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In the Star Wars Insider #142, J.W. Rinzler talks about the forthcoming ebook releases of the Making of Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The books will be available to download Oct. 1, the same day as the regular release of the Making of ROJ book.

In the interview, Rinzler talks about an incredible amount of "bonus material" the ebooks will contain. Here are some of his quotes from the article.

"I've spent many hours in the Lucasfilm Film Archives going through old dailies, 16mm and 35mm behind-the-scenes footage and some random material we could consider including in the eBooks. We even found silent footage of the parade that first revealed Boba Fett to the public - he walks down Main Street in San Anselmo with Darth Vader..."

"..special effects expert John Sears adding smoke to the smoldering remains of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru..."

"We'll also have vintage audio excerpts from interviews with George Lucas - I even found an ADR of Lucas directing Alec Guiness on how to say 'Use the Force, Luke' and other key moments from A New Hope."

"All the audio and video material we use will be synced up in the book with the appropriate text. So when you read about the first cut of Star Wars, you may be able to dial up an example of the actual cut, with grease pencils marking where the laser blasts s.hould go."

Rinzler also references a gag reel, early versions of the opening crawl, David Prowse putting on the Vader costume bit by bit, and on-set conversations between Kershner and Harrison Ford on the carbon freezing chamber set.

I own the Making of SW and ESB books, and they are the finest re-telling of the stories behind these films that could ever possibly be published. These eBooks, with 10 photos, where there was one in the original version, sound even better. It sounds like we'll be able to just gorge ourselves on new information, photos and videos with these eBooks, almost like additional bonus material on DVDs. If you haven't read these, you are really missing out.

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That is awesome news. I own all of Rinzler's hardcovers so far, he has done a fantastic job. Looks like I'll be purchasing downloading these for another read-through!

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They are indeed great books and I'm still hoping the PT gets the same treatment.

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Wow! This looks fantastic.

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