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20 BBY-two days after the battle of Honoghr
Tarkin: If you find yourself even itching up the nerve to go berserker
on even one of these missions we've outlined for you, i can swear
on my own nose that you will never be heard of again. do i make myself clear Commander Vont?

Dilbun Vont: Your tellin me i can't even snuff out a couple scurriers on these blue milk runs?

Tarkin: I will not argue this with you Vont, your past actions have led us here. if you cannot do our dirty work, then i'll be left no choice but to let you resume your sentence in Desolation Alley.

Palpatine: Now,Now. i do believe you can pull a trigger here and snap a neck there. can you not Dilbun? you've served me well in the past. why if i do not recall correctly it was Senator Antilles office that received a couple fingers from you on my account a decade ago.

Dilbun Vont: I'm in ur debt a great already if i say so myself Augie. but this not bein allowed to have a lil fun on the side that kinda grinds my gears.

Palpatine: (shaking hands) please remember Big Galgu on Oovo IV when you call me Augie. i know he misses your sweet cheeks greatly. To a successful mission.

Dilbun Vont: Ol Augie just had to bring up Galgu. if you can't guess, that stinking lowlife was my cell mate back in the joint. you could say we had a hate/love relationship. so i'll be keeping my toes in line.


Dexter: I swear Graff is the senator of the Calaron sector!

Dilbun Vont: and the Trihexalophine1138, you sure the reps destroyed the stuff? no other samples, no jedi batch floatin around?

Dexter: The SIP was drained clean, whatevers left of the stuff is on leave my head intact will you Vont! we go way back, remember Subterrel?

Dilbun Vont: you bet, still coughing up nuggets!

Dilbun Vont: I knock the old blowhard out cold, and leave him in his allyway in a pile of nerf dung. serves him right, never could cook a good Nerfloaf. besides the point, maybe Villie might cough up some more info..


Dilbun Vont: after luring him out to my spot with a well paid (and dead might i'd add. old augie can try and connect the dots!) Theelin strum..i get to play spill the beans or spill your guts with Villie.

Villie: Vos is my jedi! he no sep, he jeedai...

Dilbun Vont: so your little buddy ain't come lookin to punt somethin off the seps to ya for some creds?

Villie: hee's no fun like that. always on the task, always on his lil yum yum these daze!

Dilbun Vont: there, there villie dry your tears time to hit the cantinas if your little jedi won't play games with you anymore.


Dilbun Vont: best part of the Devaronian, he holds no grudges or memories once we've drank all the Whyren's Reserve to be found in Uscru .


Dilbun Vont: now that Graff has met my second Theelin Strump for the night, i can keep my behind outta the ally for another rotation.


Dilbun Vont: Believe it or not Graff ain't the only Senator using his pod for afterhour meetings. i'd love to see ol Augie's face if i didn't pop this cap in Graff and just told him the Theelin Strump i hooked him with was so infested he'd kill himself after only one carbon flush.


Dilbun Vont: I pop em both, galaxy be better without either of them. Palps clean up crew will ask for a deactivation code on the det, and he'll haft to say his first name to them.

Dilbun Vont will Return!

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Star Wars: Memoirs of a War Profiteer-S1E1 "Quadracross"


Kamino-30 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Kal Skirata: "you wanna say that again Aiwha bait?"

Lama Su: "Mister Skirata i do believe we are in a formal business setting can you attempt to spare me your ill manners."

Jango Fett: "My trigger fingers are getting hard to control cloner!, by what right do you think can split my genome that way!"

Lama Su: "We share the goals here Jango. our patrons need this army battle ready in less than a decade, by our current estimates we cannot generate that many clones before that time. by creating this Clone Queen
program we can reach the goal and.."


Jango Fett: "this underhanded effort has existed long enough to garner a code name?"

Kal Skirata: "Udesii Jango, a bucket of this osik won't fly to the guys upstairs unless you've got proof."

Lama Su: "why would it matter to them? if anything the funds vested in the original plan can still vested be toward this new program."


Jango Fett: "this program ends here or i sink this whole kriffing place from orbit! you don't take my genome and turn into a girl of me got it! this wasn't supposed to some perverted get rich quick scheme!"

Lama Su: "we would never sell the clone queens to pleasure dens Jango!, unhand me at once. an exact clone of you could take your place at anytime fett. from our studies the Aiwha enjoy the taste of your blood, if
you take my meaning."

Jango Fett: "threats are never useful when your weaponless, gihaal."

Lama Su: "the program ends, but the product is already bearing fruit. an order of yours to be exact."

Kal Skirata: "what?"


Jango Fett: "then put her on ice alongside the arcs once it's done. but it never leaves this place got it!"

Lama Su: "the research will vanish and the clone will be kept as you wish."


Kal Skirata: "good choice su, but remember you ever even think about double crossing us again and you'll be left in my care. understood."

Lama Su: "of course."


Jango Fett: "this also stays between us kal."

Kal Skirata: "as you wish Mand'alor."

Coruscant-20 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Darth Sidious: "the security team recovered your rifle Dilbun, luckily Kinman was awake at that hour and could provide the code. this Augie mentioning needs to cease or connections will be made and you my friend
will find yourself in a worse place than Oovo IV I'm afraid."

Dilbun Vont: "sorry ta be a turd in the punch, but i gots bills to pay you know. can't keep my floors covered in blood wit no bones to spend."

Darth Sidious: "very well. your next mission may be a bit out of your league. but i can assure you if you survive it. your worth in my employ may well find you uniformed."


Dilbun Vont: "good, as long I'm enlisted with the eventual winners of this big galactic game you've rigged, augi..lord sidious."

Darth Sidious: "so your tongue can be curbed. the chancellor will need to see you soon, wilhuff needs to posture for awhile at you, but that pawn will fill you in on the mission once tarkin's fangs are dry."

Dilbun Vont: "Will it be one or two changes of shorts..this mission?"


Darth Sidious: "no rank advancement if that's what you're driving at. but something has risen to my attention regarding the count. if all goes as planned, which i can assure you it will. my apprentice's place will be firmly at my side after this mission."


Dilbun Vont: "oh, ol' dookie getting anxious to actually win this war. how funny. well I'll see you in, huh there i go again."

Darth Sidious: "try not to vomit on tarkin. get yourself together and prepare for my summons."

Dilbun Vont: well now even Augie's getting his roles mixed up, I'm pretty sure that's the first time the sith lord has rung me up and sounded like ol' Augie. this missions gonna be a karking pile of hurt.


Tarkin: "Vont! you kill two strumpets, get drunk with that scum villie and not only did you manage to miss your target twice in the senate in your drunken stupor. you show up to this meeting still drunk! how did you ever make a name for yourself as a ruthless killer out on the rim?"

Dilbun Vont: "by biting off fingers that get pointed at me for longer than five minutes. you're at about four by my count and I'm sure as hell hoping theres some meat on that bony thing cause my stomachs..."

Palpatine: "enough! guards, wilhuff everybody except vont out!. i can handle this drunken braggarts on my own."

-Minutes Later-


Dilbun Vont: "ok so Dooku attempted to seek a means to the SIP after you'd stashed it on wayland. but he got driven off by that guardian. so now you want me to what?"

Palpatine: "yes even to a sober man this plan is a bit confussing. the main point is you are to rally with that death watch coward Phutt Nuum and meet Dooku on Bakura the day after next. there you will provide him
with a copy of the SIP and he will provide you with a target. that Target will be the one whom comprised my database in the first place and revealed the location of the Sith storehouse on Wayland. keep in mind i
want the target alive, dooku will not. this will not hinder your transactions with the count, because after this is carried out he will find himself in place at his masters side."

Dilbun Vont: "ok, but where'd i get the sip?"

Palpatine: "in order to amaze the count you will need to say you stole it from under the guardians nose. now i do believe you should get going."

Dilbun Vont: "no threats bout big galgu, are we actually becoming friends Augie?"

Palpatine: "if i believed in such a thing as luck I'd suggest you do not push it any further."

Dilbun Vont: That's when i started sweating. crazy and bloodthirsty or not this was shaping up to be more than just a trap for me, ol' Augie was on the line this time. and i was being used to turn it around. if I'd had a clue about how this all might turn out back then, I'd have taken a walk off that balcony and saved myself the career that was ahead of me. creds are nice, strums are fun until they speak more than the guttural mumblings expected. but life's a sentence. and mine was about to start that night.



Phutt Nuum: "I's no care bout this kriffing gen'dai or his slimy mando hating armor! he's wants to be scrapin with me he'd be pullin out the real hand cannons and unload her before i get my pulse clip charged on him! haha."

