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September 28 2018
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Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm deal extended for three years
Rock on, Kathy!! To 2021 and beyond!! :heavymetal:

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All those KK haters on YouTube can suck it.

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Post Posted: September 29th 2018 11:41 am
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I'm so not surprised.

The SJW's are in it for the loooooooong haul.

:execution: <-- SJWs forcing their "Correct" and "Proper" worldview on everyone

That toilet flu$hing sound is the billion$ upon BILLION$ of free dollar$ Lucasfilm/Disney will never get from those of us who think that their full-of-huge-plot-holes "storytelling," one-dimensional characters, beyond-belief-stupid men/SUPER-at-ABSOLUTELY-EVERYTHING (no training needed!) women and "Who needs Luke at all?" agenda is disgusting and an outright affront to the universe Lucas carefully and lovingly crafted.

That's fine. They've just saved my family and I thousand$ of dollar$ and many hours of our too-precious-for-this-refuse lives.

Thank you! :funkyshaman:

And even if they wanted to fix the tremendous harm that Kennedy/Abrams/Hidalgo/Johnshon/Kasdans have done, I can't even imagine how one could undo all of that damage . Can you imagine being tasked with THAT job? Is it even doable?


Can't wait to see how far they'll go with the sociopathological-sex. How much 10W-30 lube is Old Man Pansexual Lando going to need as he desperately pumps the Millennial Falcon's intakes? Kennedy's probably bolting strapons to the droids even as I type.

Oh yes, the realms that we can now imagine because THAT door was thoughtfully opened by these heinous reprobates!

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Yawn. Find a new tune sweetheart.

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