm of word use, but it is posts like yours that cause more harm.

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Nikto wins.

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I was prepared to dismiss this post out of hand, until I realized the COLOR CHANGES IN THE TEXT WERE SIGNIFICANT! NOW I MUST PAY CLOSER ATTENTION!

Or not. :chewbacca:

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Nikto wrote:
...the prefix 'pan' in pan-sexuality is Greek and means "all". Nothing more, nothing less.

Nice try. It totally misses the WHOLE POINT of what I wrote, which is the ORIGIN of words.

Let's try this on for size... What came first when it comes to the "el" prefix that we find in "elite," did the "el" prefix just generate out of a vacuum of complete and total nothingness, or did it come from the NAME of the super popular Canaanite GOD "El?"

Perhaps the usage of the prefix "el" in "elevator" predates the NAME of the super popular Canaanite GOD as well?
How about the "Hebraic" title for "god?" Elohim.

Surely the "El" prefix in "Elohim" is SIMPLY a PREFIX, and not the name of an ancient and influential Canaanite GOD?

Is it historically and scientifically accurate that mere prefixes become so popular that gods are named AFTER really cool prefixes?

Indeed, one can find that principle everywhere, right?
Or, is it SUPREMELY LIKELY that the popularity and influence of the GOD was so overwhelming, that it became a foundational term in a multitude of words that still permeates a multitude of languages?


It is the popularity, prominence and importance of DEITIES that lead to their names making up portions of other words. QUOTE me an ACADEMIC SOURCE that states that gods were named after popular prefixes or even suffixes. Let me save you a TON of wasted time and effort: there is NO SUCH THING.

For but one example out of thousands... The "elite" were those who had power in the religion of El and his court, a.k.a. "Elohim" (that word represents a PLURAL body of members, and in this case, El's Canaanite COUNCIL of GODS).
If one was wise in the ways of El, one would be "elevated" in their understanding.

Let's dip our toes further into names.

What came first and thus influenced other words? "Isaiah? Jeremiah? Hezekiah?" Did these "regular" names come FIRST, and their suffixes became so popular, that they were later used to create the name of the god "Yahweh?" Or maybe, just maybe, did "Yahweh" came FIRST, and because he was a POPULAR DEITY, the first portion of his name was eagerly adopted by his priesthood and followers?

So, let's get back to the "oh so innocent" prefix of "pan."
That little ol' prefix means "all."

WHY does it mean that?

Where, oh WHERE could that little ol' suffix have been created from?
WHAT (or rather WHO) INSPIRED it?

Because as is WELL ESTABLISHED in ancient myths, legends, and religions that lasted HUNDREDS OF YEARS (and much longer), Pan, the super popular GOD of DRUNKENNESS and DEBAUCHERY RAPED EVERYTHING. "Everything" as in "ALL."

Even the weak entry on Pan in Wikipedia has a photo of a statue of him RAPING a GOAT.
Maybe one thinks that a goat fits into the realm of "normal" sexuality, and that such severely abnormal behavior should be condoned, sanctioned, and defended?

And why not, as the great PROGRESSIVE scholar (he is a rabid progressive, and practically worships Obama) Lloyd DeMause copiously documents, our ancient ancestors RAPED EVERYTHING and routinely and casually murdered and enslaved children. And since that was The Norm, that makes all of that trauma, all of that murder "alright," right?

Hey now! Our ancient ancestors were just being "pan" in applying their behaviors.

At least DeMause has enough INTELLECTUAL HONESTY to call out the highly credentialed Ivy Leagued anthropologists who DEFENDED this monstrous behavior and CONTINUE TO DO SO in their technobabble descriptions of current cultures that practice these criminal behaviors (he quotes them verbatim and at length in his works).

For but one example, these academics describe how contemporaneous tribes "show their love" for their boys by daily raping them so that they can have the sperm they need to become men themselves later in life.
Leave it to Ivy League professionals to describe THAT as an expression of "love!"

These aren't children being RAPED for sheer PLEASURE, but rather according to these scientific experts, a heartfelt expression of "child love" (a.k.a. "pedophilia," a "neutral" and "accurate" scientific term if there ever was one!).

When one gathers up all of these anthropologists' field research, and reads their very generous "scientific" descriptors of the institutionalized murdering and raping of children, one has to wonder, how many of them partook of the routine practice of the "gifting" of children to them by the cultures they were supposedly "neutrally observing"?

Imagine WITNESSING what they were "observing," and then describing these unimaginable traumas as being "acceptable" because the culture deemed them to be so? One would have to be a BELIEVER to utter such criminal whitewashings.

