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Post Posted: January 20th 2005 7:24 am
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January 20 2005

This Is Your Arena Senator.

Yoda walks down a long hallway that leads to the entrance of a room called the "Holding Office of the Supreme Chancellor." Two Imperial Guards block the room. As Yoda approaches lightning shoots from the hands of the Emperor. Yoda makes a subtle gesture and deflects the lightning; shocking the Imperial Guards into unconciousness.

Yoda removes his lightsaber and the Great Battle begins. With speed and veracity it moves closer to the huge Chancellor's Pod that occupies the middle of the room until the Jedi and the Sith are upon its great foundations. Suddenly, the pod begins to rise as the two combatants battle it out...

The Chancellor's podium continues to rise into the vast empty space of the Senate arena. In the middle of the Senate, bolts of lightning flash from the pod. Suddenly, delegation pods free themselves of the curving walls and slam throughout the chamber - some by the use of the Force, others by the control panels.

Sidious jumps onto one of the flying pods. Yoda goes to follow but is hit by a bolt of lightening and falls. Sidious, exhausted, looks down into the debris below, but Yoda is not to be seen.

Immediately, Sidious calls Clone Intelligence and the Senate Building is stormed by his Imperial Army.

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