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Post Posted: August 31st 2005 9:55 pm
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I attended the '05 SFX Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this past weekend - Here's the latest bitz (Grievious/E3 DVD) from Matt Wood who attended as well as Kenny Baker

- Matt started his Intimate & Interactive program off by taking questions from his associate (while in the adjacent room) as Gen. Greivous with his trusty Laptop DigiDesign-ProTools & mic (Similar to C3/San Diego ComiCon)

- Seems Grievious didn't particularily enjoy working with GL 'cause he doesn't pay for Over-Time

- The last Q of 7 asked "If on the 'ROTS' DVD would there be any scenes of him put back in?" His response "I'd like to ask Shaak-Ti but I can't

- He talked of himself, his job, inspirations for Grievious (trips to Prague, Moscow - Eastern Europe) & discussion with GL about Grievious background

- In an ADR session Matt coughed at the end of the "Your lightsabers will make fine additions ... " line, So he quickly wanted to redo it but GL said no they would move on. At the end of that days work GL went up to the mike and coughed into it several x's leaving Matt puzzled, furthering that GL asked for all of the completed sessions (including the cough's) so he could personally rough-in some of the dialogue track

- He spoke of GL's thoughts (during subsequent ADR sessions) on the cough in relation to Greivous being rotten/sick to the core, his slight Biological state and his make-up a pre-cursor to the technology that would lead to Vader but how it wasn't quite perfected yet

- He had finished last Thursday putting the final touches on the Archival of everything E3 - It's completely done

- In relation to a future Box Set Q ('07?) Matt confirmed that there have been calls to the Archive Dept. at the Ranch to start preparing stuff for new future supplemental materials for both the E3 DVD and the Box-Set (can't wait!)

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:) I love Star Wars.

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They do that ProTools and mic thing @ Disneyland California Adventure for a Finding Nemo attraction (with the turtle guy).

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Sith PArk, surely you must have info on this upcoming Dvd release of the trilogy. I just cant think of a logical reason why lucas would release the special editions on DVd. Do we have any screenshots or videos or nything from this release?

Post Posted: October 8th 2005 1:09 am
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This news from Bill Hunt - - 10.07.05

We've got a surprise treat for you Star Wars fans today to close out the week. Sarah and I made the quick plane hop up to San Francisco yesterday, to attend the Episode III DVD press event at the Skywalker Ranch. As today marks my 38th year on this planet, it was quite the nice way to spend an afternoon. I'll tell you more about it all (and post some pictures Sarah took) on Monday.

One interesting note from the event: Producer Rick McCallum and ILM animation director Rob Coleman confirmed that Lucas has continued to digitally massage the other Star Wars films. Specifically, Coleman indicated that the puppet Yoda from Episode I has been replaced with a digital Yoda that matches the character as seen in Episodes II and III. The CG performance was specifically tailored to match to Frank Oz's puppet performance.

You'll be pleased to know that Coleman also told me, in no uncertain terms, that Oz's puppet work in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi will NEVER be replaced with CG. So you fans can rest easy. You'll get to see the new changes on a future, as-yet-unscheduled box set release of the entire Star Wars saga on DVD and/or HD.

Anyway, as you're probably hoping, I've just posted my in-depth review of the 2-disc Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith DVD, which streets on 11/1. If you thought the video and audio quality on the previous Star Wars DVDs was impressive, just wait until you get your hands on this

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So basically, everything we already know.

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Thanks a lot Sith Park. Whenever you get to know nything about these changes tell me. Thanks!

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