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January 21 2005

In the basement of the Senate Chamber, among the debris of delegation pods, Yoda makes a quick exit through a service accessway - running as fast as he can to escape the Emperor.

He soon comes to a stop and uses his comlink to contact Senator Organa. Bail recieves the transmission and soon turns his red speeder towards the Senate building.

Using his lightsaber, Yoda begins to cut through the floors on the Senate - one by one until he comes to the final layer of the Senate building that over hangs hundreds of feet above the ground outside. He cuts through the final layer, just in time for Bail to come roaring through the Coruscant traffic to his aid.

Yoda jumps down into the speeder.

"Are you wounded, Master Yoda?" asks Bail.

"No" replied Yoda, "Only my pride."

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