Dilbun Vont: "for Fib's sake put the blasters away Phutt! were supposed to be doing a transaction here. remember?"


Dooku: "oh what a pity it was they didn't make the clone army after you my dear death watchmen. my droids would've simply exchanged a series of insults and we'd have the core already conquered."

Phutt Nuum: "Not if they'd had Vizla to use as template!"

Durge: "Mando Schisms aside, the Nuum clan was bred in keldabe and this hound is a nuum. so i deserve his blood Count!"

Dooku: "oh my word. why could it not be my worthy apprentice here at my side, he was suited for dealing with such underworld scum."

Dilbun Vont: Right about that second some of the renegade drained outta the count, i recalled a holonet piece tracking the confederacy's early movements. with Sha'ala Doneeta at his side the man looked like the
future then, now he sounded sad and weak. thanks to phutt's backalley manner, my story will go unaccounted. in other words I'm in like a dirty shirt.


Dilbun Vont: "all bloodscores aside, no offense Durge. but i didn't crawl outta the poodoo vat of mount tantiss with this case to keep me company. are we trade'in or not."

Dooku: "of course, with this portion of the research the poison can be remade. i must admit i myself would never have thought to swim into the Mount Tantiss storehouse by way of the sewage pipes. most creative

Dilbun Vont: "hey once you poison the dianoga, its all a workout. so whats this i hear about you not being able to get this yourself?"


Dooku: "well for starters Vont, my ego cannot be bruised by one such as yourself. the reason you had to swim in thirty kilos of dung was the same reason Master Yoda does not end this war. i assure you he could, but does not because he like all the Jedi have broken their own commandment. they FEAR the Dark side of the Force."

Dilbun Vont: oh great a lecture on the Force, why can't this stuff just stay on the after hours holonet and stay outta the mainstream news?

Dooku: "Some years back, before i myself came upon this realization. the great master lectured myself and two other masters on the subject of the Dark Side. this was a private ritual amongst the Jedi, anytime a master was about to be welcomed into the higher fold, they would be taken aside and made privy to the great Secret of the Dark Side."

The Jedi Temple-42 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Yoda: "Beware the lure of the Dark Side masters, for when taking upon this new duty. you will be made aware of its call. When seeing into the Fates of the Force, you will be bombarded by all aspects of life."

Jorus C'Baoth: "You mean to tell me that even the great Jedi Sages cannot look into the Fate of the Dark Side? how can this practice be permitted. we three have looked into the fates and seen the avenues of the Dark Side!"

Dooku: At that moment i understood the hidden message behind the masters backwards Basic. they actually made fear of the Dark Side a practice! Kuro and C'Baoth understood in their own ways of course. but
neither of them had understood the currents of the fates that we'd opened ourselves up to than I.


Yoda: "Master C'Baoth your bombastic manner edges close to the dark ways enough on its own. lest it be developed greater by actually peering at the Dark Side, we do not permit."

Dooku: "May the force be with you."


Dooku: Days after i so rudely brought an end to the master's rant, i looked into the issue further while sparring with Sora Bulq.

Dooku: "Do you see what i have come to suspect Sora?"

Sora Bulq: "Alarming that they actually let this go unnoticed. the Darkness is active, yet we are blind to it because we are ordered to not stare at it for too long out of..."


Dooku: "Fear!, much like the aggressive energies we expell now to conceal our tandem Vision of Darkness. they have broken the first rules of the Jedi. they fear and so i say why do we not go all the way and be
true masters of the Force?"


Dooku: Fear Mr. Vont, that is what keeps me from raiding the storehouse of Wayland. The Guardian you crawled in fear of is one whom I've known in the past as a Jedi. How he came into the service of the Sith,
i know not. but he is and his power is greater than my own. Your mission will be to dispose of the Slicer whom led me into that attempted slaughter on Wayland. His name is Kligson, ask my underlings about him. it'd be best if my hands remained out of this affair to be best assure your success. he is a very slippery one this Slicer.


Phutt Nuum: "So no time for strums on the wheel?"

Dilbun Vont: "yup, straight to tracking this barve."



Poggle the Lesser: "Oh that slicer!, Believe it or not he was the one that reverse engineered the droid control system. well if the Count says he's outlived his usefullness who em i to argue? I'll have wat tambor arrange a little get together for the three of you?

Dilbun Vont: "thanks poggle, hope you guys get the old red dirt back before this war ends. hate to see a people driven off their homeplanet, i really do."


Dilbun Vont: up until that moment i didn't understand why Augie wanted this techno wanker alive, guy that smart could be useful. best keep him under lock and key until you need him again. kinda like myself.



Phutt Nuum: "wheres the stinking wire jockey at tambor?"

Wat Tambor: "whats the meaning of this Vont? Poggle already set this up why are guys pushing me around? do you know who i em! I'm Wat Tambor! i made my bones when guys where still..."

Dilbun Vont: "I know the story, but my buddy here got a little hooked on the old Mando rage they used to pump up before battle. so he's like this with everybody."

Phutt Nuum: "oh come on Vont, can't i just stab him once?"

Dilbun Vont: "uh, i don't feel like smelling what he breathes alright. lets go to work."

-Minutes Later-


Phutt Nuum: "what the kark do you mean i can't kill this runt! the count hired us to snuff him out!"

Kligson: "this is a bit odd."

Dilbun Vont: "stow it droid handler! Phutt put the blade back in its sheath and step away before I'm forced to break whatever skirata left you for a jaw."

Phutt Nuum: "step off it vont, this guy is wanted dead by dooku. now who are you taken him alive for? and how much is in it."


Dilbun Vont: "Enough to keep me in this game and enough to keep out of breathing if you don't take that blaster outta my face Nuum!"

Kligson: "ok, so you're hear to take me alive to shall i say our mutual friend his sithiness? and he's here to carve me up because the count understands that Wayland was a trap?"


Fai'rel:(igniting Lightsaber) Most perceptive my boy. but i have a greater task in mind for you.

Dilbun Vont: "Frak me."

Fai'rel: "oh yes, Frak indeed. fraked all around. you mando, i heard your mother call, she wants you to wash up for din din. best you be off to Toola."


Phutt Nuum: "guys my mom wantsa me to get cleaned up for din din, i gotta go to toola..BYE!"

Fai'rel: "Vont i believe you understand the situation well enough to cuff yourself."

Kligson: "So are you capturing me or em i working with you?"


Fai'rel: "You are going to admit my entrance to the mount tantiss Storehouse on wayland. the Sith have turned against one another and forgotten one small detail about seeing into the fates of the Force."

Dilbun Vont: "I'll take a wild guess, i had a similar force lecture today. Dark Jedi can see what the Jedi are too afraid to look at and your reaping the benefits of this?"


Fai'rel: "my it is too sad you have nothing of the force about you. Kligson time we where off."

Kligson: "maybe next time we can hit coco town Vont. keep in touch."

Dilbun Vont:Ferglutz!



Tarkin: "Thanks to the battle of Kamino, we found out about this abandoned warrior. You must understand that this woman is military property and she does not officially exist. should the Mandalorians find out about such a perversion off their beloved Jango Fett's genome they'd all be at the Confederacy's call."

Dilbun Vont: "I assume from your attitude the Chancellor's fuming about what happened? i mean I'd expected you to personally supervise my..."


Tarkin: "Spare me the coy act Vont, i serve the Chancellor and our other Friend. his orders are to be followed exactly in this matter, ego and personal banter cannot become involved now. as of this moment you and i are on the same playing field. we are currently operating behind the backs of the Jedi Order and the actual War. for the first time the chancellor is actually rushing to catch a hydro-spanner before it clogs the gears of this galactic game you and i benefit from."

Dilbun Vont: Translation= The Sith infighting has opened up a window for a equally matched enemy to remove them from power or worse expose the whole shame before the stu is just right. this entire war was planned and scheduled like a game of shockball, that is up until now.


Tarkin: "On a side note, she was flashtrained to be a Advanced Recon Commando. I'd keep my hands to my self Dilbun."

J'mee Fett: "What are my orders?"

Tarkin: "Commando J'mee Fett, you have been as of this moment drafted into the service of the Grand Army of the Republic. your mission is classified and therefore you are not to stray from said mission at any moment. upon its completion you are to return here for continued stasis."

J'mee Fett: "Understood."


Tarkin: "That goes for you as well Vont!"

Dilbun Vont: "what I'm to join the ranks of frosty here? and await orders in my sleep!"

Tarkin: "Let me put it this way, as of this moment you are now officially an unofficial member of the Grand Army. in other words, shed that Fringe Green. You are now Commander of the Black Ops."


