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Post Posted: March 5th 2005 6:00 pm

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first off, apologies Mods if this isnt the right place or way to post this:

i've been noticing that some of my posts dissapear a few minutes after i post them. i see them load onto the page, i refresh the thread or post another reply and when i check my previous post its gone. its happened about twice or three times now, i thought i was just looking at the wrong thread and that my post was on some other thread but this time i was only looking onto one thread today and i know i've already posted twice. the one that occured today is on this page: ... 6077#56077

i can see my 2nd post is post#56075, but i posted earlier, sometime after hades12686 post, which is post#56053 of that page. in fact, i noticed it just now, the next post comes from hades12686 again, however that post is post#56055, there's a missing post there, and i think its mine.

i've tried to logout of MF and log back in again to see if it would refresh what i'm seeing on my screen but its still the same, and yet i can see new posts now so the page does refresh and that i'm not seeing a cached copy. i know post# arent the most reliable clues (since it stands for the post# for the entire site, not just that one forum), but i'm noticing a trend.

please help.

Post Posted: March 5th 2005 6:04 pm
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They were probably removed for being crap.

Post Posted: March 5th 2005 9:19 pm
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They don't put "heavily moderated" in the forum descriptions for nothing. If you find that a lot of your posts are being deleted, you should rethink what you're posting before you hit that submit button. Or better yet, just stop altogether.

Post Posted: March 6th 2005 7:40 am

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are you always this nice and mature to people who asks sensible questions? :roll:

just so that you dont pass me off (again) as some schmo that you folks are always in contact with, i do Mod another busy forum (and before you add anymore retarded wisecracks about competitive sites no its not SW related) and i know for a fact that problems like this occur, specially after an upgrade or a transfer to new servers. and even w/o events like that MB software is never flawless.

besides, i addressed my post to the Mods/ Admin, although i couldnt find the Mod list, i dont think you schmucks in your infinite wisdom are Mods of this place, at least of this forum, are you? why do you reply if this is none of your concern anyway? or are you the type of members who post whatever trash just to increase post count?

To Mods and Admin,

if my posts have caused offense, please forgive me, but i dont recall any of it being particularly offensive or vulgar, or even contain bannable material. as far as i can recall all the posts that has gone missing are kudos posts. if they have been deleted i hope you dont mind my asking why, and what usually is your SOP if you do have to delete posts (do you send a PM/ email to the member, because that's usually how its done in other forums as well as in mine).

thank you kindly, and forgive me if i lashed out to other members at the early part of this post, but i've had my fair share of schmucks and some of them are just asking for it.

Post Posted: March 6th 2005 4:34 pm

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DKR wrote:
Man the Episode III forum, is kept really clean... if its non related... or if (I suppose, im not mod) the post is walking in a direction many threads have gone before, my thoughts is it will get deleted....besides... who cares if it got deleted... are you trying to build your post count to make your e-balls bigger... im sure if your post was a legit question or reply... it won't get deleted... then again, im no mod...

dude this is exactly what we mean by not Episode III related...

Steelsheen wrote:
Resident wrote:
I would, but you usually end up bringing threads into the gutter with your endless "Fuck off this board" and :gb2tfn: to others. Leave that shit for militia.

finally someone was brave enough to say this. :heavymetal:

i've been lurking this board since last year, but never found the incentive to actually register (its the type of posts guys please dont be offended). now that you people are getting new members you think its your god-given right to crap on them and think you're cool just because of your registered date.

instead of putting people down, why dont you try fostering some good discussions, that way you can get the thread going instead of it derailing and/ore ending up into a flame war?

well, if you look at the thread topic it was Ep3 related, however with the older members being so accomodating of the new members :roll: it quickly derailed into an oldbie-newbie insultfest. of course we could just as easily say FUCK OFF as that has been the treatment of choice to everybody here but we do try to defend ourselves and express more astutely how we're being treated here.

true that thread doesnt belong to the Ep3 forum anymore, but instead of just deleting it away and sweeping it under the rug so to speak, this should be addressed by the Mods/ Admin, since this is related to the MF Community as a whole and not isolated to a single forum anymore. if ever it should be transfered here to Communications (a very apt forum name for matters like these may i add). i know how older members and the Mod Team feel when there is a sudden influx of new members, and it can get very stressful at times because the forum ends up looking like a mess and the board rules are being treated like toilet paper, but is it so difficult to be welcoming and remind the newbies of forum rules? you'll be surprised how much more effective it is to say "Welcome to Millennium Falcon, please read the site regulations and be guided accordingly" rather than say "Fuck Off! go back to whichever site you came from" or "you are such a fucktard, dont you know anything about the site rules?!" i know the former is much more effective-- that was what i used when i modded and we hardly got any hard feelings from newer members. in fact it brings out the best in them because they know they cant shite around and treat the forum like a toilet and do whatever the hell they please. the members are happy, the Mods are happy, everybody is happy. its a win-win situation.

now before i get accused of coming in here and turning this place into my own personal playground i'm not. its just that i am now forced to explain myself with your post and i cant help but bring out my own experiences with helping run a busy movie-related forum like this one.

Post Posted: March 6th 2005 10:06 pm
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OK, to start with....please save the rants because few people read them and even fewer care.

If you make shit posts they generally get deleted.

Now run off an make some good posts to combat the problem.


Post Posted: March 7th 2005 3:00 am

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FWIW, I did notice that a couple of my posts disappeared during the upgrade period a little while back. I did however also find it difficult to give a shit. I managed to make it through the day.

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