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Yep, you heard it right. Just like the original trilogy VHS were not made after a certain date so will the 2004 DVDs that will be out in a few weeks.

I first came across this when I was thinking of placing an order with these people, who I normally get alot of my DVDs from.

Note the red italic writing: "Please Note - This is a limited release and will be discontinued by Fox before Christmas! Pre-order now to secure your copy!"

So I contacted EzyDVD, and they said they weren't told the reason, but gave me 20th Century Fox distribution number for Australia.

I called them, and the girl from Sales told me that legally LucasFilm has 100% rights and control of the Star Wars movies and simply uses Fox as their distributor. Duh, we all knew that. She says they received word from their Head Office informing them that LucasFilm is only going to produce a set amount of this boxset for the entire world, and legally they can do it, and Fox have no say in the matter, even though they'd like to make as many copies possible, as they know this will be one of their biggest sellers.

Now as a DVD and Star Wars fan, I know this can mean mostly one thing. George/LucasFilm is gonna release a 6 Disc Set, possibly towards the end of next year after ROTS has had its run at the cinemas etc.

For all those interested, who may be skeptical please by all means contact your local Fox Movies distributor and ask.


P.S. Can LucasFilm get any more gay? lol

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I read that yesterday and didn't think much of it.

I've got my order with ezyDVD at the moment.

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Limited Edition? I hope my set skyrockets in value!

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Australia is officially receiving 300,000 units. Not a great number, but you're not gonna miss out - they'll be freely available without preorder

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DKR1138 wrote:
Indeed... but ive pre-ordered anyways... Ill get my copy any day now... hopefully its in the post now...

That's actually the reason I didn't preorder - not knowing when it would arrive would drive me nuts. We know there's a good chance stores will have these out on Monday to get a jump on competition (not many store stick to the shelf date) and I couldn't stand seeing it on shelf in a store, knowing that I have a preorder on the way and having to wait- even though EzyDVD do have a good price on the set.

I'll probably end up trading in 3 Gamecube games to get mine at EB.

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I work at walmart. And we just set our movie mod for 6 mounths(set of movies that doesnt change)

Star Wars is not in the collotr sets mod or the standard inline mod. (there are some upcomgin movies on that list).

So it looks like after xmas these DVDs will not be available. (but we still have indy jones )

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Yeah, I can't stand waiting for slow, sometimes post-release-date mail, thinking maybe it got lost in the mail or someone stole it off my porch, ect.

I am going out to a 24-Hour Wal-Mart on monday night and trying to snag it. If I fail I will steal a shotgun and some shells from the sporting goods department and blow my brains out all over the entertainment department!

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