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Post Posted: July 4th 2009 11:52 pm
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Okay here is my complete Phantom Menace edit. There was some new unreleased music with The Force Unleashed game specifically for AOTC and ROTS. However, the files did give reveal to where an unused cue was supposed to go for The Phantom Menace. Once those rips became available I finally managed to finish my complete intended edition for The Phantom Menace score. It's been about three and half years in the making and I'm glad to have it done.

Cues do run into each other just like on Sony's so called "Ultimate Edition" of the score. So be sure if you're using iTunes to have gapless playback selected, or if you burn it as an audio CD to have "no gaps between tracks" selected. All files are in flac format.

I plan to upload my updated AOTC and ROTS edits as well.

Disc One Part One

Disc One Part Two

Disc Two Part One

Disc Two Part Two


01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:23)
02. Star Wars Main Title (1:25)
03. The Arrival (2:31)
04. Gas Leak (1:19)*
05. Droid Fight (1:42)*
06. Queen Amidala (2:27)*
07. The Droid Invasion (1:24)*
08. Introducing Jar Jar (2:15)*
09. Bubble World (3:01)
10. Gone Fishing (1:35)
11. Darth Sidious (1:22)*
12. Tentacles (1:21)*
13. Theed Palace Arrival (2:10)*
14. You're Under Arrest (1:45)*
15. Escape From Naboo (2:07)
16. Intro Darth Maul (1:01)
17. Arrival At Tatooine (2:28)
18. Padmé Meets Anakin (1:18)
19. Run-In With Sebulba (1:18)
20. Introducing Threepio (2:41)
21. Running Out Of Time (1:11)
22. Talk Of Podracing (2:59)
23. Watto's Deal (2:24)
24. Kids At Play (1:39)
25. Anakin's Midi-Chlorian Count (1:24)
26. The Sith Spacecraft (1:05)
27. Roll Of The Die (1:38)*
28. The Flag Parade (2:02)*
29. Jabba Introduction (1:48)*
30. The Race Begins (1:33)*
31. Anakin Defeats Sebulba (1:46)*
32. Anakin's Great Victory (1:11)
33. Anakin Is Free (4:52)
34. Darth and Qui-Gon (1:43)
35. Coruscant Arrival (4:00)


01. The Queen and Palpatine (0:41)
02. High Council Meeting (2:37)
03. The Senate (1:20)*
04. Anakin's Test (3:37)
05. He Is The Chosen One (3:50)
06. Conferring With Darth Sidious (0:26)
07. Moving Forward (2:23)
08. The Gungans (2:23)
09. War Plans (2:28)
10. The Armies Face Off (1:57)*
11. Courtyard Crossfire (0:42)*
12. Laser Fight March (0:33)*
13. Take To Your Ships (1:31)*
14. The Big Army (1:43)*
15. The Droid Battle (2:12)*
16. Up The Wire (0:24)*
17. The Great Duel (1:34)*
18. Crash Landing (0:42)
19. Qui-Gon's Noble End (2:16)
20. Battleship Destroyed (1:31)
21. The Death Of Darth Maul (1:35)
22. Confronting Nute and Rune (1:49)
23. Qui-Gon's Funeral (1:17)
24. Augie's Great Municipal Band (1:25)
25. End Credits (Part I) (0:46)
26. End Credits (Part II) (2:35)*
27. Duel Of The Fates (4:14)
28. Anakin's Theme (3:09)
29. The Armies Face Off (Alternate Excerpt) (0:37)
30. Anakin's Test (Alternate Excerpt) (0:12)
31. High Council Meeting (Alternate Opening) (0:30)
32. Unknown Tromolo Swell (0:21)
33. Street Band Of Mos Espa (Source) (1:19)
34. Desert Winds (Source) (1:29)
35. Mos Espa Arena Band (Source) (0:56)
36. The String Singer (Source) (1:13)
37. Duel Of The Fates (Alternate) (4:48)


Post Posted: July 5th 2009 1:03 pm
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Thanks, man. Downloading shortly.

Post Posted: July 5th 2009 2:06 pm
Fat Bastard

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By the way those of you who download this set, I would very much like feedback on it. I mean on how my edits were and such.

In my opinion this complete intended edition is the version Lucasfilm should have let Sony released instead of the hacked up isolated score. Or the so called "Ultimate Edition" which in my opinion because of all the clunky edits, looped material and such was a bit of a let down. This is a much better listen than what the "Ultimate Edition" offers.

Post Posted: July 12th 2009 3:43 am
Fat Bastard

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By the way here are some custom covers I made for my Phantom Menace set. Not sure if I will make covers for AOTC and ROTS...need to think upon that one. Anyways hope you guys like these.

Booklet cover



Inside tray



Outside tray



UPDATE: I realized I made a couple of errors when doing the back tray for my Phantom Menace set. I have since corrected the errors and re-uploaded the picture. The link with the new picture is now there. You may need to reset your cookies in order to see the new one.

Post Posted: July 13th 2009 3:27 pm
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I'm primed and ready to listen. Your TPM is loaded onto my ipod, so I'll send you some feedback as I take it all in. Anything will be better than the so-called "Ultimate Edition". Do you remember off the top of your head who produced that one? I remember Nick Redman produced the Star Wars Anthology Box Set, Special Edition Deluxe Sets and the Expanded Raiders scores, which I thought were great at the time they were released. Did he have anything to do with the Ultimate TPM score? Redman also co-produced the Rhino Superman Deluxe set and I remember being upset over the first one that came out in '98. I think Debney was filling in for Williams and the tempo and timing was all off, I was so disappointed. The Rhino set made up for that and now the big release last year of all the films was great too. And NOW your Superman Returns version fills everything in quite nicely. :meatwad:

Also, my wife just purchased 2 new ipod Touch(s) for the two of us. Now I can get ALL of your great re-mixed scores in one place instead of switching them out on my 2 Gig Nano.

Post Posted: July 13th 2009 8:27 pm
Fat Bastard

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I'm not sure who produced the "Ultimate Edition" for The Phantom Menace.

Post Posted: July 29th 2009 6:57 am
Fat Bastard

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So those of you who have downloaded my complete edit for The Phantom Menace what do you think of it? Do you like it more than Sony's so called "Ultimate Edition" and do you agree that Sony should have been allowed to release this version of the score instead?

Post Posted: July 29th 2009 8:07 pm
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Sony obviously didn't give as much time and care to the complete score as you did. Your version is far superior and the way it should have been in the first place. I'm still thoroughly enjoying your efforts.

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