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Memoirs of a War ProfiteerS1/E2:TheUnknownBattleofWayland


Dilbun: (narration) you know with all that noise and light you'd figure these force enhanced diaper bags wouldn't be such a problem. historically speaking. i mean their weapon of choice leaves em without the element of surprise. like gee theres something robed glowing and humming in the corner what could that be?

Wayland-20 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Nikkos Tyris:(sparring with Tol Skorr) as i've demonstrated the weakness is not in your style, it is your cowardice towards the dark side.

Tol Skorr:(attempting death blow)you ferglutz!


Asajj Ventress:(locking blades with Tyris) there will be no room for your Jensaarai when the sith hold dominion over this galaxy!


Nikkos Tyris:(deflecting death blow via force leviatate) your logic in such matters isn't of importance!

before the three can kill one another, Sora Bulq separates them via the force.


Sora Bulq: your anger towards one another will be a beacon to our prey! separate! go on your patrols and hide yourselves in the predatory urges of this jungle.

Asajj Ventress: (disengaging sabers) the count does not abide my mistreatment bulq! you will regret this.


Sora Bulq: one trained by the jedi never holds such physical distractions above the will of the force. run along girl.

Ventress flees into the canopy, while Tyris and Skorr stand maintaining defensive positions against one another.


Sora Bulq: i will not repeat an order. disengage!

Skorr force leaps into the jungle after Ventress. Tyris turns his saber towards Bulq.


Nikkos Tyris: Come now saber Master are you willing to test yourself against my style?

Sora Bulq: i no longer hold that title, but it does not mean my blade would falter before the likes of Cin Drallig or yourself. disengage tyris, the masters require your services in the future, or the so force tells me.

Dilbun: (narration) much like their count, these kath hounds still have that jedi stiffness about them. not at all like ol' augie or even ventress. but even with my utter disregard for them, i fail to see my purpose in this mission? why em i leading them. they supposedly got themselves tuned into that kriffing force! shouldn't it be essential to killing one of their kind?

Nikkos Tyris: amusing how much self doubt clouds his mind. your soup would be spicy Vont, it really is too bad your of importance.

Dilbun: (narration) nosey brain sucking scum!

Dilbun Vont: good thing ol' augie's got the say so over you dweebs. must confess i've been winning every bet i place on the outcome of this war's engagements, and where the kriff has dooku been stowing your suck face tyris?

Nikkos Tyris: Force Sensitive Anzati are in short supply, there really is no better way to imprint our organic operatives.

Phutt Nuum: in other words you bein crawling all over solider laps for the duration of the war eh? they at-least tip you for your dance?


Nikkos Tyris:(force choking Nuum) may i remind you of which side you serve in this war Death Watchmen. yours is a life i may end at anytime.

Dilbun Vont: call off yur Akk dog Bulq, Nuum's part of my team!

Sora Bulq: your role as team leader is noted Vont, but we have no standing orders to leave anyone but yourself unharmed.

Dilbun Vont: Black Opps-i envoke Order 23. exterminate confederate agents.

Trachta, Gauer and J'mee Fett pull their blasters and open fire upon Tyris and Bulq. the Dark Jedi deflect the energy bolts and release Phutt Nuum whom collapses into the foilage.

Dilbun Vont: Black Opps-stand down. Nuum git your hid in line, I'm not ordering the execution of these force dweebs for yer worthless life got it?


Sora Bulq: let us get within range of your pitiful band next time vont, bacta won't be any help. i promise it.

Gauer: either way your ass would be the first down. kinda hard to be so cocky with a vibroblade up your...

Dilbun Vont: Black Opps- patrol the perm, Gauer git me holos of Doneeta bathing down by the lake on the double. Tractha keep outta the rain don't need ya shorting out on us in the thick of it eh? Fett yer wit me.

Nikkos Tyris: what about your mando, you giving him to us after that little show of force?

Phutt Nuum:(choking)

Tractha: I'll keep an eye on him commander.

the group divides, Sora Bulq and Vont take up a monitoring position overlooking the incomplete Mt. Tantis storehouse.


Sora Bulq: it's good you seek to relieve your tensions with holos of the twi'lek. your mind must be in its usual state for this mission.

Dilbun Vont: never had anybody encourage me to do that befere, eh. so why the hell em i even here let alone leading this tactic-less mission? what is the kriffing plan, i'm the commander and nobodies seen fit to advise me of tha damn thing?

Sora Bulq: just clear your head vont, kill something. make time with Sha'ala, whatever it takes. all i can advise you to do is be yourself.

Dilbun Vont: any hints given to you Fett?

J'mee Fett: tactically speaking this mission shouldn't be of any concern to you Commander. we are five special units and five Confederate Lieutenants strong with battle divisions in play all around the system. the intel provided upon our target suggests one Dark Jedi with a Slicer is all we face.

Sora Bulq: all true enough clone, but your flash-trained mind fails to grasp the gravity of our situation. our masters can blanket this area with battles all they wish, should we fail to destroy Fai'rel here and he escapes with proof of the truth. we face a revolution led by the Jedi.

Dilbun Vont: don't give me that bull, the sith are playing both sides of this game, what the hell would change if the populace found out? and the jedi. come on who they gonna led against two war machines?

Sora Bulq: you assume the Sith Lords could maintain their forces after exposure. this war is built upon broken promises, false claims and of-course those whom believe in its underlying purpose; keeping this one united galaxy.

Dilbun Vont: which it never bein! never will be and quite frankly in all sanity should never be.

Sora Bulq: (exiting the ridge)so says the war Profiteer.

Dilbun: (narration) five of these bastards, Dooku's elite. and a group assembled by tarkin as suggested by ol'augie. the Dark Jedi being here i understand, but my black opps? were the covert berserker squad? assassins of the assassins! all stranded on this jungle hell hole awaiting that Bpfhashi clown.

Acclamator I-class assault ship: Bloodsport
approaching orbit of Wayland


Kiev Plau: as i've said before we cannot interfere with the natural progression of sentient affairs.

Fai'rel: why can't your order see the purpose in my actions! the sith will rule and they must be stopped.

Kiev Plau: exposure will not put an end to the violence that shrouds this galaxy. you will find yourself engaging your enemies in blood soaked worlds for the remainder of your existence.


Fai'rel: the twelve of you united with the jedi order could eliminate the sith yet you seek to continue your orders secrecy! and you decry my efforts to expose them.


Kiev Plau: we are connected in life via the force, its entire spectrum. we cannot do battle with those completely devoted to either of its halves and survive. our work is too important to involve ourselves with this ancient feud between your orders.

Fai'rel: then you consign my mission to failure and you condone the coming darkness!


Kiev Plau: our invitation still stands, despite your allegiance with the dark side. if you could but look past these petty sentient troubles and join us in maintaining this stellar body.

Fai'rel: i utilize the dark side in my efforts against the sith as all the jedi should! nevertheless i refuse, you'd might as well go if you will not aid me in my coming struggle.


Kiev Plau: (fading away) i was never here.

Fai'rel: such power..wasted.

frustrated the dark jedi exits his chamber and enters the deserted bridge of the star destroyer. at the main com station sits Kligson. whom quickly approaches Fai'rel noticing his entrance.


Kligson: i gotta tell you, this force stuff along with my slicing skills could find a guy running the galaxy.

Fai'rel: it already has.

Kligson: oh yeah, umm. i've got a LAAT prepped in the docking bay if you're ready to go down to the surface.

Fai'rel: very good, do you have this ship slaved to your suit? should we require it's further assistance?

Kligson: as you requested. now once you've got what you want, i can keep the suit right?


Fai'rel: it is your design, is it not? plus the funds you siphoned to construct it never really existed so even by jedi logic it is yours to do with as you please.

Kligson: and i'll be free to go my own way after this right?

Fai'rel: are you implying our partnership has been less than beneficial for you?


Kligson: its not that sir. i just wanna get away from all of this mess, all these people. slicing my way is great fun and all but being continually around beings unable to see a simple number scam coming down on them has taken its toll upon me.

Fai'rel: why is it everyone i require aid from seeks to remove themselves from sentient concerns?

Wayland- twenty clicks from Mt. Tantiss


Dilbun Vont: honest Sha'ala. i'll never go near another Force-Sensitive strum.
Sha'ala Doneeta: (force choking) i'm not a strum!

Dilbun Vont: (choking mid-air) coulda fooled ma twenty minutes agooo....

Sha'ala Doneeta: (force choking) that's it slime-ball you're dead.


in a flash of motion J'mee Fett bursts onto the scene and subdues the force sensitive twi'lek with a upper cut to the jaw as applied while pulling back her lekku. the genetically pampered woman goes down without calling upon her Force enhanced skills.

