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Post Posted: May 15th 2005 8:57 am

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Someone hacked SWman's site ( which I can only assume was a result of him attempting to spam these very boards. Oh well....

As the main administrator of that site, I have created Don't think that it is just the same site as, though.

Although in its early stages, I am hoping to improve the site drastically and put right everything that SWman (or swinsider, insider-geek etc) did wrong.

Post Posted: May 26th 2005 6:07 pm
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As you may be aware, I have taken over the site from it's previous owner ( The new website has lots of new features including a Star Wars chatroom, and Star Wars competitions (starting this week).

We aim to offer a different type of Star Wars community with a few extra features planned for the future, and would appreciate building an understanding/partnership with, that cleans the slate with everything that happened with the owner of (Note that he is not part of my site, and I do not want to be affilliated with him in any way).

Post Posted: May 28th 2005 3:50 am

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Just to let people know that the competitions on the site are now open to registered users.

The prize is not much, but it's just really a trial thing to see if it successful.

The first competition is a quiz, and is open to registered users of the site, so feel free to join and enter.

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