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Yes it's lengthy and contains names and websites many of you haven't heard about or care to so please refrain from the obvious TL catchphrases. The other players that were a part of "the scene" will be contacted about contributing to the thread also.

MF Spoiler Days Circlejerk Appreciation Plantation Station Thread
MF versus TBone versus TFN from February 2005 Thread spoiler roundtable podcast February 27 2005
HookLineAndSinker on secret spoiler mafias & drama (Alternate Link)



FALL 2000

    Two huge spoiler bombs drop: The Episode II storyboards and the shooting script leak (to a very select few).

October 2000

    Episode II storyboards were leaked by - which helped distribute. LucasFilm immediately had the storyboards taken down. I aquired the storyboards and began to distribute them myself. In fact I gave a copy of them to Damion "Imperator Iconoclast" Graff and later he used them along with SI script leaks for his site's popular Episode II plot synopsis.

    The darthpsychotic username was permbanned at for saying FUCK by a Chryen + DarkLadyMara combo. Although the original Darthy username is still quite functional.

    Around this time I also joined the boards which had just started forums in August 2000. which was then a young startup also had started forums in this period (June 2000). The forums for both sites were new and weren't around during the Episode I days of 1999.

November - December 2000

    Sith Interceptor (SI here) got the shooting script, the Green Revision which he shared details and posted about at not only TFN, but, and as well.

    Another insider at the boards named Perfect Dark also had some form of Episode II script. Paraphrased excerpts started to appear on and presumabely and also.


January 2001

February 2001 and cross-pollenisation:, which was online since December 1998, and, which started in March 2000, featured each others spoiler reports since both webmasters were friends. Both sites started forums much later however in late Summer of 2000, seemingly at the sametime. The Episode II storyboards and likely to some extent the presence of SI posting script info were big draws to the forums. At the and Aldera forums there was no family friendly rules like at Which meant one could say FUCK.

    The YaBB board had crashed in February 2001 and it's members invaded the Episode-X UBB boards. When,'s UBB boards crashed shortly thereafter there was a counter invasion. While both invasions were friendly there was some minor hazing and minor flame wars. Some members stayed at and some members stayed at

Spring 2001

    Not much went on during this period since the entire Episode II script was out or in the hands of a select few along with storyboards detailing two important action scenes. Most of the talk centered around the weekly LucasSelects, Making of Episode II webdocs, and Star Wars Insider magazine scans. obtained some behind the scenes footage of Hayden Christensen, set it to "Duel of the Fates", slapped their logo on it causing much bitching from other fansites.

Summer 2001

    Sevaan the creator of faded from the scene and concentrated on his Survivor TV fansite. was taken over by Tai-Zec of

    At boards there was some drama going down over a member named Ternian and spoilers. It seems Ternian was being accused of posting spoilers in non spoiler forums by one TFN mod named DarkLadyMara. Also many members of boards didn't believe the insiders over there.

    After this incident Ternian then started a private, invite only ezboard called "Kamino" and invited most of the Episode II "insiders" who held scripts and images, along with several moderators.'s UBB board crashed again and Tai-Zec started the boards anew on ikonboard.

    Over at a member named Mike filmed Steve Sansweet's Episode II behind the scenes documentary called Episode II Connections which was the Episode III Back in Black bootleg video of it's day. Mike was featured prominently at because of it.

    Everyone at and was looking forward to seeing the Connections footage. Unfortunately a individual named Grendel(sfork) offered to encode the raw footage, and gave it to TFN after making Mike promise not to show it to anybody else.

Fall 2001

    This is when took off.

    Tai-Zec the new head at, recruited Ternian and his Kamino board insiders and members to Many Kamino members received staff positions and mod positions at because offering admin & mod positions is a sure fire way of recruiting new members and keeping old ones. At the time I was somewhat suprised to see names like Grendel, Dehrian, and Fatboy as mods given they didn't post there that much during those days.

    Another reason why took off was due to one Force Kin who obtained two CD's full of never seen before Episode II digital stills and artwork. I believe the images were posted at Episode-X under the SidiousTheWhite spyname and by TBone under the TFN_Sucks moniker.

    The forums just opened up by former a TFN'er who then went to head LucasOnline - Paul "Ghent" Ens. Ghent gave many TFN staffers mod positions for a short period including Josh Griffin. Ghent then started a open call thread where one can apply for mod position leading to other fan sites getting represented in the mod pool.