Dilbun Vont: wow, you must really like me.


J'mee Fett: do not confuse loyalty to the command structure with your physical urges commander.

Dilbun Vont: (exiting tent) sounds like you nevea had a brush wit yur own urges condolences.


Trachta: the dark jedi say they have sensed the prescience of Fai'rel aboard a venator that just entered orbit.

Dilbun Vont: a Acclamator! man that boy can slice his way anywhere!

Sha'ala Doneeta: It is more likely that Fai'rel subdued the mental capacity of the ships crew for the duration of their journey.

Dilbun Vont: imagine what he coulda accomplished if he'd had you tagging along wit him.

Sha'ala Doneeta: you son of a...

Sora Bulq,Asajj Ventress,Nikkos Tyris and Tol Skorr descend upon the scene from the treetops.


Asajj Ventress: get your gear Doneeta! the currents of the force are clearing.

Dilbun Vont: what brings the saber jockeys out of their trees?

Sora Bulq: It is time. but things are happening too simply, Fai'rel senses us. but his ship comes this way. without a concern.

Dilbun Vont: wow so this is the extent of the all seeing eye of the force, i'm startin to git why the sith put me in charge of this gaggle of kriffing...

suddenly turbolaser blasts erupt all along the ridge. and a massive shadow covers the ensuing firestorm. the laat soars above the ridge carrying the openly gloating Fai'rel. the Dark Jedi attempt to board the Laat as more turbolaser blasts rattle the ridge. the group takes notice of the Acclamator I-class Star Destroyer descending upon the ridge nose first.

Sora Bulq: (using the force) get your group outta here dilbun! get to the storehouse we'll handle this!

Dilbun Vont: good enough for me! black opps move out!

the dark jedi join in a battle meld to start pushing back the turbolaser blasts at the star destroyer while pushing it away from themselves. stray blasts continue to blanket the jungle as the dark jedi struggle to bring down the destroyer.
Asajj Ventress and Nikkos Tyris spring from the ground thus leaving the battle meld's objective and attempt to inflict physical damage upon the ship with their lightsabers.
the two run along hull of the mighty vessel pulling apart large portions of the vessel via the force and hurling them at the bridge.

large chunks connect and destroy the command tower, the turbolasers fall silent. Sora Bulq, Tol Skorr and Sha'ala Doneeta release their hold upon the vessel and propel themselves via the force from the ridge as the mighty destroyer smashes nose first into the ground exploding.


the Dark Jedi come to ground within paces of the Storehouse, utterly exhausted from the effort they fall to their knees to regain their energy.


Asajj Ventress: what are we doing! Sith do not require rest we serve the dark side!

Sora Bulq: (force choking and levitating) we are not sith! we serve the dark lords. if they chose to elevate us by doing away with one another so be it, that is the way of it girl! so quit mistaking your pathetic skills and our status in the grand scheme of things.

Tol Skorr: (attempting to stand) put her down Bulq! we have the mission to complete...vont's as good as dead!


Asajj Ventress: (hurling a rock at Bulq) do not defend me Skorr! i can take care of myself!

Sora Bulq collapses. Nikkos Tyris ignites his lightsaber and guards the passed out Dark Jedi.

Nikkos Tyris: what is this! infighting while the mission rests within the hands of a insane murderer and his crew of republic scum. Doneeta revive bulq!

Sha'ala Doneeta: (force healing bulq) it's a deep crack, this will take long.

Asajj Ventress: leave him for dead! the weak shall not hold back the will of the mighty!


Ventress attempts to storm into the storehouse, but is almost cleaved in half by the blade of Nikkos Tyris. Ventress ignites her blades and engages Tyris briefly.

Tol Skorr: we don't have time for this!

Nikkos Tyris: agreed, ventress and Doneeta come with me. Skorr heal Sora's injuries and join us inside!

Asajj Ventress: (force leaping) I'm leading this charge Jensaarai!


the three dark jedi advance into the mighty structure of Mr. Tantiss.

Fai'rel and Kligson enter the citadel of Mt. Tantiss, upon entering they are met by a shadowy figure.


Joruus C'baoth: who dares disturb my domain? who dares to trespass the storehouse of Mt Tantiss!

Fai'rel: master C'baoth, it is your loyal apprentice returned to your service after having strayed from the light for so long. come let us expose the shame of this war, let us triumph over the Sith.


Guardian of Mt. Tantiss: We have no Apprentice!

the dark jedi is bombarded by streams of dark force lightening, reacting quickly Fai'rel ignites his lightsaber and unleashes a wave at C'baoth. The Bpfasshi turns around to deflect another salvo coming from the shadows. the flickers reveal another C'baoth. in this moment Fai'rel understands the truth of the matter. his master never returned from the Outbound Flight experiment.

Fai'rel: Clones! i should have known the sith would use that perversion to any end.

Jorruss C'baoth: i am Master C'baoth!

Joruus C'baoth: i am master C'baoth!

Fai'rel: you are nothing but diluted copies of a great man!


Joruus C'baoth: (turning on the other clone) begone dark sider!


the clones attack one another with all aspects of force combat, Fai'rel attempts to flee the melee as Kligson enters the room. fully adorned in cybernetic armor.

Kligson: (firing stun pulse) we can still get what we came here for!

the stun pulse strikes one of the clones, giving the other the leeway needed to deliver the deathblow. using the force Joruus removes the other c'baoth clones head from its body and explodes it with force lightening.



Joruus C'baoth: how could i not have seen it all this time!

Kligson: I'm thinking they must've cooked this guy up in those Sparrti cylinders we saw on the way in.

Fai'rel: clone madness, if only it where curable. but still he is all the proof we'd nee...


Blaster bolts flare to life just past the dark jedi's shoulder. Gauer, Dilbun Vont,Phutt Nuum,Tractha,and J'mee Fett storm into the citadel pumping out rounds. Fai'rel deflects and absorbs rounds while advancing towards the squad.


Kligson attempts to fire his stun pulse again, preempting the attack C'baoth lets loose a burst of Force Lightening frying and fusing the suit to Kligson. the young slicer passes out as the clone turns its attention the back of the blaster deflecting Dark Jedi.

Fai'rel: (deflecting blaster fire) well if we meet again vont it will be in the nether realm of the force!

Dilbun Vont: you're just a job pal, hurry up and catch one of these bolts will ya!

Fai'rel: (force pushing vont,tractha,Fett) i'll deal with you later.

The dark jedi turns his attention towards Gauer and Phutt Nuum, seeing the scale of their fight closing in around him. Gauer takes ahold of Phutt Nuum and proceeds to use him as a human shield. the marksman dances around the lightsaber strikes of the dark jedi effortlessly as Phutt screams while loosing whole portions of his body to the deadly strikes.


Gauer: (as phutt is beheaded) probably the best use he ever got outta that beskar.


Fai'rel: oh indeed, pity he ever returned from Toola. as for you...

the dark jedi is cut short by a blast of force lightening from the clone of C'baoth. both Gauer and Fai'rel are sent flying to the ground from the blast. at that moment Asajj Ventress, Nikkos Tyris and Sha'ala Doneeta enter the citadel with sabers drawn. the three connect with the bursts of energy via their lightsabers, already drained from the star destroyer incident they openly strain at the effort. Fai'rel re-engages his lightsaber and strikes at the three.


Fai'rel: (absorbing force lightening via his palm while striking at doneeta) the sith are too cowardly to face me themselves!


Sha'ala delievers a string of lightsaber attacks amidst the attack of the clone. Asajj and Nikkos attempt to advance upon the clone, whom increases his stream of lightening. one stream connects with doneeta while she's in mid spin in a duel with fai'rel.


Doneeta catches the business end of Fai'rel's lightsaber and her head falls to the ground. Ventress and Tyris attempt to ward off both C'baoth and Fai'rel.

Fai'rel descends upon the dark jedi twirling his lightsaber in anticpation of the death blow. Asajj and Nikkos struggle to stand while taking direct hits of the dark force lightening.

Seeing the open road of attack, Dilbun aims his Laser pistol at the dark jedi and opens fire. Fai'rel takes the full blast of the disintegration barrel and materializes into nothing. suddenly C'baoth takes a hit from the stun pulse as fired by Kligson, the clone falls to the ground, the lightening attack ceases. the entire surviving group turns their weapons towards Kligson as he presses a button that closes the door between himself and the group.

LAAT-traveling above the canopy of Wayland


J'mee Fett: (holding hand to head) Black Opps are requested back on Coruscant within the hour.

Tractha: understood.

