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Februrary 14 2005

Spoileriffic's 1206-word Report on the entire Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Count Dooku duel scene from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

The ongoing space battle over Coruscant is visible outside the massive windows of the General's Quarters on board the Federation Cruiser. The multi-leveled room is cold and metallic, featuring familiar flower-shaped control consoles on either side of the room. Palpatine can be seen, cuffed to a large (and also familiar) chair, across the room. The sound of the large entry doors are heard and our heroes Obi-Wan and Anakin step in, looking over the room from the small balcony. The two proceed down one of the sets of stairs on either side of the balcony and walk to the kidnapped Chancellor. There doesn't seem to be any sign of the rumored Grievous... maybe this won't be so hard after all.

Just as the two Jedi reach Palpatine, a concerned look comes over him, and with a nod, he simply says, "Dooku". Anakin and Obi-Wan turn to see Count Dooku step through the entry doors with a SuperBattleDroid at each side. He casually walks forward to the railing and in a sudden and surprising acrobatic feat he springs forward, flipping and twisting over the railing, and sticks a solid landing on the floor below. Rising from his crouched position he unclips his curved lightsaber from his belt, but does not ignite it. The two droids stand guard at the doorway above.

Dooku strides across the room confidently and says, "Your swords please, gentlemen. We don't want to make a mess of things in front of the Chancellor." The two Jedi are not about to underestimate the Count again. They immediately begin shedding their robes in preparation for battle. They walk forward to meet Dooku in the middle of the room. "This time we'll take him together." says Obi-Wan to his former apprentice. Anakin replies, "I was just about to say the same thing." as they come to a stop, standing face to face with Dooku once again.

"You won't get away this time, Dooku." states Obi-Wan as he ignites his lightsaber. Anakin does the same. Dooku holds his saber out at his side and switches it on as well. "Do not assume that just because there are two of you, that you have the advantage." warns Dooku. Palpatine looks on anxiously.

Within moments the duel has begun and the three fighters engage in a flurry of attacks and spins. Dooku manages to keep both Jedi at bay with some extravagant swordplay. After a few seconds the fighting breaks and Dooku steps away from the Jedi, backing toward the entrance side of the room. Anakin and Obi-Wan follow cautiously and together they attack again. This part of the room is more open and the three now fight with large lunges and traverse much more distance. Acting on a quick moment of weakness, Dooku thrusts out his open palm at Obi-Wan, and sends the Jedi flying backward with the Force. Anakin does not hesitate to continue his attack on the Sith Lord who cost him his arm 3 years ago. Anakin fights Dooku with much skill and confidence. Clearly, he has grown much more powerful since their last encounter. Anakin forces Dooku backward, and up the nearest set of stairs to the raised balcony.

Obi-Wan gets back to his feet and heads for the other set of stairs. The two SuperBattleDroids on the balcony now open fire on Obi-Wan, who blocks and deflects the blaster shots as he proceeds up the stairs. He ricochets one blaster bolt back at the farthest droid, which strikes the droid's chest and takes him out. The other droid continues shooting and begins walking down the stairs. Obi-Wan swiftly hacks the SuperBattleDroid in half as he passes it to reach the top of the stairs. He rejoins the action and the duel becomes two-on-one again.

Dooku is determined to seperate his opponents so that he can handle them each separately. Dooku delivers a strong kick to Anakin, which sends him tumbling back. Dooku then uses the Force to attack Obi-Wan once again. This time he holds Obi-Wan in place, and levitates him several feet up. Then, in a quick motion, he sends Obi-Wan flying across the room, and into a balcony on a far wall. After smashing into the balcony's railing, Obi-Wan drops to the floor, unconscious. Dooku intends to finish the job and as he holds out his hand, he uses the Force to pry that balcony from the wall, allowing it to fall onto Obi-Wan. The balcony crashes down, but only part of it lands on Obi-Wan's leg.

Anakin attacks Dooku with even more fury. They fight their way back down the stairs to the floor below. As they grind their sabers against each other, Dooku comments that he senses the dark side in Skywalker: Anger, aggression... "But you do not use it." he says. They clash swords again and fight their way back closer to Palpatine, who watches intently. Dooku and Anakin do battle with all they've got, and in a very quick motion, the victor is revealed.

Anakin hits down Dooku's arms with his lightsaber hilt and pulls Dooku's saber out of his hands in the moment of confusion. Simultaneously he slices his blade through both of Dooku's wrists. Dooku reacts with a shocked expression, and the triumphant Anakin stands tall with a lightsaber in each hand. Dooku looks at his cut-off forearms and drops to his knees. Anakin steps forward and lowers the lightsaber blades in a scissor-like fashion to Dooku's neck.

Dooku looks up at Anakin and for the first time we see fear in his eyes. Anakin is now hesitating, realizing that killing Dooku is unnecessary since he can now be easily arrested. In a commanding tone, Palpatine says to finish him. Breaking character, Dooku turns to Palpatine with a look of suprise and says, "What?! You promised me amnesty..." This only seems to confuse Anakin. Palpatine again insists that Anakin finish the job. "I know I shouldn't..." Anakin says to himself. But after a few more of Palpatine's words, Anakin looks down at the defenseless Sith Lord and decides it's time to put an end to him for good. Anakin throws his arms to the sides, causing each lightsaber blade to slice through Dooku's neck, decapitating him. Anakin watches as Dooku's head tumbles off of his torso, which promptly collapses to the ground.

Anakin helps palpatine out of his restraints. As Palpatine rubs his chafed wrists and stands, he reassures Anakin, "He was too dangerous to be left alive." Anakin expresses some remorse at what he's done, but Palpatine reminds him that this is not the first time he's done something like this. "Remember what you told me?" Palpatine says, "About your mother and the Sand people?" Anakin does not continue the conversation as he rushes to his fallen friend Obi-Wan. Anakin pulls him from the balcony and inspects him. Palpatine walks past them in a bit of a rush and heads up the stairs toward the doorway.

Anakin reports that Obi-Wan doesn't appear severely hurt. Palpatine turns and looks down from the balcony. "Leave him." he says. Anakin looks up as if to demand an explanation. Palpatine says that they must go quickly, and taking Obi-Wan would only slow them down. Anakin states that he will not leave Obi-Wan behind... "His fate will be our own."

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