    Every TFN spinoff board immediately joined the boards and started doing their in-jokes and catchphrasing.

October 2001

    It was during this month my minor e-celebrity permbanned self was catapulted into internet superstardom. started threatening lawsuits against and over animated gifs and all this other harry potter shit. This in conjunction with some skirmishs I had with a TFN moderator spinoff group called "The Refuge" is when Internet Terrorism started occuring.

    I used to (and occasionally still do) go under the screen name Luke Skyywalker and post actress model images & video on another domain: Under the Luke Skyywalker name, I frequented "internety security" boards and learned how to "make" passwords and obtained minor e-celeb status over it.

    Well let's say what was learned under the Luke Skyywalker screen name was used under the darthpsychotic name and applied to certain Star Wars private boards which were then opened up to the general public. One problem I had was the "darthpsychotic" nick was starting post and mirror (by request) spoiler images and info, so yet another old username "darthy" I went by was used to post the "opened" Star Wars private boards info:


    The site was meant to look primitive and the threads featured on the site were from 2001 to 2002. One set of threads are from the TFN moderator forum called the "ModSquad" and the other set of threads is from moderator's spinoff board called "The Refuge" and who mainly promoted their own members for moderator over non members.

    The ripped private forum pages were posted in the Anarchy subforum, because there were no rules. To further distant darthy from darthpsychotic I started to post in a new at the time (in 2001) internet fad called "AOL Speak" or "webcam speak" since camportals where the social networking sites of the day... of which I found out about at another forum I discovered... the SA (SomethingAwful) forums.

    Not only did the public get to see inside moderator forums, TFN board members finally got to see their own private usernotes which caused all sorts of hilarious drama. We also posted satellite images of TFN moderators houses. Keep in mind this was 2001 and it was new then.

    Another popular darthy anarchy thread was the Playboy CyberClub backdoor. Spoilers, drama, and Playboy. Again. New. 2001.

    Due to the moderator forum revelations, mods started having weekly public "modsquad updates", member usernotes were given out on request, and a Advisory Council where regular members could give their opinions on the site were created.

    In addition the opening up of some high profile private boards, I stumbled across Ternian's lower profile ezboard called Kamino. After seeing a ton of people at Ternian's board that I already knew and was friendly with I emailed Ternian and another member I knew - Gunsblazing promising them not to divulge any of the information I seen.

    Making the promise was easy because I already had most of the spoiler materials and to this day don't understand the spoiler hording or whatever reputation the board had. Later I was asked to join along with TBone of


January 2002 along with and started featuring more and more of Sith Interceptor's script as frontpage reports.

    After needing some hosting for my lukeskyywalker(.com, .net) domain, the company I went with gave out two free domains. So I chose and

    I would post always bootleg stuff on freehosts so I figured instead of using the unreliable hosts why not use Well further catapulted me into the internet stratosphere.

February 2002

    This month marked the end of the darthy show at the Anarchy subforum due to agreement between Episode-X and TFN AND due to certain TFN mods patching up a security hole and lol "securing" an account of a moderator called Padme Bra (who is male btw).

    TFN then promoted the head of the moderator spinoff group The Refuge: Vertical who conspired against them only months ago as Security Administrator, giving him access to well over 10,000 TFN board passwords. This move pretty much cemented my supposed unauthorised access to the boards probably for life.

    The end of the darthy show at (and elswhere) didn't bother me because I was more into the spoiler show going on.

    Also during this month the ikonboard crashed and re-started again.

April 2002

    April marked the end of the line for and even

    Sith Interceptor gave copies of his entire script to,, and to post and on a certain date these sites were to leak the entire script I believe. Well a Z-Lister by the name of "noggins" who for some reason had mod powers at the site forums was given access to the script by Gunsblazing over at

    This noggins then transcribed the scanned script pages and then started to private message them to TFN board members, I guess to impress them. I busted the fuck and Damion Graff put it up on his Damion Graff leaked the script first publically.

    There was a thread started at the boards where idiots could request the transcribed script. This thread pissed me off because Gunsblazing had a link in his signature and Damion of course had it for download at his site. A "xSithHappensx" posted for the first time in this thread asking for such links or some such.

    Shortly thereafter the ikonboard crashed once again. The script was out as well as the soundtrack. Someone at came up with the idea of moving boards to ezboard and restarting from scratch again. This move effectively killed any momentum had and in my opinion killing the site itself. and others were like "lol ezboard".