Asajj Ventress: how'd a simple being triumph where we could not!

Dilbun Vont: maybe you should hit the fringe and try carving up a rep before you try swinging yur lazorsword wit the big

Asajj Ventress: they will never find your body..


Sora Bulq: enough! Ventress if you speak another word in my presence it will be your last.

Dilbun Vont: so what's the big kriffing deal bout cappin that Bpfhasshi clown? what was he the jedi's big guns before he went darko?

The Dark Jedi assembled take a moment before to gather their thoughts before speaking.

Nikkos Tyris: for starters he was trained by the real version of that clone back there, C'baoth may have been a real hardhead. but he was one of the best, council material if not for his...Attitude.

Dilbun Vont: you've gotta be kiddin me..only somebody like Aurra Sing could take down a akk dog like that? right.

Sora Bulq: she could try, but he'd see it coming. he was also on-par with the count.

Dilbun Vont: gee you guys enjoy layin it on thick don'tcha?

Nikkos Tyris: do not doubt us, i share Ventress's dishonor and disgrace in failing to rid our masters of Fai'rel. as do Skorr and Bulq. The Bpfahsshi was no ordinary dark jedi Vont, years ago he was a potential Sith Lord inplace of the count.

Dilbun Vont: Kriff me, so that's why he had an axe to grind with em.

In deep space, Kligson begins construction of Droid World.
On Bakura, the Dark Jedi Lieutenants of Dooku bow before Darth Tyrannus.
On Wayland, Joruus C'baoth watches the wrecked star destroyer burn from his fortress.
On Coruscant, Tarkin, Gauer and Tractha place J'mee Fett back into stasis.

Coruscant- Twenty Years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Dilbun Vont: What the kriff was the idea putting me in-charge of that mess augie?

Palpatine: for starters vont, i'd like to congratulate you upon your success in this fragile scheme you've delivered us from. secondly...

Suddenly Vont is gasping for air, Palpatine approaches the flailing victim in the guise of his true self.

Darth Sidious: your continual attempts to strike fear into me are quite rude Dilbun. you of all people know exactly how i dislike being talked down to by inferior beings, and you know full well what treatment it arouses.

Dilbun Vont: (choking) dooo it!

Darth Sidious (releasing all hold over Dilbun) thanks to you my plans remain intact. my apprentice firmly placed in check, his acolytes at each others throats and completely ashamed of having played second fiddle to one such as yourself.

Dilbun Vont: why me? you're the kriffing dark lord of the sith!

Darth Sidious: if we had devised any sort of plan regarding Fai'rel's elimination. via the force he'd have already known our plan, as you've heard the fates of the force; especially the dark times were currently bringing about are too much for the jedi to view entirely in glimpse. so they avoid it all together, but the dark jedi can see what their brethren shy away from.


Dilbun Vont: ok he'd have seen it all coming, but still why'd it haft to be me? Gauer coulda led this mess!

Darth Sidious: Gauer isn't insane, his mind works along sane lines. yours however is practically unreadable due to its inconstant hyper-manic rhythm. understand what i'm telling vont, force-sensitives cannot read your mind.

Dilbun Vont: tyris knew i was doubting myself back on wayland! what other flavors of nerf fodder you got augie?

Darth Sidious: (smacking vont with the hilt of his lightsaber) i hope you you grasp the level of self-control you require me to practice vont. you really are a great tool, i probably owe my political career to our interactions.

Dilbun Vont: that's rich.

Darth Sidious: vague impressions can be gleaned and that is all, i assure you . Fai'rel would have dodged the blaster fire of any hired gun in the galaxy, save a handful of psychotics such as yourself. normal minds have so many triggers in them against abnormal actions that they can be heard coming from miles away. your urges, actions and desire to commit atrocity is so second nature to you that you simply can commit murder as another person reacts to a itch. now i believe you understand your worth to me dilbun.


Dilbun: (narration) crystal clear, my fee just tripled.

Palpatine: your next assignment requires no monetary advancement as of yet, the guidelines are simple. do what you do you best dilbun, enjoy yourself. the bigger the body count, the greater the distraction, high profile victims are in order. perhaps a string of them if need be, a trail is really what i require of you.


Dilbun Vont will Return
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Memoirs of a War Profiteer S1/E3: "The Lekku Loper"

Vos Gesal Street, Coruscant-20 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (Narration) apparently doing what you love can't get old, especially when yu're paid and encouraged to do it.

Cam Droids swarm as a lone caped figure descends upon the scene from a hovering aircar. media representatives are held back by Homeworld Security Command troopers.


Sloan Snickers: homeworld security continues to obscure the view of the most recent victim of the remorseless Lekku Loper, this being the seventeenth victim of the still at large murderer. a maniac whom it would appear both the Homeworld Security Command and the Jedi Order cannot bring to justice!

Trooper: move along! my orders are to be taken as if they came from the supreme chancellor himself!


the crowd clears and the Jedi enters the crime-scene. stretching out in the force, hoping to step backwards into the flow of events that led to this outcome. the images come suddenly; the spatter, the joy of the killer, his face and identity continue to be elusive. as if the perpetrator was so engrossed in the act that his whole identity was actually encumbered in the act of the murder.


puzzled the knight, scans the scene with his actual eyes. as expected, the Twi'lek woman is brutally wounded and beaten to death. no sign of a weapon having been used other than the vibroaxe used to hack off the lekku. and as usual, they where clearly removed as the victim died and are not to be found at the crime scene.


Empatojayos Brand:(removing hood) bring in the forensic droids. i must report to the council.

Trooper: (blocking path) the chancellor requires your presence immediately.

Empatojayos Brand: my report to the council is overdue and..

Trooper: according to the newly issued line of command, as long as the jedi are enlisted members of the Grand Army. a summons from the chancellor is infact a direct order to appear. Your car awaits sir.

Empatojayos Brand: how long before were ordered to adhere to a dress code and numbered identification?

Trooper: just following orders, general.

the LAAT speeds above regulated air traffic and descends upon the senate's front entrance. where a small media gathering surrounds the Chancellor, Mas Amedda and his red guards. The Laat lands beside the gathering, Master Brand approaches the podium.


Palpatine: and our Jedi Inspector arrives from the scene of the latest atrocity. what can you tell our galactic citizens Empata..ja master Brand?

Empatojayos Brand: (CLEARLY ANNOYED) as per customs chancellor. details of an ongoing investigation are classified. no matter how high the profile of the scenario. therefore i'm currently not at liberty to divulge any specific details regarding the newly discovered possible victim of the uh.."Lekku Loper".

Sloan Snickers: yet again the Jedi Order are stonewalling the public! first the infant snatching, then the confed's leader and now this! is it safe to assume this Lekku Loper is a member of the jedi order gone rogue and that is why your investigation continues to flounder Master Brand?

The crowd becomes unruly and the home-guard enters the scene. the air settles and the conference continues.


Empatajayos Brand: i'm not at liberty to speak for the entire order, but i am personally insulted by the slander you've uttered here today. as for this sham of a meeting, i will take no further questions from the media while these crimes continue to go unsolved. that will be all.

Brand attempts to leave the podium. but is blocked by red guards.

Palpatine: i'm sorry master Brand, but the republic requires answers and since you are unwilling to appraise them of the situation or bring this killer to justice then i must do what my authority begs of me.

Empatajayos Brand: and what might that be chancellor?

The crowd goes silent in anticipation, cam droids gather closely upon the unfolding scene.

Palpatine: as of this evening my office has been forced to pull five Jedi Generals from the fields of war to assist Master Brand in the Lekku Loper investigation. not only the war effort will suffer for Master Brand's failures, our ally Corellia will loan one of its finest CorSec agents to the investigation.

Sloan Snickers: why don't you just ship brand back to Murkhana! that battle ain't anywhere near done. or better yet send that tub of fodder to the jedi temple kitchens to clean up after the other baby snatchers!

The Homeguard troopers move in closer, the media falls silent.

Palpatine: please do not mistake my displeasure regarding this ongoing investigation to be a personal vendetta against Master Brand, he was the jedi whom secured the surrender of Domb Treetor at the Battle of Bassadro after all. the actions i've taken this night are merely my duties as supreme chancellor! if the investigatory team assembled this night cannot bring the lekku loper to justice, then I’m afraid the senate will be forced to further amend the constitution with which our grand republic was formed. and that my friends cannot happen, for if it continues the separatists win.

Palpatine exits the podium as followed by Master Brand, Mas Amedda takes the holo-mic to bring an official close to the gathering.

Sloan Snickers: who are these five jedi the chancellor's called from battle!