PLENTY of highly credentialed, highly regarded, well paid, and well published academics have supported some very inhumane, decrepit and monstrous behaviors (the massive over drugging and doping of the American population is but one example of their "well intentioned" expertise at work).

That we think that they don't continue to do so is absolute foolishness.

No joke, for decades, there has been a growing movement among psychologists and psychiatrists that is trying to "explain" and "temper" how society sees pedophiles and pederasts. That is akin to using scientific technical jargon to kindly explain the "less gentle" tendencies of a wolf in the midst of newborn lambs.

So, one can PRETEND that "pan" simply means "all," when the TWISTED ORIGIN of that word is VERY clear. The god Pan can only be understood fully when one considers the hideously inhumane practices of our ancestors. The application of his name to mean "all" only has its complete weight when framed in the proper context.

Am I still completely disgusted by the WILLFUL IGNORANCE of the fresher-faced Star Wars fan base, the ones that think that Lando having hardcore sex with a robot that's now the Millennial Falcon is perfectly fine for a former-family franchise? I'm as disgusted by them as DeMause is of the academics who defended/continue to defend the mass abuse of women and children as being an expression of "love" in cultures where "...behaviors are only aberrant if the culture considers them to be so..."

If you're part of the fresher-faced Star Wars fan base that considers the integration and acceptance of such severe pathology as being totally fine and worthy of innocent children to be exposed to, then please just stay holed up in your bedrooms and keep playing with those pansexual Star Wars toys.

Relax if you find yourself in that crowd, as no doubt, some highly credentialed academic would scientifically approve of your worldview. After all, they have a well established history of glossing over and participating in horrendous crimes in the past. You'll be in highly respectable company.

Not that it did any of their victims any good.

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Jesus Skywalking Christ. :whateva:

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You know what? In linguistics this is called a Cognate. Cognates can evolve to similar, different or even opposite meanings to the etymological origin of the word.

In the world we live in today, the prefix 'pan' means all. Whatever the etymological origin of the word, the way we use it today 'means' all.

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Nikto wrote:
Cognates can evolve to similar, different or even opposite meanings to the etymological origin of the word.

Thank you, Nikto, for agreeing with me.
What you don't say is just as important as what you do say.

You do not deny the etymological origin of the "pan" prefix/cognate, and are sensible enough to know that popular prefixes never predate the names of important deities, but rather that popular deities influence the evolution of language.


What I find disappointing in your reply, is that you could've gone further to try and "disprove" the positions that I posted earlier, but you chose not to. I suspect that anyone would have a very hard time proving wrong the research sources that I linked to. For example, you ignore the growing movement among the "professional class" to be tolerant and sympathetic to pederasts and pedophiles. As completely disgusting as that is, the evidence is overwhelming that is what's going on.

In any case, your field of "scientific" experts could've picked ANY prefix/cognate to describe an insatiable and fevered sexual disorder where one is willing to have sex with anything, to the point of raping it against its will. For example, the prefix "omni" would've done the job perfectly well, if the only intended coverage of meaning that was needed, was strictly for the word "all."

But no, that's not what the psychological/psychiatric profession did, right? They specifically picked the cognate "pan," and I happen to agree with their decision completely, because logically, if one is trying to scientifically describe a sociopathic condition of having sex with anything, to the degree of raping it, then "pan" is easily a far superior choice over "omni," because as you already well know, the god Pan did have sex with anything, frequently leading to the raping of the victim.

But maybe "victim" is too strong a word when couched in the proper context of time, when people literally believed in a rapacious and prancing nature god called "Pan."

For the people back then, being raped was extremely commonplace (more common than being murdered by one's own parents). Rape was only deemed "illegal" and being "trial worthy" only if the victim was of royal/high ranking blood. But even then, people of equally level classes, such as elites raping other elites, was overwhelmingly tolerated. Most of those that were raped were not treated as victims as we conceptualize it today.

In the end, as we all can clearly see, Star Wars is now the perfect vehicle for enlightening children on the naturalness of pansexuality.

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Now darlings, to be clear, the definition I posted was from the Oxford English Dictionary. There is no more authoritative source. You may use the word any way you wish, of course. But there is an actual definition upon which the rest of the world is in agreement.

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Would not inter-species sexual relations be inside the pan-sexual defintion?

I would think if you down to get it on with a twilek then you are definitely not strictly heterosexual by human (Earth) standards.

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It's not about skin color. It's about fleshy parts... Hmm. Depends on what one does with those lekku I'd imagine.

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