    Many members left and went back to while a few went to the forums.

    After leaking the Episode II Visual Dictionary (thanks in part to JamesJinn) and leaking the Episode II soundtrack (with the help of BobTheGoon) on the Episode-X forums, LucasFilm had sieze away from me.

    What put LucasFilm over the top was the Visual Dictionary and my posting their emails on the site.


      WHOIS Record For


        Lucas Online Ltd.
        Host Master
        San Francisco, CA 94129

      Domain Name:

        Created on..............: Mon, Jan 14, 2002
        Expires on..............: Mon, Jan 14, 2008

      Administrative Contact:

        Lucasfilm Ltd.
        Host Master
        San Francisco, CA 94129

Summer - Fall 2002

    We bootlegged the Episode II DVDRip along with it's deleted scene videos in August 2002 - which was supposed to go on sale two months later in November 2002.


Winter - Spring 2003

    There was not much in the spoiler scene for most of the year. restarted once again on phpbb in late 2002. This time xSith Happensx was added to the admin staff because he paid for ezboard gold and offered to help run the site. Some shitty posters that arrived from ezboard and the board showed up again at the new phpbb.

    Ternian was given staff postion and non-admin mod powers and I was still sorta popular at the new boards but the magic wasn't there. In the Anarchy forum the admins started locking Anarchy threads.

    Because one of the admins was a mod named Vanda we couldn't bootleg anything. For example I introduced bittorrent to both Episode-X and - only at my bittorrent thread was locked.

    It was then I finally officially registered for the SomethingAwful forums and started posting more at a site (run by "Adam" here) called, where I was given admin powers.

Summer 2003

    This is when things broke down.

    At Ternian's Kamino ezboard supposed home of the spoiler mafia, Fatboy started up shitting on threads with long ass posts about the spoiler days about being over. Fatboy went Nancy Reagan in a thread about drugs and was then removed from the Kamino premises.

    Later Ternian fought with Episode-X's Tai-Zec over frontpage stories. Ternian updated the frontpage with stories from other sites (with credit) and add in some commentary. Just like the current "" does on their blog now.

    Ternian then left Shortly thereafter the boards crashed and restarted once again.

Fall 2003

    A insider who went by the name of Darth Friday appeared on the TFN boards with info (and several images from pre-production) telling tales of 4-armed battledroids and Anakin forcechoking Padme to a chorus of "lol no way".

    Darth Friday was going to share all of his info with Ternian but because of the drama between Ternian and in addtion to Ternian being supiscious, Ternian turned him down. Ternian however did post about Darth Friday at his ezboard "Kamino".

    This is where "AL" comes in. AL learned about this source called Darth Friday and would feed Kamino derived Episode III rumors to Darth Friday who would call bullshit on them and then for some reason fork over his spoilers and pictures to AL who would then give it to TBone of (TBone had left Ternian's Kamino board earlier).

    If you could follow that, follow this... would post DarthFriday spoilers on Fridays. TBone concocted a scheme where he would post TFN's own spoilers on HIS site on Thursday. What I termed the "Darth Thursday" scheme.

    One problem. I found about about AL leaking "our stuff" to trade for spoilers from's source Darth Friday so he could give them to TBone. So using the TFN board admin powers at TFN, user's accounts and emails put out for the public consumption shall we say.

    This is when I found out that not only that source called Darth Friday was the real deal but TBone somehow morphed in what I termed at the time "Bizarro Scott Chitwood". It wasn't about getting spoilers out to the fans it was about "getting TFN".

    I promptly gave AL and TBone's ill-gotten TFN spoilers from's Darth Friday to and TBone was pissed because those where HIS stolen TFN spoilers and he wanted Episode-X and Jedinet to either ban me or block me on Instant Messenger.

    Later I posted the TBone's and AL's emails which featured an appearance by Fatboy in this thread: A Private Conversation with TFN's Darth Friday, AL, and TBone.

    The email thread humiliated Fatboy because he just got done crossposting his long ass post raging against Ternian's private board Kamino. The long ass post was popular only amongst one or two Z-List X-boarders. So Fatboy makes yet another long ass post called "Death of an Anti-Fanboy" announcing his retirement which was then crossposted all the fuck over to a chorus of "lol not reading"

    Fatboy then let it be known that he supplied Tbone with his two-paragraph Episode III plot synopsis. The two paragraph plot consisted of something like "There is no Boba Fett" and "Obi-Wan hands Luke over the Lars with Binary Sunset playing in the background at the very end". This was the first and only time I am aware of Fatboy gettng any spoilers on his own. Fatboy then posted the plot at Operation and here at MF but nobody cared because it was miniscule next to the Darth Friday spoilers already released.

