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Post Posted: March 1st 2005 2:16 am
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The funny letters are getting just too good these days. I've decided to share. :D

    hey dickfuck,

    every hear of common fucking courtesy? you ban from from your site with no fucking explanation whatsoever, i have no idea WHAT THE FUCK I DID. the least you could do was fucking tell me. but no, you ban me from even seeing your site at all, not just the fucking forums where apparently only an elite group of posters can post at!

    no wonder everyone resents you and your fucking site. cocky arrogant nerds the lot of you. well you can go fuck yourself

    sweet fucking customer service! if not for your goddamned spoilers you'd have little to no fucking success, dickwad. it's because of us you're in business.

    oh well, there's a million other sites out there like yours where i can find your "exclusive" spoilers. so have fun dickhead, i've already written to LFL about your site and hopefullly it gets taken down soon. HAHA!

    by the way, if that don't work, me and my tech saavy friends will work on hacking your shitty forums. so go fuck yourself. prick.

    -disappointed and disgusted star wars fan
But wait! There's more...

    by the way cockface, i've heard about you and DP's ability to "hack" you fuckers like to do that to your competition i've heard.

    well guess what ass much, you fuck around with this hotmail account whatsoever i'll have your ass reported to the FBI so fast you won't know what the fuck hit you.

    so don't even try it dickface.

Post Posted: March 1st 2005 3:04 am
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Higher daddy, higher!


Post Posted: March 1st 2005 3:20 am
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"dickfuck" and "cockface"


Post Posted: March 1st 2005 4:30 am

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where was my shoutout?

Post Posted: March 1st 2005 4:59 am
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sweet fucking customer service! if not for your goddamned spoilers you'd have little to no fucking success, dickwad. it's because of us you're in business.

You'd best give him his subscription fee back again quickly.........

Post Posted: March 1st 2005 5:59 am
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Warning, link to the JC

Is this him ? Can you take him back please, we don't want him.

edit oopsie, used JC markups :oops:

Post Posted: March 1st 2005 8:36 am

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DP has been put on a list and it's out of his hands now!

Post Posted: March 1st 2005 8:39 am
I'm Lost

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:lol: Haha Brilliant work on TFN malkieD2

and :lol: haha at this AOL'er

And OMG Ternzian Anz Thi DP is Da Haxxorz!~"!

Post Posted: March 1st 2005 8:46 am
darkjedi: "you are on the list. its out of my hands"
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DP has been put on a list and it's out of his hands now!

Quoted for truth.

I love how he and his tech savvy friends are going to hax0rz us, but if he gets hacked he is going to straight to the FBI!!! OH NOES.

BTW who was this MF Superstar did he have any posts?

edit: saavy

Post Posted: March 1st 2005 2:30 pm
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This used tampon of a poster came on here as "Hankins" I believe & his first post was a new topic about how the OS forums suck because they gave him the boot.

Unfortunately this was during the server switch & after DP let everyone know that some new users & their posts got deleted. Well this poster child for wearing condoms started to complain about any & everything. Basically just plain annoying.

Just my opinion.

Post Posted: April 13th 2005 7:02 am
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    Or should I say Mickey Suttle.

    What's going on with you and Lucas, why have you been making fun of
    him all this time and getting others to join your cause?

    Look in the mirror, you have made Lucas look like an idiot time and
    time again. Just because he "steals" work or takes ideas does that
    mean you and everyone else should do it too? (posting from year 1998)/

    Lucas's friend is not this SS (posting from year 1998).....To go into more detail, I
    explain with absolute PROOF how this happened and why its been going
    on for so long.

    Mickey was employed at a software company who makes designs for
    cabinets, and creates maps. One day, he got jealous of the real
    SS (posting from year 1998) who is named Ternian that runs a real website endorsed by


    That day he decided to become who he was jealous of, and began
    stealing all of Ternian's spoiler information and claiming George
    Lucas gave him everything and posting the pictures on his website.

    Lucas has known about this since day one and keeps in personal contact
    with Ternian, feeling sorry that Shadow is such a psycho who wants to
    destroy the hard work of his fanbase.

    Suttle/Shadow has long since turned thousands of fans against Lucas
    and made him out to be a bad guy, drunk with corporate greed as he
    continues to post all of Ternian's copyrighted work without his

    Lucasfilm has in truth known about this man since January 2005 and
    have tried to legally force him to take his website offline. Its meant
    to be a parody of star wars, but Ternian says that it is run by a
    psychopath who will not stop.

    A man in England tried to shut Suttle down but got harassed by people
    claiming to be inside ILM. Oh and the real official link to Lucasfilm,
    posts the real spoilers and information every other day.

    Ternian, the real official source for Star Wars fans manages the
    website and has been doing so ever
    since Episode 1 rough draft was written. Ternian's closest allies work
    beside Lucas.

    Interview where SS (posting from year 1998) stole ideas and created the basis for him
    claiming Lucas knows him in real life and will make TV shows. He stole
    this from three different groups to have his "evidence".

