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This soundtrack is a mix of all 10 CDs of the Complete Recordings from The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. In total, there are 18 tracks, each focused primarily on a single musical theme, comprising of over 170 separate cues.

I've sequenced the tracks into two music CDs, however, considering most people use MP3 players nowadays, I've included an extra track that wouldn't otherwise have fit onto the CDs. Track names here do not correlate to any similar names on the Complete Recordings or Original Soundtracks (the bastids took all the good track names). This mix does not contain any unreleased music.

CD 1
1.1 - One Ring To Rule Them All - 9:55
1.2 - Concerning Hobbits - 5:09
1.3 - Nazgul - 7:28
1.4 - The Company of the Ring - 5:17
1.5 - The Deep Places of the World - 11:18
1.6 - Farewell To Lorien - 6:14
1.7 - The Fires of Isengard - 8:13
1.8 - Nature's Reclamation - 5:51
1.9 - The Shire - 8:15

CD 2
2.1 - Smeagol - 7:05
2.2 - Rohan - 8:17
2.3 - The Heroism of the Fellowship - 8:04
2.4 - The House of Elrond - 8:40
2.5 - The Eye of Sauron - 9:06
2.6 - The Edge of Night - 6:59
2.7 - The Realm of Gondor - 8:56
2.8 - Ringbearer - 8:59

BONUS: A Far Green Country - 9:45

Because the tracks are encoded @320kbps I've bundled them into four rar files:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -

Please note that this mix was created by an amateur fan, with no intention of making any profit whatsoever. The benfits and detriments of such a mix should be readily apparent. You do indeed get a condensed, easily accessible way to listen to some of the very best musical moments from one of the greatest film trilogies of all time. However, these mixes just barely scratch the surface of the full breadth and scope of Howard Shore’s opus — not to mention that my amateurish skills likely diminished some of the original tracks.

It is my sincerest hope that these mixes will not only be enjoyed, but also spark a renewed interest in the Complete Recordings. As such, if you enjoy these mixes, I strongly encourage you to look into purchasing the entire Lord of the Rings musical collection. Listening to all ten CDs is a journey in and of itself — and it is one that ought not to be missed.

The cue-by-cue breakdown of this mix is posted at the following url:

Feedback is welcome ... but please, be gentle. :)

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Listened to CD1 so far- and great work! :) Any other soundtracks from films your thinking of working on?

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Thanks for the feedback. I do have a Star Wars Ultimate Soundtrack that was completed a few years back. I'm not sure if it's aged particularly well, but if you (or anyone else) are interested, I'll upload it and make it available again.

My next project will be a Pirates of the Caribbean mix.

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I've been meaning to get back here since I downloaded your LOTR music and tell you what a fantastic job you've done. My wife and I had plenty of down time over the holidays, so we watched the entire LOTR Trilogy over a week's time. This was a perfect follow-up afterwards and we're still enjoying the newly mixed music cues from Howard Shore's masterpiece. Thanks Again!

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I appreciate the compliment! I'm glad to hear you and the missus are enjoying the mixes. They're fun to do, but it's pretty cool when others get the chance to hear them and appreciate them.

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Updated with fresh mediafire links. I revised a couple of the tracks and re-sequenced them, so the first post has been edited to reflect the new links and new track order.

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As my hard drive which I had this stored on has died a death, would anyone be able to upload it again?

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