    Darth Friday registered here at MF and saying he dislikes AL now would be putting it mildly. MF ended up getting his unreleased images and info but eventually everyone else did when they were leaked by a Tom Hodges in a chatroom of all places.

October 2003

    Ternian had created created a second ezboard in addition to his old Kamino ezboard. This new board was semi-public and were frequented by z-listers from the X-boards and OperationSombrero who complained about him previously while at Episode-X.

    Well since Ternian left and the Episode-X boards turning to absolute shit thanks to shitty new posters like "Elgar" and "Aquanostra", I decided to take matter into my own hands and make a new site: MILLENNIUM

    When I created the I was heavily influenced by Ternian's Kamino,, (circa Fall 2001 to Spring 2002), and by the forums. We had a instant userbase thanks to in part our spoiler history. Pretty much everyone from Ternian's Kamino was joined, I also invited some posters from the older and boards, and many came over from

    One mistake was giving xSithHappensx and toochilled admin positions here. Both were members at Ternian's Kamino board and admins at what was left of


January 2004

    The Back in Black video was leaked in part here. "toochilled" brought it here and claimed it came from him and his source. Only it didn't. Some members had the video a month or so prior and even posted a story about it. It was passed around and eventually some TFN board mods got a hold of it.

    One of our members Foxbatkllr informed me of the real origin. The Back in Black originated from a member of the 501st "dressup on the weekend as a stormtrooper" army. This person was thrown out of the group because of it. Later this same source supplied MF with this Video Game Poster and these Episode III posters from Comic Con.

    What was left of put up the video like it was some big exclusive and redesigned the site's banners around it. lol

February 2004

    Some spoiler drama when down when a Tom Hodges leaked some spoiler images from TFN's source Darth Friday in a chatroom. For some reason or another LucasFilm harassed the fuck out of me over the leaked pictures and got,'s then domain registrar to harass as well over it.

April 2004

    MF got the aforementioned Episode III video game poster but behind the scenes we got something else very big in the form of Original Trilogy DVD spy pictures and info. We had the images of Hayden Christensen in Return of the Jedi and Ian McDiarmid as The Emperor in the Empire Strikes Back. However the source of the images also passed them around at the JC and they were leaked to AICN.

June 2004

    We talked our Original Trilogy DVD source into doing a text spy report listing all changes to the Original Trilogy DVD which was called "The Song Remains The Same".

July 2004

    While ComicCon 2004 was going on MF scooped LucasFilm and with MF dropping the Return of the Jedi DVDrip and the arrival of DarthFirst, Klownicle, and Starman.

    DarthFirst was great because he first joined TFN but received a chorus of "Works In Progress"and "workprint" from the non-believers. When DarthFirst came to MF he was welcomed with open arms and proceeded to bend over backwards making screencaps and sound .wavs for the fans. shocked and awed the internet's ass by introducing many to the new at the time Web2.0 concepts such as BitTorrent and free image hosting. Indeed, the useful HOW-TO threads for BiTorrent and NewGroups which were started back then are still being linked to this day.

    It was also during this time the the go back to the train started. Pretty much anyone asking "Where Da Filez At" were thrown out. xSithHappensx left the building for not doing anything, never being here, and for attracting way too many shatty X-boarders.

    Things heated up between LucasFilm and MF. board moderators who get free hyperspace and gift certificates started lurking at MF ratting out our members I guess to justify getting free hyperspace and gift certificates.

August - September 2004

    More Original Trilogy DVDs were world premiered at MF: Empire Strikes Back, A New Hope, and the set's Bonus Disc including Episode III first looks.

November 2004

    Spoileriffic arrived at MF. Spoiler was a big fan of mine during the Episode II days and wanted to be able post his own spoilers on a board that would let him. Spoiler was at but they had agreements of some sort with LucasFilm about not competing with coverage or something, i.e. posting spoilers.

December 2004

    Yet another source came to MF in the form of HardCopy. HardCopy had access to several books including obviously the Revenge of the Sith novel. One of the criticisms of MF HardCopy Reports is that it all came "from the novel". Well HardCopy also supplied us with the final theatrical trailer or at least a transcript of, images from (which never got to be posted), and sound .wavs from it.


