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Post Posted: May 19th 2005 3:40 pm
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Droid4Sale wrote:
12:01 Lancaster, Pa

Love Lancaster.....miss the Whoopie Pies!

Post Posted: May 19th 2005 3:47 pm
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UCI Cinema
Screen 7
Norwich, UK

Post Posted: May 19th 2005 6:50 pm

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New Albany, IN. U.S.A.
12:01 am Thursday

The movie was excellent. The theater I watched it in was sold out but there was comfortable stadium style seating. After eating my dinner at Quizno's I went to the theater two and a half hours before the movie was to start since I did not know what to expect from the crowd. The people working the theater allowed those of us who had their tickets beforehand to go ahead and get seated if we chose to, which is what I did instead of standing in the rapidly growing line of fans. When I found my sacred seat I was determined not to get up for the entire two and a half hours not even for refreshments or a bathroom visit in order not to risk losing my good seat to someone who would come in when I would be away. There were people dressed up in Stormtrooper and Darth Vader costumes and various robed Jedi-like outfits made somewhat complete with Walmart lightsabers. A half hour before the movie started a theater employee brought it to our attention that no cameras or cell phone cameras were allowed. He said that under strict conditions every ticket would have to be checked and he also said that some Lucas people were there to make sure the guidelines are followed. The fine would be ten thousand dollars for anyone caught trying to make a copy of the film.

I thought overall the film was great; alot of action and no Jar Jar except of a minor appearance with no dialogue at Padme's funeral procession. In my opinion this ranks alongside Empire Strikes Back. It's the best of the prequels by far. Really this film was Ian McDiarmids. His portryal of Darth Sidious outshined the telling of Anakins turn which is what this movie was about. I totally dismiss some critics opinions about the sub par dialogue. I thought the movie flowed seamlessly and the dialogue did not subtract from it. The heroics of Yoda was another great thing about this movie. The best duels from the movie was Mace/Darth Sidious and Yoda/Darth Sidious. Overall though every lightsaber skirmish in the movie were truly beautiful things. I do wish however I could have seen or at least heard Qui Gon manifesting to Yoda the secret to immortality within the force instead of the mere mention to Obi Wan right before there self-imposed exiles. Maybe it will be included on the DVD release (hint, hint, GL). Man, even R2D2 was great. I certainly had a good time so now I guess I will take my wife and children to the drive in to see it on a weekend.

Post Posted: May 19th 2005 6:50 pm
I am Jack's bowel cancer

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DKN wrote:
Vader77 wrote:
You'll never guess what happened at a midnight screening in Australia. At the Hurstville cinemas for the midnight session the audience was contently watching the movie when there was about 30 minutes to go the movie stopped. Turns out the film caught on fire. They were all given free double passes so that they could see it later. I didn't go to that cinema, just heard of it on our local news this morning.

WOW that happened in Australia? Guess what that happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana too! I went to a midnight screening and all the reels burned up in the theather. It happened 3 times during the film. The last time was with the Count Dooku fight and then everyone got their money back and stuff. I heard the same thing happened at other theaters in Baton Rouge. :|

Same thing happened to me, only for the PM, people were pissed :mad:

Post Posted: May 19th 2005 9:55 pm

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Was at the Paramount Montreal at 12am on the 18/19 night.

Post Posted: May 19th 2005 10:17 pm

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12:01 a.m.@Gateway in SLC, Utah. Too many people in poor costumes.

Post Posted: May 19th 2005 11:21 pm

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My wife and I saw it last night in Columbus, Ohio. Easton Mall, all 30 theatres were sold out. I also went to see it 3 times today as What good fun.

She brought up a terrific argument, and wanted me to post here to get a few opinions. When Anakin is telling Padme about how he is more powerful than Palpatine, and that he can overtake him, and have "his" empire", she was thinking to a moment in ROTJ, when Vader throws Palpatine over the reactor. In 1983, we are all thinking that Vader finally has a heart, and cannot stand to see his son being fried like a chicken. Well, knowing Anakin's plan to rule the galaxy (with Padme originally), my wife questions weather or not Anakin killed Palpatine as sort of a last ditch opprotunity to "take over". It had me thinking alot, and I was really curious as to what people might think. Lucas and McCallum said this movie would make us all see the OT in a different light, maybe this could be one of the things he was referring to.

Its been fun, and thanks again to all the resourceful people onthis board who discovered leaks for all this time.

Post Posted: May 19th 2005 11:34 pm

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That's kind of what I thought as well. So, we watched the scene in ROTJ. My wife countered by saying it woul dhave fit his profile to try and "take over" by killing Palpy, and only when his breathing device fried out is when he gave up. He had one last ditch effort, and again it failed (Vader is indeed a bad luck tragic character), so that's when he knew it was a done deal.

Post Posted: May 24th 2005 1:16 pm

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diVe wrote:
Birmingham, Alabama

Rave Motion Pictures DLP (Patton Creek in Hoover)

After I saw Sith for the 2nd time, I found out about Rave's DLP theater. I didn't know there was one in Birmingham. Guess I'll have to catch it for a third showing.
Cool avatar btw!

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