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January 31 2005

"Sir, I'm almost afraid to ask, but...does that include shutting me down, too?" C3PO, Empire Strikes Back

On the Tantive IV, Senator Organa calls upon the captain of his starship, Captain Antilles. With the Senator is Threepio and Artoo.

"I'm placing these droids in your care," instructs Bail. "Have them cleaned, polished and refitted with the best of everything; they will belong to my new daughter."

The captain ushers the two droids away.

"How lovely!" exclaims Threepio to Artoo, walking down the corridor. "His daughter is the child of Master Anakin and Senator Amidala. I can hardly wait to tell her all about her parents! I'm sure she will be very proud-"

Suddenly, Bail turns and says, "Oh, and the protocol droid? Have its mind wiped."

The captain salutes.

"Oh," says C-3PO. "Oh, dear."

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