Mas Amedda: in an effort to deny the enemy a strategic advantage that information will be confidential as long as it can be. this gathering is at an end.

The Chancellor's Office-20 years before the battle of Yavin IV


Empatajayos Brand: i'm greatly offended by the way your office has put my neck out on the chopping block chancellor, in my opinion the public has been given all together too much information regarding this entire investigation.

Palpatine: would you approve of my dismantling the holonet and abolishing the right of free speech Master Brand?

Empatajayos Brand: not at all, but as the acting wartime chancellor it would appear you can do whatever you please.

Mas Amedda: this bickering is pointless Master Brand, the truth remains. your investigation has offered no results therefore inorder to maintain a semblance of law and order on this being the capitol of the Republic, we must tarnish your image for the time being.

Empatajayos Brand: i take it this is an order and would i be safe to assume this is classified information that unlike the results of my investigation will not be leaked to the holonet?

Palpatine: Master Brand, i was under the impression that Jedi where above the petty insecurities of ego?

before the outraged Jedi Inspector can retort a hologram of Master Yoda flares to life beside the small group.


Palpatine: Ah, Master Yoda. i assume word of my intervention in the Lekku Loper investigation has reached you.

Yoda: (via hologram) seconds ago it had. understanding am i of the situation, but agree with your handling of it i do not. at the feet of the jedi are you laying the blame for the investigations status.

Palpatine: a common misunderstanding grand master, I'm employing a tactic which i can assure you, many of our legal analysts have concurred always leads to incarceration of such serial killers.

Yoda: (via hologram) regardless of your analysts assumptions, with the council lies the task of assigning Jedi to investigations.

Mas Amedda: Master Yoda while you've been on assignment another military command structure revision was passed. as of two cycles ago the chancellor has the authority to reassign the tasks of Jedi forces serving in the Grand Army.

Palpatine: speaking of which how goes your operation in the Bpfasshi system?

Yoda: (via Hologram) Unable to locate the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi cabal have i been, in the thrall of terror the Sluis Sector remains sadly.


Empatajayos Brand: if we can get past our internal problems, we still have an investigation to conduct. may i get back to it or am i to be recycled back to the war effort as suggested by the almighty public consensus?

Yoda: (via hologram) of the jedi whom have you reassigned to this Chancellor?

Mas Amedda: the chancellor is not required to share executive level intelligence with...

Palpatine: now, now. are the jedi not our allies in this conflict majordomo?

Mas Amedda: i'm sorry if i have insulted you grand master.

Yoda: (via hologram) not governed by emotions am i.

Palpatine: Master Brand will remain with the task force as per my statement this evening, he will be joined by Koffi Arana,An'ya Kuro,Nejaa Halcyon,Ylenic It'kla,Ranik Solusar and Rostek Horn of CorSec. whom i'd might add Senator Bel Iblis did not willingly reassign.

Empatajayos Brand: (flabbergasted) if i recall correctly Ranik Solusar was recently admonished for breaking several vows central to maintaining his commitment to the jedi order. and The Dark Woman doesn't work well with others.


An'ya Kuro: (materializing) one might also call into question the practices of Corellian Jedi?

Mas Amedda: (astonished) where'd she come from, security we've been breached!

suddenly the red guards spring from the shadows wielding their stun pikes. reacting flawlessly. both brand and kuro ignite their lightsabers and adapt a back to back fighting stance. the guards come within a breath of striking the deadly pair of Jedi.


Palpatine: (calmly) stand down.

An'ya Kuro: (looking at palpatine) never thought i'd miss the days of Valorum.

Empatajayos Brand: You really need to teach me how to do that phasing technique.

An'Ya Kuro: all it requires is complete humility before the Force.

Yoda: (via hologram) safe to assume it is that under control the situation on Ord Namurt remains Master Kuro?

An'Ya Kuro: there is no situation, master Yoda. my padawan elected to join the war effort.


Palpatine: ahh, another fine warrior for the republic. how proud you must be Master Kuro.

An'ya Kuro: first off chancellor, as a sign of selflessness i abandoned my name shortly after my trials. secondly my apprentice's talents lay along the path of the seer. plus Vors aren't exactly known for their combative abilities.

Palpatine: well rest assured Master..Jedi, that your apprentice can rely upon her loyal clone infantry where her weakness may intrude.

a brief silence falls over the overly opulent meeting room.

Yoda: (via hologram) In your hands it would appear the details of this investigation remain Master Brand. May the Force be with you.

the hologram of yoda dissipates.

Jedi Temple Briefing Room-Coruscant-20 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Koffi Arana: Excuse me if i come across as curt if i am unable to grasp the reasoning behind all of our involvement in this Investigation? my work on Tatooine was beginning to foster clues regarding the Sith Lord Master Kenobi vanquished during the battle of Naboo.

Ranik Solusar: interesting point Koffi, i myself was sifting through the remains of the black sun crime organization right before the news of my sons parentage happened to tear a new hole in space across the holonet.

Empatajayos Brand: been alot of that going around lately.

An'ya Kuro: why you continue to serve the order is beyond me Ranik! a jedi whom flagrantly disregards the edicts of the order should be expelled!

Ranik Solusar: spare me dark woman i've already willingly submitted myself to the admonishment of the council and the disrespect of the entire order.

Nejaa Halcyon: the conclave on Corellia has already offered you and your family asylum Master Solusar.

Empatatjayos Brand: my fellow jedi, it is my opinion that we are assembled here for a single purpose. misdirection.

Ylenic It'kla: surely you cannot believe that these murders are not connected Master Brand.

An'ya Kuro: the media's attentiveness towards its every movement is unusual to say the least.

Koffi Arana: and you cannot detect any imprint of the killers identity at the crime scenes Master Brand?

Empatatjayos Brand: as stated in my reports Koffi.

Ylenic It'kla: one witness is all that we require for me to form a memnii.


Rostek Horn: (entering the room) we both know a string of memnii won't hold a bucket of water in a courthouse Ylenic.


Nejaa Halcyon: (shaking hands) well here we go again.

Rostek Horn: (shaking hands) same as always huh?

An'ya Kuro: Corellians.


Koffi Arana: (listening to comlink) better soak up your camaraderie while you can guys, they just found another body.

Vos Gesal Hotel-Coruscant-20 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Sloan Snickers: the scene is a gloomy one, yet again citizens the media has been shut out of the loop of the habits,characteristics of the notorious Lekku Loper! two strikes in one rotation where will it strike next! we cannot tell you because we do not know thanks to the blundering actions of lead investigator: Emppa-tayjayoos Brand!

Trooper: this section is currently under the direct control of the home-guard cease broadcast of that communication immediately!


the media team disperse, a single LAAT sets down near the entrance to the seedy hotel. five jedi and one Corsec agent enter the building.


Rostek Horn: too bad i don't have central authority here, i smell ryll. ryll Nejaa can you believe that?

Nejaa Halcyon: you should take in some of the decay on the fringes, there are worse things going unnoticed within the shadow of this accursed war cast upon the galaxy.

Ylenic It'kla: press back the dark thoughts Spicewood, they dull your other senses.

Nejaa Halcyon: thanks, i almost let them get the better of me.

An'ya Kuro: since when are caamasi jedi as oblivious to central beliefs of the Jedi as corellian Jedi?

The investigation team enters a darkened pleasure den, where lies upon the floor a single corpse. all five Jedi stretch out in the force in-search of clues regarding the ghastly scene. The act is brutal to relive, the scenes are vivid and fresh. Scenes of the previous murders investigation flash through the scene.

Empatajayos Brand: i was right across the street.


Rostek Horn: the forensic droids concur, this perpe's baiting us.


Koffi Arana: it is as you say Master Brand, other than the Twi'lek Strumpet there is no trace of any identity within this room.

Empatajayos Brand: sadly.


An'ya Kuro: there is another presence in this room.

The others look to the dark woman. suddenly, master kuro lifts the soiled mattress from the floor to reveal a quivering child.

Nejaa Halcyon: how did we not sense her?

An'ya Kuro: more importantly, it gives us our first fact regarding the lekku loper. whom ever it may be, it is not force-sensitive.

Ranik Solusar: frak me.


Ylenic It'kla: (taking the child aside) calm yourself young one.

Child: (speaking huttse)

Ylenic It'kla: i do not require your words, put yourself at ease while we share this terrible event.


Suddenly Master It'kla experiences the sounds and emotional impact of the murder. the child catches a glimpse of a shining medallion upon the perpetrators military issue beret. loud screams of agony in huttse conclude the experience.

Nejaa Halcyon: i sense a great dread within you Ylenic.

Ylenic It'kla: the child only caught a glimpse of the lekku loper's Beret, a military issue one i'd might add.

