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Post Posted: November 16th 2010 11:23 pm
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streaming Coco for you broke asses with no cable

Troy i'm looking at you! live streaming every M-THUR at 11PM-EST

Post Posted: November 24th 2010 2:54 pm
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Ha! Thanks bear. I have the basic-est sattelite package, which allows me to watch this show if I choose. But thanks anyway!

I always thought Conan was funnier than Leno. Craig Ferguson is funnier than him and Jay Leno combined, however imo. I don't watch a whole lot of late night TV. I'm usually trying to get into Mrs Oblix's O'panties.

Post Posted: November 29th 2010 11:28 pm
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[flash width=640 height=385][/flash]

Tracy Morgan recently on the Jimmy Fallon Show talks Empire Strikes Back.

Post Posted: November 29th 2010 11:54 pm
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No :weed: involved here. Move along.

For every line he got wrong he got so many right!

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