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December 24 2004

"Yes, your thoughts betray you..." Darth Vader, Return of the Jedi.

Anakin runs down the hall of the Republic Executive Building and enters the office of the Supreme Chancellor. Inside, Palpatine is begging for his life as Mace Windu stands over him with his lightsaber.

Anakin looks at the two. Mace warns Anakin to return to the Jedi Temple as instructed, but Palpatine begs for Anakin to protect him against the undemocratic Jedi.

Again, Mace tries to convince Anakin otherwise, but then Palpatine pleads, 'You remember the story of Darth Plagueis the Wise?'

Anakin looks at Palpatine, ignoring Mace.

"Darth Plagueis was real," says Palpatine.

Anakin looks at him shocked.


"Darth Plagueis was my master. He taught me the key to his power," he said.

Suddenly, Palpatine's voice turned cold, and old, "...before I killed him."

Mace tries to tell Anakin not to believe him.

Anakin's internal conflict grows. Anakin weighs up the role of the undemocratic Jedi, the omission from the Jedi Council, the ideals and concepts of Palpatine, the loyalty of Palpatine, Palpatine willing to share the way to control midichlorians to create life... to save Padme - his loved one.

Palpatine raises his head, an old, withered man appears from beneath the shadows of the cowering Chancellor.

"I cannot, I turn myself over to you. I am too weak in the end. Too old, weak ... I give up. Don't kill me, Master Windu. I surrender..."

Anakin lunges towards Mace as the Jedi goes to strike against Palpatine. A lightsaber battle begins; fast and furious until Mace's hand is cut off. Sidious raises his hands and lightning strikes from them, zapping Mace in revenge with full veracity - and with his lightning he lifts up the disabled Jedi and throws him through the window, out into the Coruscant traffic below.

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