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If you go by C-3PO's reaction in The Empire Strikes Back, "e chuta" is maybe the most vile thing that you can say in the Star Wars universe. While strolling through Cloud City, C-3PO runs across a familiar face — his own, on a silver-plated protocol droid — and says hello. The droid spits the Huttese slur back in C-3PO's face and wanders off, leaving Threepio to stammer, "How rude!"

The exact translation of "e chuta" remains a mystery, but some fans think that it wasn't an insult — it was a warning. With the benefit of hindsight, we know that Boba Fett had already tracked Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO to Cloud City. We know that Darth Vader is on his way, and that Lando is going to sell his friends out. The silver protocol droid might've known that, too. As the theory goes, when C-3PO stopped to chat, his counterpart gave him a brief, brusque warning — something like "leave" or "get out" — that's completely out of character for a protocol droid, hoping that C-3PO would take the hint.

But let's face it: C-3PO isn't the smartest droid in the galaxy. Instead of taking the other droid's words at face value, Threepio took offense and doomed his friends. If only C-3PO hadn't been so, well, C-3PO, Luke wouldn't have lost his hand, Han wouldn't have been frozen in carbonite, and the fate of the galaxy would've been very, very different.

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It was just a brief moment of comic relief.


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This is a very Star Wars fan idea. Something in-film goes undefined. So, a logical and speculative theory materializes.

I've always felt that this comic relief moment was merely an insult joke. But - I suppose - telling someone to "bugger off" in Huttese could be a kind-of warning too.

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