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Post Posted: June 22nd 2005 8:27 am
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After some discussion about the current state of the EIII forum with it being bootleg heavy, resulting in leeches signing up daily begging for FILEZ, the admins came up with a solution...

A new forum dedicated to DVDs is currently under construction as we speak.

The forum will be dedicated to all Lucas DVD's in addition to and perhaps more importantly, FAN CREATED DVDs such as Dr. Gonzo's Laser Disc to DVD rips and Zion's project here.

    Dr Gonzo Editions
    Zion Edtions
    The Phantom Editions
    MagnoliaFan Editions
    Deleted Magic
    TXH1138 Original & Special Edition
    American Graphitti
    Star Wars 2004 DVD Edition
    Star Wars Holiday Special
    Indiana Jones Trilogy
    The Ewok Movies
    Howard The Duck
    Radioland Murders

In addition to the aforementioned DVD discussion, all ROTS Workprint, Internal DVDRip, Animated Gif Requests, Video Requests, and ScreenCaps Requests will also go into this new forum.

Request threads for Animated Gifs, Videos, and ScreenCaps from other Lucas DVDs may also be started.

Right now some rules, standards, and protocol have to be implemented.

One will be initial threads creation. We don't want the forum to be filled with stonedtrooper420 starting threads all over the place, filling up the forum with "REQUEST: Direct Download for Original Trilogy DVDs [torrentz]".

Another will have to do with the buying and selling of fan created DVDs. If you are caught selling Dr G's DVDs for example we will smash a airplane into your hard drive.

Post Posted: June 25th 2005 3:54 pm
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I like it.

Post Posted: June 26th 2005 8:57 am

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Good Idea, insert another generic compliment here.

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