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PART I • Can She Be Trusted

February 5 2005

After Palpatine's kidnapping, he immediately returns to the Senate and announces the establishment of Regional Governors across the galaxy. However, this ia a move not welcomed by many Senators since the orders for the governors comes directly from Palpatine - not the Senate.

Two influential members of the Senate decide to act against the Chancellor. Senator Bail Organa and Senator Mon Mothma decide to pull together the Star Systems that are opposed to Palpatine's new dictatorship.

One influential senator that is mentioned is Senator Amidala of Naboo. However, Bail and Mon Mothma, and other senators, are unsure whether or not she is to be trusted. Her alignment with Palpatine's home planet of Naboo is a cause of concern to them.

They decide to have a meeting with Senator Amidala where Amidala discusses the move against the Chancellor. After a short while, Amidala agrees to join their cause.

PART II • Motherly Intuition

February 6 2005

In the bedroom of Padme's Coruscant Apartment, Anakin and Padme share a tender moment, embracing and sharing a kiss.

Padme takes Anakin's flesh hand and presses it against her belly.

"He keeps kicking," says Padme.

"He?" Anakin says suprised. "I thought you'd ordered your medical droid not to spoil the surprise."

"Oh, I didn't get this from Emdee. It's my..." Padme smiles, "...motherly intuition."

Anakin feels another kick and laughs.

"Motherly intuition, huh?" he questions. "With a kick that hard? Definitely a girl."


February 7 2005

"As a practical matter, as of this morning, the Senate no longer exists." Mon Mothma, Revenge of the Sith

The Senate no longer has control.

Senator Mon Mothma and Senator Bail Organa have begun to form alliance; an organisation.

"She is intelligent, principled, extremely articulate, and she has the heart of a warrior." Mon Mothma, Revenge of the Sith

After a small meeting in Bail's office, Mon Mothma and Bail discuss two names to lead a petition against the Chancellor; Terr Taneel and Amidala. Mon Mothma wants Amidala, although Bail is unsure of her choice.

"How sure can you be that she will stand with us, and not with him?" Bail Organa, Revenge of the Sith

The Regional Governors Decree has begun.

"Alderaan has no armed forces; we don't even have a planetary defense system!" Bail Organa, Revenge of the Sith

Hundreds of governors with large security forces made up of thousands of clones are being dispatched around the galaxy. Amidala is not happy; it is a memory of the Federation's control of Naboo.

In a meeting in her Coruscant Apartment, Mon Mothma offers the opportunity for Amidala to lead a petition against the rule of the Chancellor. With two thousand signatures, Mon Mothma and Bail hope to stop the Chancellor from taking away more of the democracy of the Republic with a showing of solidarity from the Senate.

Amidala is happy to lead but has one condition:

"I think we should consult the Jedi." Amidala, Revenge of the Sith

But who does she trust?

There is only one answer for her, an old friend; Master Kenobi.

PART IV • I Am No Longer Frightened

February 8 2005

"No. He will not be trained." Master Windu, Episode I

A sleek silver speeder approaches the side of Amidala's veranda. Senator Amidala steps out and is greeted by her two handmaidens. Also waiting for her is Anakin. He is on his way to an evening out at the Coruscant Opera House.

He is celebrating an event with his friend, Chancellor Palpatine.

Anakin tells Padme that he has been appointed to the Jedi Council. Padme congratulates him, but Anakin is not that happy. Upset that because it's merely a political gesture and only accepted as an representative, not as Master.

The conversation soon turns political.

Anakin isn't quite sure if the Republic is something worth defending any longer. He is absolutely sure that without Palpatine things would have been even worse. Padme, on the other hand starts to talk like a Separatist: she's not sure who the bad guys are, and even thinks there are some within the Republic itself that are there to destroy it.

Anakin is dejected, tired and deadly worried about Padme's life - and in this heavy atmosphere they part.

PART V • Offer Rejected

February 9 2005

"I am losing faith in the Senate's readiness, or even ability, to rein him in." Senator Amidala, Revenge of the Sith

As the Chancellor tightens his grip over the galaxy, Amidala takes the Petition of Two Thousand to the Chancellor.

However, it is quite a showdown. Standing beside Palpatine at the meeting is his loyal representative - Anakin Skywalker. Anakin has been asked specifically to appear at this meeting - a new intmidating figure against the leader of the Delegation of Two Thousand.

The Chancellor rejects the petition offered, infurating Amidala, who storms out of the meeting.

Soon, Order 66 is issued.

As an Empire is enthusiastically welcomed by the Senate ( to the horror of Senator Amidala and Senator Binks), Vader begins his massacre on Mustafar, and Obi-Wan and Yoda survey the remains of the once mighty Jedi Temple.


February 10 2005

After the meeting of Senators in Amidala's Apartment, Padme has a guest visit. It is Master Kenobi.

Master Kenobi reveals to Padme that he knows about the relationship between Anakin and Padme; and also of their child. It is at this point that Amidala knows that she can trust Obi-Wan with the information about the Delegation of 2000 and the Rebellion growing in the Senate.

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