January 2005

    Spoileriffic Drama

    Very late December 2005, early 2006 we and a problem with Spoileriffic images and HardCopy info leaking. After some investigations, which included of course involved me opening up several board accounts it was discovered that Josh Griffin was leaking the images. I knew Griffin was leaking already because I recall seeing a mod named G-Fett post in the Dooku and Grievous threads pretty much to the effect that he seen them already.

    Well Griffin was not at all to entirely to blame. HardCopy and Spoileriffic gave us permission to share select info with "MF Staff" which was Ternain, Insert Username, SI, me and at the time toochilled. Well when I got into "Gabe" of TFNs account and Sebulba-X's account I found out the truth. toochilled was not only leaking Spoileriffic and HardCopy spoilers but he was saying it came from him. haha. Of course toochilled was demoted, cut off, and later removed.

    According to HooklineAndSinker and other sources, toochilled had a long history of taking Sith Interceptor script pages, Forcekin (Episode-X's "SidiousTheWhite" and TBone's "TFNSucks" pictures, Ternian and DP spoilers and leaking them to his buddies at

    Meanwhile HardCopy and Spoileriffic spoilers continued to take MF to new heights while other sites were left beheind, most notably and it's meager (non) coverage.

February 2005

    The month started with new MF HardCopy reports everyday. Spoileriffic dropped his biggest spoilers at the time in the form of two reports featuring tons of dialog from the actual movie.

    Ternian dropped two massive spoiler bombs in the form of deleted scenes and the entire transcript of the final Star Wars trailer with fucking sound clips!

    On the MF boards there were avalanches of spoilers including the hi-res water-marked posters and the Anakin2005 hi-res images.

    TBone got some late in the game minor spoilers and bitched about LucasFilm targeting him, then asked his readers to email bomb LucasFilm. Tbone later was permabanned from and had his hyperspace revoked over the email bombing and harassing Lucasfilm over not getting a booth at Celebration III. TBone would bitch about not able to post book scans on his site while at the sametime posting them on his lower profile site with no hassle.

    However, Ternian was permabanned at also and had his $40 a year Hyperspace revoked as well only two weeks before Tbone over the MF HardCopy trailer transcipts and soundclips (among other things).

    After some Hardcopy-Spoileriffic spoilers dropped toochilled was given tickets out of the premises. toochilled then "hacked" his own boards: the X-boards, deleting his username and turning the board off via the admin panel while changing the board's site name to "pwned". (Seriously, who still posts "pwn" these days?) The X-boards restarted again for some reason one more time.

March 2005

    MF did 600gb+ of bandwidth for this month.

    March was also notable for MF world premiereing a cam of the final trailer and gbone and Logan supplying us the Episode III graphic novel.

April 2005

    Another 600gb+ bandwidth month.

    MF world premiered the soundtrack about a month before it was released thanks to a source that helped kickstart the MF machine in the beginning.

May - June 2005

    The Revenge of the Sith workprint leaked a day before the premiere of Revenge of the Sith on usenet and IRC.

    In June, Faid tipped us off about a newer internal Revenge of the Sith workprint leaked only this time it was nearly flawless. The workprints helped keep MF afloat until the actual DVD was released.

Note: Novel lenght Spoiler History thread is posted because another site is attempting to trade on our history.

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Don't forget the infamous domain names that popped up in August and September of 2000. That was a huge source for spoilers back then. I mean who can forget Senator Luminara Unduli, Uv Gizen, or Ambu Fett? Well at least some of the names turned out to be correct in the end.

Hoedaack was also fun with his name games in the summer of 2001. I rarely was able to guess which name was a true character name or just something he made up. I think there was a script fragment game on tfn as well where we'd have to unscramble sentences or something.

The day the title for AOTC came out was shocking. "And the title of Episode II is.... Attack of the Clones. Discuss." I still remember that surprisingly

N'Sync to appear in Episode II was a fun week of horror around New Years 2002.

Before I was inivted to Kamino, I remember reading posts from Ternian and grendelsfork and Silmarillion and other kamino members and thinking "where the fuck are they getting this stuff from." Because I had been following every single story about AOTC up until then and even knew articles about some Senator possibly having a cameo in the film that were over a year old that meant nothing.

