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Since I saved money for the first half of this year thanks to Hasbro not releasing much product (two waves - no ships or interesting packs) and since it is end of Spring semester, I got this $80 behemoth at ToysRUs. At 18" (1/4 scale) Diamond UQS may or may not be up to SideShow's 1/4 Premium Format quality - however the UQS is only 1/4 the price (SideShow 1/4 = $300 to $450). 18" Diamond UQS are actually priced the same as SideShows 1/6 Scale (12") so the UQS is a very good value. UQS are supplied with SideShow style stands and accessories.

There is already a 18" Darth Maul UQS out and a Indiana Jones ( but I have a thing for Hoth Solo and Hoth Luke - Maul will be next though.


Diamond UQS News & Galleries@

Ultimate Quarter Scale News

Ultimate Quarter Scale Darth Maul
Ultimate Quarter Scale Hoth Han Solo
Ultimate Quarter Scale Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi
Ultimate Quarter Scale Mace Windu
Ultimate Quarter Scale Jedi Luke Skywalker
Ultimate Quarter Scale Smuggler Han Solo

Not linked is Emperor Palpatine & Darth Sidious. There is a issue with some of the face sculpts particularly Jedi Luke and Smuggler Han but what else is new. Vader, Fett, and Storm Troopers are going to be produced eventually. Given the Collector's market and economy one would think that Diamond would get out popular known characters first before Royal Guard.


Vader & Imperial Guard

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