Empatajayos Brand: rep or sep?

Ylenic It'kla: it was Militarist grey and adorned with a gold medallion, it could only be of the Grand Army.

An'ya Kuro: what have we gotten ourselves pushed into here?

Rostek Horn: those berets are special issue, were talking a non-clone member of the GA here.

Ranik Solusar: so we can rule out some awol clone, thats great but what exactly are we looking at here?

Koffi Arana: this line of thought should not be discussed within a pleasure den.

Empatajayos Brand: lets get back to the temple, perhaps after we've shared the memnii...

Suddenly the corsec agent takes notice of a hovering holorazzi droid floating across the bar.

Rostek Horn: (pulling blaster) get outta here you parasite!


Nejaa Halcyon: great, now the loper knows whose on his trail.


Koffi Arana: (activating holonet) that's the least of our problems Nejaa.

Sloan Snickers: moments ago our affiliate network obtained footage of the current victim of the lekku loper and learned that the Jedi/Corsec Task force have identified the lekku loper as a awol member of the grand army. no word from the chancellor's office as of yet.

Grand Army Headquarters-Coruscant-20 Years Before the Battle of Yavin IV


Mas Amedda: can we maintain a civil line of discussion Agent Horn!

Rostek Horn: excuse me majordomo, but my investigation has been completely compromised! and quite frankly i am willing to go with the media's misconstrued logic behind this entire chain of events.

Palpatine: are we really having this discussion again? how exactly would sending a operative on a killing spree benefit the grand army?

An'ya Kuro: first off, what benefits the grand army usually benefits the executive branches of power. secondly this entire sham of an investigation has kept the entire core glued to the holonet for the past two cycles, no unwanted wartime news has penetrated the infamous lekku loper rumor mill.

Palpatine: i will not take this line of accusation lightly Master Kuro.

Mas Amedda: might i suggest we redeploy her to the outer rim offensive your eminence.

Rostek Horn: wow, why don't you just confirm the lines of political intrigue which keep corellia out of the war chancellor.

Palpatine: will you send in Tarkin on your way out, Majordomo.

the majordomo dismisses himself from the meeting and Wilhuff Tarkin enters the room.

Palpatine: now that the suspected holonet leak is out of ears-shout, we can begin again.

An'ya Kuro: if only i could sense a truthful deception, i'd might believe your change of mood.

Rostek Horn: (holding out micro-cam droid) sorry to disappoint you Master Kuro. but Amedda is the leak.

Tarkin: i thought there where six of you on the task force?

Rostek Horn: media report or actual intell?


Tarkin: the chancellor keeps my office apprised of all operations agent Horn.

An'ya Kuro: Masters Brand,Arana,Solusar,Halcyon and It'kla are working the only lead we posses.

Tarkin: ah yes, a Memnii. i've heard from this distorted image you've taken notice of a Militarist Beret.

Rostek Horn: that's the rumor.

Palpatine: why will you not share with us what you've found? can you not show us this memnii recording?

An'ya Kuro: (chuckles)

Rostek Horn: a memnii is not a recording, its an extremely vivid memory which can only be produced by members of the Caamasi race.

An'ya Kuro: luckily our master It'kla is a member of that race, he was able to form one by attempting to alleviate the pain of the most recent victim's progeny.

Palpatine: so your smoking blaster evidence is...a memory.

Tarkin: gleaned from the child of a strumpet's mind no less.

An'ya Kuro: clearly it holds enough water to ruffle your collective feathers Senator Tarkin.

Rostek Horn: i know it sounds preposterous, but it is a valid form of evidence and we require...


Tarkin: no wonder the prisons of Corellia bustle, if these memnii are considered a damning form of evidence.

An'ya Kuro: so the tarkin clan still holds a grudge against the Jedi.

Tarkin: not at all Master Jedi, due to your orders continued silence my cousin's role in the stark hyperspace war remains a shining achievement.

An'ya Kuro: Yoda and his point of view approach never ceases to amaze.

Palpatine: true enough, now what does your task force require to bring an end to this string of heinous acts?

Rostek Horn: access to the Grand Armies non-clone combatant list. specifically the Operation Leaders core of service.

Tarkin: we cannot compromise the identities of our clandestine operatives, especially to an agent of another galactic faction.

Rostek Horn: are you questioning the loyalty of Corellia!

Tarkin: yes and no. First off Senator Bel Iblis's declaration of Contemplanys Hermi keeps Corellia's allegiance up in the air. secondly..


An'ya Kuro: what's your position on clandestine members of the grand army seeing the list?

Tranquillity Spire of the Jedi Temple-Coruscant-20 years BBY


The five jedi stand around the floating child in meditation.
within each of their minds, the jedi attempt to flow walk into the scene of the crime as evidenced by the poor twi'lek child. strained the jedi let the tranquilized child drift back to the floor.

Ranik Solusar: those blasted Aing-Tii need to share the greater details of this skill with us.

Koffi Arana: i understand our situation requires us to use it, but i still feel as if it skirts the dark side in some manner.

Ylenic It'kla: the child can only take so much more before we must submit him to correctional custody.

Empatajayos Brand: agreed, after this last attempt we hit the streets.

Nejaa Halcyon: can you handle much more of this yourself Ylenic?

Ylenic It'kla: force willing, Spicewood. force willing.

The five jedi stretch again and attempt to flow walk into the realm of the memnii, the sounds of the poor strumpet blare into their minds, her anguish during the brutal beating. the crashing of the room above the bed rocks their minds. suddenly Master solusar breaches the confine of the Memnii and proceeds to peer into the dim room. the twi'lek's blood begins to spatter the walls, Ranik instinctively follows the spatter to the wall.


Master Brand breaches the Memnii as well, upon his emergence into the scene he gets a full glimpse at the perpetrators rage filled face.

Empatajayos Brand: (flow-walking through Memnii) Ranik look at him!

Ranik Solusar: (flow-walking through Memnii) i know him,

Suddenly the flow walk is violently broken, the four fall backwards, Nejaa catches the child mid-air. Solusar squirms on the floor in shock.

Koffi Arana: you saw him?

Ylenic It'kla: indeed they did, but we must submit the child to the medics.

Nejaa Halcyon: one can only hope a reliable Jedi healer will rid the child of its fear.


Empatajayos Brand: (attempting to wake Solusar) Ranik, calm yourself. where do you know him from?

Ranik Solusar: during my years in the AgriCorps on Bandomeer, he was a derelict child.

Nejaa Halcyon: was he a masterless padawan?

Ranik Solusar: no, it was said he murdered two whole households on Naos III and burned the houses to hide the truth of the matter....

Koffi Arana: Do you remember his name?

Ranik Solusar: The non-force sensitive farmers called him Di Vont.

Grand Army Headquarters-19 years before the battle of Yavin IV


Tarkin: out of the question! i cannot condone the broadcasting of one of the GA's operatives identity over the holonet.

Rostek Horn: so you protect a murderer and allow this chain of murders to continue!

Tarkin: suspected murderer, the only evidence your task force has as of this moment is a whole lot of jedi fantasy.

Empatajayos Brand: surely you do not intend to go along with this?

Palpatine: my hands are tied master Jedi, Senator Tarkin's opinion on this matter is sadly correct. the populace is already in an uproar over the controversy surrounding this investigation. we cannot add fuel to this raging fire.

Ranik Solusar: so the blood of whom ever this psychopath kills next lies upon your door Chancellor.


Koffi Arana: if we could air the suspects identity, we could save the lives of his next victims, if not secure his confinement.

An'ya Kuro: (materializing into wall) i've had enough of this deterrent, i will find this scum before dawn.

Nejaa Halcyon: for the first time, she and i are in total agreement.

Vos Gesal Street, Coruscant-20 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) it's really amazin how much fun lekku can be, ya take em off a strum an still thay appear attractive. even ina bloody pile dhey entice yea.


Sloan Snickers: in a stunningly revolting turn of events the lekku loper has sent the populace a message. amidst the spiraling out of control controversy surrounding the investigation, the infamous serial killer has managed to turn the spotlight back upon itself. for the first time in perhaps eons the once bustling coco district is in a state of utter shock at the ghastly site that can be seen behind me!

behind the reporter glides a hover platform with a line of bashed up waving protocol droids smeared in Twi'lek blood and adorned in the severed Lekku collected from each of the Eighteen victims. the crowd lines the walls of the streets in disgust and shock.


Sloan Snickers: so the main question crossing the mind of this reporter is this: where in the midst this public display of disdain towards Galactic law is the Jedi/CorSec task force to be found?


