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"On day one, we were in Lucasfilm in San Francisco with Industrial Light and Magic and John Knowles, our supervisor, he said that they’ve got a brand new 4K restoration print of A New Hope – it had literally just been finished. He suggested we sit and watch it."
-Gareth Edwards

So they just completed a new 4K scan of ANH. I wonder when we might see this. :o

Post Posted: December 23rd 2016 1:49 pm
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I'm tempted to call BS on this, because I have never heard of this "John Knowles" referred to in the article.

John Knoll, yes I've heard of. Not like the guy has a hard name to type, sheesh...

Not calling you out Bander, just the article.

Post Posted: December 24th 2016 9:39 am
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but we've already seen it, and BETTER! StarWars was shot on 35mm, and when digitized for the Special Editions, it was the equivalent of 8k resolution.

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It exists. A new scan was done for the Blu-rays. I have no other info but I met someone who worked on the transfers and she said she worked on the unaltered edition at 4K. I will try to get more info but she said she remembers specifically working on the "Han shot first" shot. I'm so confused. Is she mistaken? I thought Lucasfilm used the Lowry restoration, but this person said no, they were fresh scans. But that makes no sense with the 1997 and 2004 changes being intact, right?

Post Posted: July 24th 2017 11:33 pm
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What I want to see more than anything is the unseen version of A New Hope.

See the article in Star Wars Insider #41.

This was the rough workprint edited by someone else before Marcia Lucas and her team took over.

I would kill to see this thing.

I wonder if Lucas had to turn this particular item over to Disney when he sold the company.

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