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Post Posted: December 3rd 2004 11:48 pm

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In spite of a few gingantic douches, this board is great and I dig the spoilers you've put together.

I really just wanted to introduce myself, say what up, and quite honestly other than that you can fuck off :mrgreen: :weed:

snowball is a homo, it's not a coke reference he told me. ;)

Actually I have a few questions fof you all?

1 who smokes herb?

2 who here are sports fans

3 anyone listen to stern? I have highpitch's number and have been dying pranking the retard. But i can't record, if anyone here can figure out how I can do a 3 way call and record it let me know and we'll call the retard. The dude actually really sounds like that


Post Posted: December 4th 2004 2:16 am
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Dude, this thread has "kick me" taped all over it.

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