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Post Posted: January 11th 2016 8:12 am
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Talk about shitty news to wake up to on a Monday morning...

We first got MTV in the late summer of 1983, and Bowie's trio of hits - Modern Love, Let's Dance and China Girl - were all in heavy rotation. I came to appreciate not just his musical talent, but his originality, creativity, and balls to perform in a way that was far ahead of his time.

Share your favorite Bowie songs, memories, etc.

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Post Posted: January 11th 2016 10:11 am
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"Nothing's gonna touch you
in these golden years..."

Post Posted: January 11th 2016 9:33 pm
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Maybe it's because of my time living Philly, but Young Americans is what keeps running through my mind today. Not even Von Tier can ruin that song.

Like the Beatles or other iconic musics, it's hard to choose a singular one song or album. Bowie's and his body of work is too big to narrow down.

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