LAAT-hovering above the Lekku Parade


Ylenic It'kla: beastly.

Ranik Solusar: i count only eighteen, so he hasn't struck again.

Koffi Arana: one can hope, have you ever seen anything like this?

Empatajayos Brand: Master Yaddle spoke of the atrocities of Tulak on rare occasion, i can assure you this is along those lines.

Rostek Horn: the forensic droids have good news, the heat signature of the platform is leaving a trail.

Koffi Arana: can it be followed?

Rostek Horn: already on our way.

The LAAT soars into the skies as the home-guard attempts to contain the Lekku Parade. the vessel goes towards the works area of the galactic city scape. the ion trial leads them to an abandoned Tibanna gas platform.


Dilbun Vont: (narration) why does gittin pinched feel like life day?

The Six Jedi surround the seated figure of Dilbun Vont with lightsabers drawn. Rostek Horn approaches the murderer with his blaster pistol leveled on the grinning man.


Empatajayos Brand: in the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you're under arrest.

Dilbun Vont: (chuckles)

Rostek Horn: what's so kriffing funny about any of this creep!

Koffi Arana: Is this really the guy we've been unable to catch? i mean come on look at him. he's fringe garbage!

An'ya Kuro: now, now Master Arana remember what yoda taught us as younglings. control, you must learn control. no matter how chunky a pile of fodder may be, is it not the will of the force for it to be so?

Dilbun Vont: (chuckles) guuud one.

Nejaa Halcyon: do you deny your actions? or does my companion need to experience your rampage first hand?

Dilbun Vont: come on over here Caamasi, hope you brought a change of shorts.

Ylenic It'kla: (extending a hand towards vont) emotion, yet peace....ignorance, yet peace...passion, yet serenity...Chaos....yet..

suddenly It'kla is hit with a blast of pure madness, the impulsive memories are a cluster of agony. both induced upon others and self inflicted upon Vont. Years of suffering encumber the peace loving caamasi.

Ylenic It'kla: (withdrawing) a stable memnii cannot be formed from this...such madness his mind is not normal.


Empatajayos Brand: is he the lekku loper or not!

Ylenic It'kla: too much reckless hate within him, certainty cannot be gleaned from his mind.

Rostek Horn: well i highly doubt this karking ferglutz is a good house keeper, gotta be some hard evidence on him or in this dump.

Dilbun Vont: (chuckles)

Ranik Solusar: what's so funny...Di?


in a sudden urge of clarity Vont recalls his years on Bandomeer in the agricorps and the harsh treatment of the Failed Padawans. taking charge of the situation, vont releases his hold of a detonator. explosions begin to rock the refinery. Agent Horn knocks Vont over the head with the but of his Blaster pistol, Halcyon and Horn drag the murderer out of the exploding platform as the other jedi cover their exit.


the LAAT lifts off as the Refinery plummets into a portion of the works exploding as it does so. The Jedi look on as the blast is tended to by the emergency firespeeders.


An'ya Kuro: there is a greater evil at work here boys, all of this has had a purpose to which we are blind.

Koffi Arana: i feel it also. every aspect of this was arranged, there is no way a mentally unstable being could have eluded us while carrying on this high profile string of murders..its just not possible!

Ranik Solusar: calm yourself Koffi. we got the guy, that's all that matters now.

Nejaa Halcyon: how exactly do you figure that one Solusar?

Rostek Horn: yeah the top brass essentially told us their not gonna except a memnii as evidence and all the evidence of this creeps involvement just went up in flames and was hover carted down Vos gesal street.

Empatajayos Brand: so its our word against...his.

the group assembled looks down at the knocked out form of Dilbun Vont.

Sith Containment Cells-Jedi Temple-Coruscant-20 BBY


Yoda: (via hologram) most disturbing is your account of these matters Master Brand, most disturbing.

Empatajayos Brand: Until you or another member of the high council returns it appears the chancellor's office will not allow the Judicial Department to hear of Master It'kla's Memnii nor has the progeny of the last victim been relocated since we turned him over to the correctional authority.

Yoda: (via hologram) what of the task force? where have they gone?

Empatatjayos Brand: shortly after we apprehended The Lekku Lop... Di Vont, they where reassigned and Agent Horn was escorted back to Corellian space.

Yoda: (via hologram) what of the majordomo's information leaking? and what of Master Solusar's memories regarding this vont's time on Bandomeer?

Empatajayos Brand: much like the Chancellor's stonewalling and the disappearance. nothing master, the records of the vont family murder on Naos III where apparently lost thirteen years ago and the correctional authority has nothing either. aside from the fact that we've got this guy in the cell across from me, we've got nothing on him.

Yoda: (via hologram) and powerless against the will of a war time chancellor we remain, um a clandestine agent this one must be.

Empatajayos Brand: it would also appear the public has already forgotten about the investigation, it's as if it all never happened master. the whole mess, all the finger pointing and all that disgrace for nothing.

Yoda: (via hologram) in vain your drag through the mud has not been, Master Brand. aware are we of the lengths which our enemies will sink to discredit us we are. redeployed the others have been you say?

Empatajayos Brand: yes master.


Yoda: (via hologram) why aren't you redeployed as well Master Brand? um

Empatajayos Brand: in light of the chancellors recent command restructuring amendment. i've withdrawn myself from the Grand army, master. my duties lie at the behest of the council, not a war mongering dianoga like Palpatine.

Yoda: (via hologram) um, calm yourself Master Brand. agree with half of your thoughts i do, and wish i where able to join your stance on this position. as Grand Master however i cannot.

Empatajayos Brand: i agree, another schism cannot be allowed. but i will no longer serve in the war effort, send me to bandomeer or expel me from the order if you please.

Yoda: (via hologram) continue with this lekku loper interrogation you must Master Brand. perhaps within his mind lies the keys to unlock the mystery of the Sith.

Empatajayos Brand: yes master. May the force be with you.

the hologram of yoda vanishes.


Dilbun Vont: what the hell iz that lil green frakker? i neva sin a ding lika that in my life?

Empatajayos Brand: he's the grand master of the Jedi Order and that's all you need to know for right now.

Dilbun Vont: (chuckles) wow, so ya guys take in'all pathetic forms ov life huh?

Empatajayos Brand: the jedi respect all forms of life, including evil forms. that i can assure you is the only reason why your still alive...Vont is it?

Dilbun Vont: nice try, i'll stick with mr. innocent till released from illegal confinement.


Empatajayos Brand: i'll get to the point then, my fellow investigators and i no longer believe that you acted alone. one as clearly unhinged as yourself could not have maintained this act all alone. your rampage was staged and clearly allowed to go on as long as it did. and your capture was a set up to kill all of us on that refinery.

Dilbun Vont: dat thing blew case i blew it up pal, and jus so ya know before you start chargin me, there ain't no laws aganist taking out derelict platforms in the works.


Empatajayos Brand: really is that why the forensic droids found another set of Detonite on that tub?

Dilbun Vont: wow, you must really be the brains behind that gaggle of lazorsword jockeys they sent afta this loper guy. so i'm supposeda to git all pissy and yell: "that slimeo tryd to kill me after all this junk i did" and so and so fourth.

Empatajayos Brand: such an interesting form of insanity. both out of control and yet...

Dilbun Vont: enjoyein mysef.

Unknown battlefield-20 BBY


Darth Tyranus: all the great Jedi investigators, discredited and redeployed far from your trail. simply amazing my master.

Darth Sidious: (via hologram) Yes...yes.

Darth Tyranus: the only matter that troubles me with this plan, is how do you intend to dispose of Vont. now that he is in Jedi custody, surely he can be of no further use to you?

Darth Sidious: (via hologram) the jedi know not what they've allowed into their midst my apprentice. that is all you need to know, i assume all is in readiness on Susevfi?

Darth Tyranus: yes my master, Tyris and his Jensaarai acolytes await It'kla,Solusar and Halcyon. they will be no match for them.

Darth Sidious: (via hologram) i once made an assumption along those same lines my friend.

Darth Tyranus: what of the public outcry against both the offices of the chancellor and the jedi order? surely the legend of the lekku loper will ignite again to give us room to operate within?

Darth Sidious: (via hologram) you still have much to learn my apprentice, you allow jedi weaknesses to govern your thoughts regarding other sentient lives. this entire chain of events has only served to bring the jedi under tighter control while discrediting their investigatory methods and it has also imposed a greater authority upon the home guard.

Darth Tyranus: than you wish to reign in the garbage in the lower sectors of the capitol my lord? is there a threat in that area?

Darth Sidious: (via hologram) forget it Tyrannus, it's only CoCo Town.

Dilbun Vont will return



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