    "Lucas: Ultimately, I'm going to probably move it into television and
    let other people take it. I'm sort of preserving the feature film part
    for what has happened and never go there again, but I can go off into
    various offshoots and things. You know, I've got offshoot novels, I've
    got offshoot comics. So it's very easy to say, "Well, OK, that's that
    genre, and I'll find a really talented person to take it and create
    it." Just like the comic books and the novels are somebody else's way
    of doing it. I don't mind that. Some of it might turn out to be pretty
    good. If I get the right people involved, it could be interesting."

    SS (posting from year 1998) the biggest fraud you have ever seen- where he really gets
    his insider info.

    As for the comic books and all the material Lucas so called takes
    ideas from, here is the proof of all of that too. ... php?t=3619

    All the images in the comic books are real and the real expanded
    universe story as the creators wanted it, and SS (posting from year 1998) plus a
    flurry of copycats stole that work to make fun of Lucas.

    Lucas will never use dagobah, and here's proof of what he decided on. ... assans.jpg

    Polis Massia will always be where the twins are born and never change.
    Lucas only read the books and other EU stories and thought about
    having it be on dagobah, realizing that this was ludicrous and cut all
    of that out.

    He merely used the dagobah from the comic books, and from the official
    expanded universe garbage story to come up with his idea for Polis
    Massia. He also did the same thing to come up with Utapau, it was not
    taken from the EU even.

    It was the original name for tatooine and never would have even been a
    planet. The authors twisted his words around to make it a planet, he
    then used the fan's ideas and rejected anymore of the story. The EU is
    not a part of his universe, its just a piece of clay.

    All the supershadows and even george lucas, are FRAUDS and that is why
    they all make twisted parody websites. But at least Lucas doesn't
    break the law. Period...

    Just for good measure here's where they lay it out in black and white: ... oloCut.jpg

    Han Solo the younger and all the expanded universe ideas were thought
    about on paper, Lucasfilm thought the ideas sucked, and then cut the

    Utapau never came from anyone and isn't some grand new story and is
    nothing else but a nickname for Tatooine. Official images show exactly
    what happened and where SS (posting from year 1998), supermark, sir luke and the rest
    of them stole their tidbits from.

    Everyone has turned against Lucasfilm who hates the prequels, because
    they think he just steals ideas and takes copyrighted work. Rarely is
    it ever explained to these bitter fans how the world works.

    Lucasfilm has the right to take whatever ideas they want from the EU,
    because they own the EU intellectual property and allow the EU to
    exist. Nobody owns any of Star Wars except Lucasfilm, and you can be
    sued if you take their work without permission!!!!

    That's how money is made so maybe its time to get up from your dream.

    SS (posting from year 1998)'s girl who filed charges against him. ... p/t-330239

    STARWARS.COM ... hapter.pdf

    I used to believe in you shadow, even in a small way I would stand up
    for you on Now I wish to permanently shut you down,
    because you not only lied but you have become a thief. Just what is
    your deal? Who deserves this? Lucas and all the star wars fans do not
    deserve your mocking comments, and you should stop this foolishness.

    I'm alerting everyone about this so the evidence can be viewed. It is
    actually very much against the law to steal information and claim it
    as your own work and then from there, always say that you got that
    information from Lucas and are best buddies. You didn't get any of
    that information from anyone at Lucasfilm. You stole that information
    from people who work for Lucas, and say on your website that it is
    your own.

    I'm saying this once and for all, what you are doing is hurting the
    star wars franchise. None of your material is helping the star wars
    fans, we all have seen that.

    Radley R.

Post Posted: April 13th 2005 7:03 am
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    I think it would be a good idea if you locked your message boards.
    Look I know starwars is a big deal to alot of people, but this has
    allowed scam artists to run amuck claiming to know george lucas.

    Posts like this show why its just not always the best thing to have
    public forums.

    "Posted: Tue May 11, 2004 4:29 pm Post subject:


    Dark_Knight 37 wrote:
    Give you something new? Wow I thought I did. Maybe you might want to
    go back and read all of this again.

    nope just clarification of earlier spoilers/rumours. nothing *new*.
    who's sifo-dyas? not telling. who's GG? not telling. does sidious use
    a sabre vs yoda? not telling. does vader fight yoda? not telling. want
    to clarify one of your many vague/cryptic comments? nope.

    and all this fucking vague shit is tired.

    i thought I'm a retard for mentioning SS (posting from year 1998) at MF retired..... "

    If you ever give my suggestion thought, try to find a real private
    message board provider like the Ultimate Bulletin Board. I think
    everyone and their brother will be tired of SS (posting from year 1998) soon enough,
    and you can only stop encouraging him if you protect your message
    boards just like Hyperspace does.


Post Posted: April 13th 2005 8:35 am

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Yeah, that shit was fucked up. I have no idea what he was trying to say/do.

By the by, I missed this the first time around

Ternian wrote:


by the way cockface, i've heard about you and DP's ability to "hack" you fuckers like to do that to your competition i've heard.

And to think I always thought you were somewhat limited with computer skills. You had me fooled, Jimbo!

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