So in this one thread, I think it was about dogfights in episode II, they kept posting new things as if it were fact until finally I was like "where the hell is this coming from?" It wasn't long after I was invited to Kamino. Unfortunately my memory is really fading on those days. Things are becoming blurred. I remember stories about Yoda and his walking stick lightsaber though.

EDIT: I forgot how overrated the drama was back then too. Such a serious business that spoiler stuff was.

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There was a period in jan 2005 when MF was down. Sithclan, the big french SW fansite, got 8 or 10 beautiful images from RotS promo material. I linked DP, we both chated about the sweetness of the pictures. DP said to post them on TFN's message board, so I did. Laughed at TFN for not never posting spoilers (said they sucked). Mr. Wise gets wind and pisses on SWD, the SW podcast/talkshow I used to be on, because he used to promo us.

Then when MF went back online, SC got pissed on because DP re-posted the images that SC posted (and had since removed as per LFL request). This time Sansweet gets pissed at SC because he thinks that SC had sent the pictures to MF after the removal request.

All this to say, fuck the police.

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Gidro from SithClan jumped on me when I posted those same pics on my image archive site and incorrectly credited them to Spoileriffic. In the end, I changed the credit, he thanked me, and sent me some more hi-res scans a couple weeks later which I also posted. I received several C&D emails from LFL in that time span as well. :roll:

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The SithClan promos at the time were supposed to be posted at both SithClan and MF (to take some heat off of SithClan). However MF was offline due to server load and another upgrade. When SithClan got them, Kit tipped me off and since MF was down I put the promos on 3.0:

Kit made a post the JC something along the lines of "If you think the Spoiler Image parade ended, think again" and posted a link to with some comments along the lines of "TFN still sucks". This drove Philip Wise up the wall and he swore to stop promoting another site Kit was affliated at on frontpage. Steve Sansweet went ballistic and there were several late night phone calls made.

LucasFilm then harassed MF and had the domain's registrar harass me as well. It was then the domains were moved to another registrar.

A little footnote about SI (Sith Interceptor) always wanted to throw them some script spoilers back in the Episode II days but it never got to happen for some reason or another.

The NSYNC reference that Hook made happened during late 2001 or early 2002. Despite what McCallum says there was to be some sort of cameo by them at least according to a very reliable source who supplied TFN with an exact detailed description of a Episode II teaser trailer before. Somehow this info got to Damion Graff of and he ran with it. picked up the story also.

What happened next was metric fucktons of online rage. People were making internet death threats against Lucas, AICN ran a story from the guy who the Big Lebowski was based upon saying how much his daughter loved NSYNC and how we should be ok with the Episode II appearance. One of Ternian's private board (called Kamino) members was fucking quoted in NEWSWEEK magazine about it.

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dp you rok lol


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GunsBlazing wrote:
dp you rok lol


haha I'm attempting to contact all the people involved in the spoiler scene, so I emailed Guns almost begging him to post something in this thread. The email sent went like:
    I don't expect you to read that or post "dp you rok lol" but it could
    be a short post could about anything from your favorite spoilers to
    your signature at MF:

    "Koreynl has a link to Operation Sombrero in his profile and his IP
    matches that of MPG. We should ban him, right?"

Again many who have actually read all this won't recognise or care about the names or inside jokes used. However for those who were following the scene from pre and post Episode II era, when the spoiler scene began, may gain insight on some of what went on behind the scenes.

Guns thanks for coming by.


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MF FTW, there is NO other! :chewbacca:

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I wish I was here for the Episode II era but alas I wasn't. However being here for the Episode III shit was pretty fun for the most part. Thanks for everything DP it's been much appreciated. :)

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Ah, the good ol' days... :mrgreen:

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I'm surprised there was no mention of the shortlived website. I can't be the only one who remembers that.

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Yes, I remember..

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Ah the good old days of drama, drama, drama :D

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darthpsychotic wrote:
A little footnote about SI (Sith Interceptor) always wanted to throw them some script spoilers back in the Episode II days but it never got to happen for some reason or another.

Actually, if memory serves I did do up at least 1 report for SithClan. I remember the webmaster being a pleasant enough guy at the time. Dunno if they're even around these days...

but yeah good write up DP fairly fucking accurate assessment of the timeline. :heavymetal: How about guys like Goony, I Get My Beat aka DolphinsWereMonkeys, and Vernacularis fucken LOL.

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